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  1. it isn't necessarily required to be "creative" but my teacher did recommend it. keep in mind though that, you do have to write a rationale/justification saying why you chose the topic and why you chose the writing style (diary, letter, etc.) you did. This kind of fits into the whole creative thing IMHO.
  2. lol dont worry the viva voce is not graded and technically isn't even a required part of the EE. Basically your teacher will ask you questions about your EE like "what was the hardest part of writing your EE?" or "Given your difficulties, would you have still chosen the same extended essay topic given the chance?"
  3. 5'9, just right
  4. 2 HL sciences, 1 SL science AND a 7th subject... yikes! I would at least either get rid of the 7th subject or drop one of the sciences (i recommend chemistry) down to SL. I'm assuming you want to be a doctor and that's why you're taking all 3 sciences; I would recommend just taking bio and chem but I suppose you know what you're getting into with those... I would definitely keep English HL and switch one of your sciences with one of your SL's, I suppose psychology since you seem eager to take it HL.
  5. I technically started writing mine at the end of junior year but it was only like an introduction and some of my first body paragraph. I wrote the bulk of my EE my senior year over the course of a few weeks in December. I just turned mine in a week ago and my supervisor is looking at it for last minute comments
  6. I think schedule 2 is better and would be more manageable for you based on what you have said. Taking 2 sciences is already hard enough and taking both of them HL would be super hard. However, I would recommend that you start off in Math SL as opposed to starting out in Math Studies. Worse comes to worse and the class is too difficult or too time consuming for you then you could easily switch down. I would get your parents to try to convince your school that you are capable of taking SL. Other than that the schedule 2 seems fine. I'm assuming HL english and SL spanish won't be too difficult for you if your entire school has to take it. HL History should be fine for you since you say you can write a decent essay which is an integral part of the course and there's not too much of a difference between HL and SL. HL Bio will be difficult but as long as you have a decent memory you should be able to do fine. SL Chem can be quite challenging from what I hear but once again I'm assuming you know what you're getting yourself into.
  7. All sciences are extremely difficult at HL but if you want to become a doctor then take them. Other than Bio HL and Chem HL your other courses can vary as according to your interests and talents. It's going to be tough but worth it in the end.
  8. It is arguably the easiest HL science for most though this is certainly debatable as there is A LOT to memorize for the exams. Though if you think you're good at memorization and drawing diagrams then I say go for it. I would take a loo at the syllabus in the File section and take a loot at the topics. P.S. Maybe if you told us what else you would like to to take we could compare it to your other subjects and see what would be best
  9. 27 downloads

    subject report for economics; released for the May 2008 exams.
  10. My school does mock exams around the spring time in your senior year for every subject except Visual Arts and Theatre. In fact the seniors in my school just had their mocks this week from the 12th to the 16th
  11. I think that quitting a sport and then coming back to it is already a new challenge, you can mention that in your CAS writing!
  12. 93 downloads

    Practice IB Questions including: -Macro molecules -Photosynthesis -Protein Synthesis -Stem Cells
  13. 195 downloads

    Practice IB Questions including: -Cell Cycle -Cell Organelles -Cell Transport -Cellular Respiration -Enzymes -Estimating Cell Size
  14. English: Howdy yall!
  15. pokemon hoops or studs