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  1. Rose

    Foods that reduce stress and boost focus

    Anything with good chocolate. And coffee.
  2. Rose

    World Lit 1/2 due dates?

    In terms of teacher's deadlines, our teacher wants our WL1 good copy by the start of Term 2, and our WL2 no later than the start of Term 3. That way we get the holidays to polish them.
  3. Cuan estudiais espanol? Estoy en IB2 y no me acuedo los vocabularios y las gramaticas. Es muy dificil! En la examen necesito escribir 200 palabras!
  4. Rose

    I'm wondering...

    As someone who's done A-Levels and currently about a third of the way through the last year of IB, I must say that IB is a lot harder, and in my opinion, far more in depth. A-Level maths is just easy (then again so is Maths SL, but HL is mental) and moves really slowly. At one point I thought I was missing something because my A-Level classes were moving so slowly, but nope, not me. I'm so glad to be back in IB... I was taking 5 A-Levels and was bored. I mean, if you just want to get good grades easily, and not be stimulated, interested or challenged the A-Levels are good, but the classes were snail-like. That system suits some people, but I'm really not a fan. I ended up starting ToK debates in maths, and getting A's on Computing (the programming version) tests when I turned up a bit drunk. I had an essay title: 'What is money?' for economics. Meant to be 1500 words. Very descriptive after a paragraph. History was also like that, but more irrelevent and biased about Great Britain, and of course there's certain things one isn't to mention, such as WORLD WAR ONE, when discussing the domestic affairs up to the 1920s. The IB appreciates the analytical power of the student a bit more, which suits me just fine. /rant
  5. Rose

    Could IB be a cult?

    Dude. We speak in tongues to fellow members, we walk around with a glazed look and sometimes can't remember our own names because that information has been replaced with quotes from English A1 or historiography. Everyone else (non IB people) thinks we're mad. Hence, cult.
  6. Rose


    Irene, guys may not often masturbate in public, but that topic is a lot less taboo to discuss or allude to than in females. My theory with the vibrators is that if girls learn to please themselves at an earlier age, they will probably be less likely to seek such experience in males until they're really ready as well as be more aware of the options (contraception, toys etc.) out there, be more aware of their bodies (so as to help nervous guys, or make sure there's no excuse for being selfish on the guy's part) etc. thus also making a better 1st time for all concerned. Guys are a little more simple in terms of what pushes their buttons. Or lack thereof I do agree though, that people best choose their own vibrators.
  7. ... MistyRose has 150 posts? I have like 1670 on a certain other student-based forum. Ok, so I don't know what I want to be, but I want to promote and facilitate peace and cultural understanding through the arts. Just need to figure out how to make a living doing it.
  8. Rose


    I'm quite against the whole sex double standard ie guys can openly masturbate but females shouldn't. If elected PM I will endeavour to give under 18s free vibrators. Just putting that out there.
  9. Be the first person to play viola in orbit or in space, and appear, as an extra, a cameo, whatever in a James Bond movie. Possibly Richard Branson style. I really have no idea what I want to do but I'd like to promote peace and cultural understanding through the Arts. It's been suggested that I should go into Arts Admin but that would bore me to tears, I'd rather play. Failing that directly, running a record label or becoming a diplomat or international human rights lawyer. Maybe secretary-general of the UN?
  10. Rose


    You know, once in a while I wake up to someone I barely know. Not all the time, mind. I am not pregnant (nor have I ever had a scare), I don't have an STD (again, nor have I ever had a scare). The worst thing about the way I can be (sometimes) when I'm single is that I lose an article of clothing and end up not finding it. While I don't think making it a weekly thing is necessarily a good idea I DO think it can be an ok way to blow off steam. With regards to the implant, I'm not referring to the copper coil. I don't think I like the idea of that near my vagina too much either. The implant I'm talking about is discussed at http://www.netdoctor.co.uk/sex_relationshi...tiveimplant.htm and http://www.enotalone.com/article/7869.html Norplant seems like a good alternative to the pill. I'm sort of in a relationship (complicated) and when we get back together (again, complicated) we're at a stage where we'd prefer to not use condoms, however we're (obviously) far too young to be parents. We don't like the idea of the pill because of my already difficult mood swings, alcohol affects it, I'm incredibly forgetful etc. I know some people who've had girlfriends with the implants, who claim that the only side effects are a lighter/irregular period and that they go up a cup size. Opinions?
  11. Rose


    Fair trials are an important part of the modern democratic state which the US government and military claims to be a defender of. How can the US institutions seek to reconcile with other organisations while clearly having double standards about alledgedly fundamental liberties of the individual and responsibilities of law making bodies? Someone must take the first step, and it may as well be those who have all along claimed to promote and protect certain ideals.
  12. Rose


    I hear the implant is quite effective and doesn't have as many side effects as the pill. And it lasts for 5 years. Anyone here have any experience with it?
  13. Rose


    At least Obama hasn't got us looking for the political equivelent of a wax to get rid of him for the pleasure of all concerned, yet. Some sort of belief in human rights is just the icing on the cake.
  14. Rose


    Christ we're boring. At the risk of being unpopular and labelled various things: I could seriously use a good ol' sesh right now. First day back at school and there's a heatwave moving across the continent I'm on. And my EE hasn't really written itself, as I'd hoped. The draft is due in 2 days, causing me stress. Stress is bad. Bad things make people unhappy. Unhappy people start wars. Peace is desirably. Peace is not war. Happy people are more likely to be peaceful. Orgasms make people happy. Thus, orgasms contribute to world peace. Do your bit for humanity!
  15. Rose

    Stop the madness!

    Personally, I'd give the person a bitch-slap and a lecture about humanity etc. but the second we start impeding upon freedom of speech... Well you know, that's not right either. Nor is it helpful, except perhaps on a massive scale (like the population of a country). Censorship offends me.

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