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  1. hamani

    IB Environmental Notes needed

    sorry =D
  2. Please if anyone has notes specific to the IB Environmental Systems for May 2009 exams, please contact on _____________ Thanks!
  3. hamani


    I am having problems with Criterion P of the extension, what exactly must i write in it?
  4. hamani

    pH data presentation

    What do u guys think is that best way to present a pH values for data presentation? im using office 2007..
  5. BAscically, i need help with the format? title format? body? Conclusion? please help!
  6. hamani

    Math Studies Abuse and Respect

    trust me, there isnt such a thing check with your IB Coordinator.
  7. hamani

    Extended Essay

    An examination of the treatment of inequality in the fictional novels of George Orwell’s Animal Farm and Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird.
  8. I still did not start my Business IA. Should I be worried about this. We have a new instructor who doesnt know what to do about the IAs and were also in the dark ...
  9. hamani

    Which subject is easiest to get a 7 in?

    Math Studies for sure,, thats if you know maths but do not need to take MAth SL for uni purposes
  10. I agree with you cereja!! because like to me Business and Management HL is soo easy because IGCSE Business Studies was much harder. The class in itself is boring and the exams do not challange me to the fullest. For me, the business final i do not need studying, much more like practicing answering exam questions.
  11. hamani

    Mark Boundaries

    When you say time zones you mean there are different papers for different area or that different zones are graded differently?
  12. hamani

    How long does it take?

    For you to change right now, do you have to pay a fee? If you are registered for May 2008 like I am, do you have to pay? Because I am contemplating changing it from English A1 to Business
  13. hamani

    Cyprus Trip

    I was wondering if any school attended a trip to the Environmental Center there as part of their IB Science trip there? I was told that many other schools go there? Anyone here went? If so, tell me how the experience was?
  14. From what I hear from my Business Management teacher, the Research Question should be something related to a business that recently occured, a problem should be stated in the question and should be forward looking. Your question in my belief is a good one and should be used. Ask your teacher to look over it
  15. hamani

    how important are school grades?

    Is that necessarily true. Because the university that I am going to in Canada give conditional offers until my IB grades come out. UBC and Trent.

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