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    Econ IA

    This is really weird... my econ teacher won't let us have articles that are over a month old..... which made me sad.
  4. cereja

    Everybody's predicted 40+?

    They said the same thing at my school. Because we have IB as well as the district requirements and most of us are taking AP exams at the same time, it's hard to manage all the studying and still get more than a 40.
  5. cereja

    College Choices: Prestige vs. Price

    I'm going to a local uni..... much cheaper and just happens to have an excellent engineering program
  6. cereja

    Group work - yay or nay?

    We were just assigned a group project in TOK and there's 4 people in my group. 3 of us are extremely hard workers, usually the ones that do everything in the group. Somehow we still can't get things done well.... we can't focus enough - maybe it's because we're good friends, maybe because group projects are despised by all of us
  7. cereja

    Do you like CAS?

    I didn't have to do anything extra to get CAS hours. Just on first semester of IB1 I already had over 200 hours. Now I'm just recording a few so I prove i've done stuff. But it's nothing out of the ordinary. It's a way for you to stop focusing so much in school and not go crazy with IB
  8. Yeah, metaphors work . Actually, the first time I read that i thought about teenagers. Or anyone who doesn't want to conform to society and wants to have freedom and do their own thing.
  9. cereja

    No social life = IB diploma?

    Having a social life is what keeps me from having a breakdown School is not #1 in my life, so I balance everything out.
  10. cereja

    Extended Essay Style... MLA?

    You can still have graphs and figures in the EE with MLA. You don't need double spacing in the tables, and you can just add the graph with a space above and one below. Your advisor can give you more details. If anything, just create an appendix
  11. cereja

    Single gender classes

    Please, if guys at IB level still care about "what that girl will think if i ask this to a teacher?" then there's a serious problem. I think in our level we should be mature enough to not get distracted by this kind of stuff. especially if you have the same people in most of your classes.
  12. cereja

    How many people in your Maths class?

    There are 20-30 in my HL class (there's another HL class with 10) and about 20 in SL Calculus. There are 5 in Math Studies.
  13. cereja

    Extended Essay Style... MLA?

    Your teacher/advisor/IBC will usually let you know. People use different formats.... so ask your IBC. We have to use MLA at my school
  14. That's because you can always do better. No one is perfect. Advice - stick to a simple sentence with parallel grammatical structure. In any thesis, state the author's purpose along with 2 slants (could be contrasting or complementary). Try using adjectives and adverbs. Ex. from a poem we read recently in class The author laments the loss of tradition with nostalgic longing for the past and frank disapproval of the present. Purpose - to express his sorrow over loss of tradition slants - nostalgic longing and frank disapproval

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