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  1. Confirmed. Adjustment valid from 20 August for five days.
  2. UPDATE: This is subject to confirmation, but my college has informed me that the 5-day period for IB-ers applying to Adjustment may begin on the 20th of August along with the A-Level students. This is to ensure IB students are not disadvantaged in the process. I will confirm a.s.a.p.
  3. That would be useful. If you find out do tell us all
  4. Good post. The only issue I see is that IB results are out far earlier than A-Level results, so it seems unlikely they'll just offer a place without first seeing how the others have done.
  5. laneolaneo1

    Ban the person above you

    Banned for not stringing together a logical argument.
  6. laneolaneo1

    Ban the person above you

    I'm sorry, but banned for broken irony meter!
  7. laneolaneo1

    Driving lessons.

    I counted doing a 'Pass Plus' scheme as Action, and this was allowed as there was no 'reward', per se. Driving lessons themselves didn't count as these had a personal gain attatched.
  8. laneolaneo1

    What was your IOP topic?

    I compared four texts with regards to one theme. This was presented as the norm...
  9. laneolaneo1

    Ban the person above you

    Banned for visiting ibsurvival.com
  10. laneolaneo1

    Ban the person above you

    Banned for leaving a reply of 24 letters, the same number of hours in a day, reminding me of the steady and irrepresible passage of existence that flows around us like rocks in the river of time, ebbing away at our lives and draining us of the most precious of human resources and the one thing of which there will never be enough. Or something like that.
  11. laneolaneo1

    Warwick reject 43 points

    ^ Apples and oranges?
  12. laneolaneo1

    Warwick reject 43 points

    True, but Warwick don't interview... To the person above (Mark): Unlucky mate... Know how you feel. Having said that, I got straight A*s in GCSE so my personal statement must have been bloody awful
  13. laneolaneo1

    Warwick reject 43 points

    So it does happen And you're spot on about the uni and the location. You may well be right, (although I did think my personal statement was damned fine, if I might say so ) Actually, come to think of it, I took a TSA for Oxford, so that may have shifted the balance in my favour. I don't yet know how I scored on that test. Very true. This thread isn't here to whine or search for sympathy. I just genuinely feel that the IB is severely underrated in the UK next to A Levels. 43 points pulverises AAA, but awareness of the diploma remains low. Fair to say?
  14. laneolaneo1

    Warwick reject 43 points

    I applied for PPE. That Oxford thought I was worth a look and not Warwick is a shock, to say the least. Life goes on, right?
  15. laneolaneo1

    Warwick reject 43 points

    My personal statement/reference/predicted grade combo, which got me an Oxford interview, has been shunned by Warwick despite 43 points predicted. Anyone with similar rejections despite enormous PGs?

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