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  1. circusmind

    my worries

    Hi! If you are just starting pre-IB, you still have lots of time to figure school plans out! I will admit that I do not know how international schooling works, but I think the best person to ask about these things is your IB counselor or school career specialist. Good luck!
  2. circusmind

    POLL for Math Studies IA (for US Citizens Only)

    Thanks so much for your participating, guys.
  3. Hello! This poll is aimed only to CITIZENS of the US. I am not racist, nationalist, etc. etc. This is for a school assignment, and the focus is on the American populous. In a nutshell, I am attempting to analyze happiness from a statistical standpoint. STIPULATIONS: Answer YES or NO if the question asks. If the question asks for something other than YES or NO, put only ONE answer down. Thank you! And now the poll... 1. Are you overall happy with your life? (Yes or no) 2. Rate your level of happiness with life: 1 2 3 4 5 3. On average, how much sleep do you get per week? 4. On average, how much money do you earn per week? 5. Are you in a relationship? (Yes or no) 6. Have you won any awards or received recognition for anything you’ve done? (Yes or no)
  4. circusmind

    Summer Plans?

    Ain't that the truth, brothah. Haha. Yeah, I'm going to be logging in some CAS hours, working on my EE, reading a Spanish play, working on a Math IA, and some other things for English. I also wanted to prune my college list. In between all of that, I'll be doing little things: art, music, movies, yada, yada.
  5. circusmind

    Loving Your Life?

    Well, good luck. That's all I can say. As long as what you're doing is for YOU and you only. You can only want self-improvement...not to please people. That's what I struggled with for a long time--wanting to please others rather than doing things for the sake of the thing or for myself.
  6. circusmind

    Do you think IB kills?

    I hear that from former students all the time. That reassures me. Where do you go to school? What are you studying? (If you don't mind me asking.)
  7. circusmind

    Do you think IB kills?

    That quote fits the IB experience perfectly! ..and I totally agree with it. I'm going into my last year of IB, this coming school year. Eleventh grade, I felt, nearly killed me, not directly because of the work load, but because I went into the "real program" (9th and 10th grade are considered only "pre-IB") with low self-esteem and depression. Of course, when you marry work and personal problems together, you get a pretty disgusting concoction. That year was a major struggle...but I survived and am all the better for it. I've been able to reassess myself and hopefully next school year will be much better for me.
  8. circusmind

    IA HELP!

    Hi! I have been brainstorming a few ideas in regards to the Math Studies IA, but am looking for some guidance and perhaps some inspiration. If you have gotten an excellent grade on your IA, I would greatly appreciate it if you could tell me what your topic was on (especially if it was on statistics). Thank you!
  9. circusmind

    The Music Thread

    Yeah, some people say they need music to fall asleep...it never does it for me.
  10. circusmind

    The Music Thread

    I agree! Wordless music or mellow music is good for me--i.e. Enya or Coldplay. Sometimes Norah Jones. But what tends to happen to me when I listen to my regular collection is that I get caught up in the song and start singing or dancing or lip-synching. It can be veryyyy distracting.
  11. I used to be fairly religious when I was a wee little lassie. I haven't experienced any circumstances that have specifically caused me to lose my faith, but I eventually and gradually did lose it as I aged. I think too many questions about existence, earth, space, life came up for me to keep believing. The idea of God just became irrelevant to me for a while. I had considered myself an Atheist for a while, then Agnostic. Now, I'm not so sure of where I stand. I tend to think of God as more of a metaphorical idea...something that is really found within one's self.
  12. circusmind

    All-nighters & procrastination!

    I went back and reread some more all-nighter stories. Thought I'd share my worst ones: -Staying up till 4:30 to work on a poetry project. -Staying up till 4:50 something for another poetry project...then staying home that day to finish it. -2 am in 9th grade for a bio project. -3 am for an English essay. -3-ish for a bio packet. And I always bash myself before I go to bed....but I think the procrastination must be chronic...and probably terminal. I will worship the genius who creates a cure for procrastination.
  13. circusmind

    All-nighters & procrastination!

    But how do you crank out any original thought, then?? If I used too many references (meaning, pages and pages), then I'd go crazy.
  14. circusmind

    All-nighters & procrastination!

    Oh God....I could *never* do that because I know that I can't trust myself. The night before, I may *know* I need to wake up at 3am to finish something, but that next morning.....haha. HA.

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