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  1. hunnefeldtyler

    Spanish B HL - books

    lol a little late but we read la casa de bernarda alba, Don Quixote, and San Manuel Bueno Martir
  2. This is a list of things that one must keep in mind when preparing to give their formal oral commentary on poetry or prose. It is very, very useful.
  3. hunnefeldtyler

    Corrupt A Wish

    Granted. Your hair got so dry it dissolved. I wish I pass IB and go to the college of my dreams
  4. hunnefeldtyler

    Owen's Poems

    Owen's poems for taking notes or preparing for an Oral on his poetry
  5. hunnefeldtyler

    Hamlet Study Guide

    This is a study guide for Hamlet. The beginning is a waste of time to read, but the end contains a synopsis and writer's feelings/interpretations of Hamlet
  6. hunnefeldtyler

    Study Guide Death of a Salesman

    umm yeah this is a study guide to Death of a Salesman. What is roughly the first half of the document is information about Arthur Miller. The second is the study guide. Contains a list of important quotations and a synopsis in the middle, and then it succumbs to boring ramblings on about salesmen and wig designers for the play. So to sum it up, the beginning sucks, the end sucks, but there is some good stuff in the middle.
  7. Background on Scott Fitzgerald to augment those who have to do their Oral on Gatsby or another work by Fitzgerald. It also is a literary Criticism of Gatsby
  8. Our senses tell us a table is a table etc.
  9. I'm sure you, being an astute IB student, can read the title. Yeah this is cerca 2010 so it's accurate.
  10. hunnefeldtyler

    TOK Subject Guide

    The syllabus from the TOK course. Updated in 2008. I'm sure nobody is tired of syllabuses (syllabi?)by now...
  11. hunnefeldtyler

    Ideas for TOK papers and Orals

    This is a long list of possible topics for the TOK stuff. Yippee. Fun.
  12. hunnefeldtyler

    Writing a TOK essay

    Cambridge University publication dictating how to formulate the TOK essay
  13. hunnefeldtyler

    TOK Oral Directions

    This is the IB document detailing what to do and some hints for the IB TOK Oral

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