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  1. I have my 20 pages for art due monday and I nearly have all of my pages but I'm not finished with my IWB and there are some pages that I haven't finished in my IWB that are not part of my 20 pages. I know that this year the examiner isn't coming to the schools anymore and that everything is going to be submitted online so I was a little confused if there were any new procedures this year pertaining to the IWB as well... thanks in advance :*
  2. it isn't necessarily required to be "creative" but my teacher did recommend it. keep in mind though that, you do have to write a rationale/justification saying why you chose the topic and why you chose the writing style (diary, letter, etc.) you did. This kind of fits into the whole creative thing IMHO.
  3. Andyboi

    English EE viva voca

    lol dont worry the viva voce is not graded and technically isn't even a required part of the EE. Basically your teacher will ask you questions about your EE like "what was the hardest part of writing your EE?" or "Given your difficulties, would you have still chosen the same extended essay topic given the chance?"
  4. Andyboi

    How tall are you?

    5'9, just right
  5. http://themoscownews.com/business/20130130/191188882/Kazakhstan-may-ban-Russian-oil-products.html OR http://en.ria.ru/business/20130130/179124175.html Which article would be better for my 3rd ia. They're both over the same thing: Kazakhstan putting a quota on Russian imports of oil products. I could talk about the effect of a quota/embargo on both economies, etc. So yay or nay?
  6. Andyboi

    Chem SL vs HL vs ESS?

    well i can only speak from experience about ess... the class is different from the other sciences, especially chemistry as there is a lot of writing (paper 2) and no multiple choice on the paper 1. It is considered the "easy" science and I would agree after hearing from my friends who always have either a biology test or a chem lab due. Most of the people who take sciences and double sciences say that Chem is harder than bio or physics. If you don't need an HL then don't take it HL!!! Either take chem or ess i suppose, whichever subject interests you the most.
  7. Andyboi

    Which is the hardest/easiest IB class?

    2 HL sciences, 1 SL science AND a 7th subject... yikes! I would at least either get rid of the 7th subject or drop one of the sciences (i recommend chemistry) down to SL. I'm assuming you want to be a doctor and that's why you're taking all 3 sciences; I would recommend just taking bio and chem but I suppose you know what you're getting into with those... I would definitely keep English HL and switch one of your sciences with one of your SL's, I suppose psychology since you seem eager to take it HL.
  8. im doing photography in visual arts. My theme is dance & movement so I wanna take several shots of dance poses and dance choreographed pieces, etc. However, I do not know many dancers other than myself who have the flexibility and training to do some of the dance moves I have in mind. Is it ok if I have someone take shots of myself doing the moves or would it not be considered MY art and not MY photography?
  9. ok so i'm about to do my written task in chinese. I have my sources for the task. However, I used easybib for the citations and the author's names are in pinyin. Keep in mind though that the source is written in chinese. So for instance, Chi-Kuo Shen. Discovering Chinese: Volume 3. Palo Alto, CA: Better Chinese, 2006. Print. My chinese teacher says that I should put the names in characters but it's really hard to find the characters and type them on the computer because I have the sources scanned online. It doesn't say anything bout this in the ib language guide so... I'm asking y'all for opinions here. thanks :*
  10. Andyboi

    What pranks have you done on your IB teachers?

    I don't know if i would consider this a prank but one time in environmental we were doing a lab and i REALLY didn't want to do it because we had to touch dirt and do nasty stuff so I hid underneath one of the lab desks so my teacher couldn't see me. I guess it worked because I didn't have to do the lab and got to study for my math test next period
  11. Andyboi

    Oh my God, down to prob/stats?

    In my school you can technically take any class you want, obviously you use some common sense and teacher recommendations but the ib coordinator or any teacher cannot stop you from taking that course.... atleast in my school though I would still fight to take the diploma as opposed to certificates. Besides math studies basically IS prob/stats with some other semi-basic concepts stuck in between.
  12. I'm not entirely sure what you mean by "level" but my laoshi says that if you have answered the three reflection questions and compare the 2 cultures you should be fine
  13. Andyboi

    When do you begin writing your EE?

    I technically started writing mine at the end of junior year but it was only like an introduction and some of my first body paragraph. I wrote the bulk of my EE my senior year over the course of a few weeks in December. I just turned mine in a week ago and my supervisor is looking at it for last minute comments
  14. Andyboi

    Taking AP exams when you're in the IB diploma.

    Well I' assuming you're applying to US universities if you're considering taking AP's... I would definitely consider doing so in addition to the IB, especially for your SL's as many US colleges don't give credit for those.

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