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  1. dennisalex833

    The Model UN Thread

    I went to the Thimun last year..and im going again this year in Jan...totally Love it...going for the revision course in England during spring as well..
  2. dennisalex833

    Mining Engineering!

    [quote name='dennisalex833' date='Jul 31, 2008 - 16:00' timestamp='1217520034' post='21156'] Thanks Dude!!! does anyone know any uni in Canada or Uk that offer this course?? [/quote] Can anyone provide me info regarding how many predicted points are required for getting an unconditional offer from U of T, Mc Gill, waterloo, Queens, UBC, Alberta etc for bachellors in Mining Engineering/ Geological Engineering. I know that not many people opt to do either of these courses and hence the requirements are less.. Predicts- 34/42 MATH SL -7 CHEM HL-7 History Hl- 6 Phy HL - 6 English A1 sl- 6 Spanish Ab initio- 2 Thanks
  3. dennisalex833

    Type2 portfolio

    Hi, i have this portfolio to do and i really cant figure how to find T or the equation relating x and y.As i have never studied in Ib Before ,i am quite not accoustomed to this format(i used to follow CBSE curriculum ).Do we need an introduction?? how should I submit the portfolio??Please help/guide me on how to do this. 2. Relevant equations x = position of planets relative to sun y = orbital radii Mercury Venus Earth Mars Asteriod Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune Pluto x 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 y 57.9 108.2 149.6 227.9 T 778.3 1249 2871 4504 5914 a-use the information in the chart to find an equation relating x and y,and represent this graphically. b-use the model to predict the orbital radius of an asteroid that may lie in position 5 on the chart.Comment on the applicability of your model in predicting the orbital radius of an asteroid. x = position of galilean moons relative to jupiter y = orbital radii Lo Europa Ganymede Callisto X 5 6 7 8 Y 422 670.9 1070 1883 a-use the information in the chart to find an equation relating the average orbital radius(y) with the moon number(x) counting from Jupiter. b-Use the mathematical model to predict the orbital radii of moons that may lie in position3,5,9 and 10.Use any astronomical data you have to comment on your models ability to predict orbital radii of Jupiter moons. Finally, develop models for only the four innermost planets and the four Galilean moons by reducing all the orbital radii by a factor that makes the orbital radius of the first planet or moon equal to one. Give possible reasons for the similarities and/or differences in two models.
  4. dennisalex833

    "Soft" subjects to avoid, according to universities

    I am completing my Ib in may 2010 and i plan to pursue mining/mineral/geo engginering from of of the top american/canadian universities. my subjects are Math , Phy and Chem at the Higher level and english, spanish and Eco at the standard level!!are these subjects relevant??? i plan to shift from eco to history as it is much easier to learn and score a 7 in history than in eco.what would you suggest???
  5. dennisalex833

    is Math Hl required for Enginnering?

    hi, i want to pursue mining enggineeering after the completion of my ib in one of the following canadian universities..UBC,mc Giils and UOT.. i was just wondering if a standard level in math would do, or if only students doing math hl can get admitted...
  6. dennisalex833

    Interview the person below you

    Nuthing as Such..Have more than one wish!! Most Horryfying Moment?
  7. dennisalex833

    Interview the person below you

    My Younger Sis irritating me!!! brrrrbrrrr!!! What is the most wildest moment you have ever had?
  8. dennisalex833

    Interview the person below you

    The Burj Dubai!( The Tallest Tower in the World).. Most Amazing Place you have been to??
  9. dennisalex833

    Interview the person below you

    Some Guy i presume?LOlz Favourite Movie??
  10. dennisalex833

    Interview the person below you

    Lost count!! almost the entire season i guess. Whus you Favourite actor?
  11. dennisalex833

    Interview the person below you

    Friends mainly. Which is your favourite sport?
  12. dennisalex833

    Interview the person below you

    Pompeii?? the place near greece?? not exactly...been to athens though!! Swimmin or Skiing??
  13. dennisalex833

    Interview the person below you

    Only till the 3rd floor!! Been to Antarctica???
  14. dennisalex833

    Interview the person below you

    Mineral Water! Macbook or Pc?
  15. dennisalex833

    Help with starting my BnM IA

    Hey raj, how did they let u join Ib in 12lth?? Which skool u in??

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