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  1. And what are the ideas? Telling us that might make it easier for us to help you
  2. Leia


    Do not DO NOT do a cross-over between 2 subjects!! It will kill your mark.
  3. Leia

    politics - W.B Yeats

    Hint: stream of consciousness.
  4. Leia

    About extended essay

    [quote name='Vasundhra' post='26606' date='Oct 11 2008, 01:32 PM']why don't you send it through 'turn-it-in'?? that will tell you how much of you paper is plagiarized....[/quote] Keep in mind plagiarism doesn't happen just by direct quoting. you can plagiarise by paraphrasing/using ideas in your own words without referencing.
  5. Leia

    About extended essay

    Shouldn't you know if your paper is plagiarised or not?
  6. You're not screwed, you can use the research you've already done to write this essay Start with the title The Battle of Surabaya 1945 and its significance towards Indonesia's independence and the position of the Allied forces in Indonesia. This title implies you're going to narrate the events of the battle and what its impacts are. It's an ok title, honestly but I don't think it gives much room for analysis. A good EE title should be a question. So maybe paraphrase this into a question. like: To what extent did the Battle of Surabaya have negative (or positive) towards Indonesia's independence and the position of the Allied forces in Indonesia. The negative/positive part you can change more to fit your research, like To what extent was it more damaging or helpful for ___. That gives you a question to answer and would focus your writing instead of your just narrating events. You are allowed to tell a bit of what happened, but don't make it a substantial part of your essay. If you really do have to narrate what happened, put it in the appendix
  7. Leia

    Graphing Calculators!

    It is impossible to pass IB math (anything) without a GDC as some questions require you to specifically use GDC. Also even in Studies you would need it for stats etc. So buy one! Keep in mind you shouldn't be too dependent on added on programs as you're not allowed to keep those in the exams but have to delete them. So just go with what your GDC gives you
  8. Leia

    History extended essay

    Like everyone's said, its too broad. what are you gong to write? You don't even have a time frame. Which PART of latin america history? Besides, even if you're writing the effects of anything on politics, economics, and education, that would be too much. Politics and economics is probably plenty already but what does education have to do with the other two?
  9. Leia

    Hey Nov 2009 and May 2010 students

    If you are M10, don't worry! You're only in your first year, you're not supposed to do your TOK essay yet!! Usually you start the TOK essay around the second year.
  10. Leia

    Discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb?

    [quote name='~Lc~' post='24770' date='Sep 20 2008, 07:17 AM']what subject is this EE in? Islamic History? because I doubt world istory would include it, and from what I know the IH syllabus doesn't cover egypt waay back then...[/quote] It doesn't matter. You can do EE in history anywhere, anytime. You don't have to stick with the syllabus.
  11. Tha'ts the point...it's not for native speakers But if you do IB with Eng A1 and going to the UK, you shouldn't have to take anything.
  12. [quote name='Vvi' post='24636' date='Sep 18 2008, 10:16 PM']I don't think it's possible to take IB exams a year early. Since you are only registered for all your exams in the November preceding the exams, it doesn't make sense that they would keep your candidate number for 2 years.[/quote] As far as the IBO is concerned, yes you can take exams a year early (anticipated). whether your school is willing to let you do that is another thing. And yes they do keep your info that long. Actually what difference does it make, even if you do finish IB the normal 2 years, they still keep your info somewhere anyway (I'm sure they do) and you can always retake...up to a year after your original exam session anyway. So it's kind of the same. And I think you get a new session number, but your candidate code would remain the same.
  13. Leia

    class mixup and now im stuck with IB

    [quote name='vina.milk' post='24662' date='Sep 19 2008, 02:19 AM']Yeah it is Pre Ib, well thats what the grade 11's said. I dont procrastinate at all, (eventually i do, only if theres too much going on!) and i need to find out what the terminology is o.o They talk in a different language to me, and others nodd and i pretend to nod and eventually end up asking my friends for help T^T for instance, today at math, we were learning about geometric sequences and reviewing exponents i thought it was pretty easy... until he said something else and than divide, like i was writing down notes, and was writting stuff on the board, than he said and the answer is C^20 so i looked dumbfounded in class i had no clue what he did whatsoever -__________- gosh... any techniques to catch up to speed? and oh yeah, they sorta didnt let me out of preIB cause all the honors slots were full so now im stuck -_____- tyhe only time they let you out at my school was my friend, he switched out by getting his mom to pay 25$ for some reason..... so he only has science IB instead of all 4 i dont get why you pay to do that.... but anyways, thanks for your guys replies!![/quote] That doesn't sound like a problem having anything to do with IB. It just sounds like you a) don't understand the teacher's way of teaching or b) don't understand the material covered in the class. None of what you've described is IB terminology. Don't just nod if you don't understand, ask the teacher what it means. They're supposed to be there to help you.
  14. Leia

    which question should i use?

    Pick this: 1: To what extent was the US intervention into the Korean War an extension of the Truman Doctrine? And then, in your essay, talk about how, aside from the Truman Doctrine, it was also result of the United Nations, Korea's strategic placement within Asia, and the Document NSC-68. Also say if it was an extension of the Truman Doctrine, whether it meant that it was inevitable. The first one is succinct and allows you to elaborate on it to cover what you want to say in the other two 2 titles. Whereas title 2 is too in-your-face, if you know what I mean. It lists out your whole argument before you even start writing. Title 3 doesnt cover enough of the scope of the essay because in it you'll have to talk about the Truman Doctrine and other stuff anyway.
  15. I haven't read it but usually POV have a purpose - it limits the narration - thus the reader's knowledge of what's going on - through that person's view/knowledge only. Also with POV you can achieve bias, and put the audience at a distant away from what is happening if the happening doesn't directly involve the POV character. Think about why a certain passage is written from a certain character's POV - what is the author trying to achieve? is there any limit to the character that would make their narration in any way limited?

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