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  1. Rentle

    Guess something about the next poster

    Yeah, I love picking flovers. Especially when they're grown in the neighbours garden. NP Adores philosophy.
  2. Rentle

    What Grade Did You Get for Your EE?

    I received a B from biology. It's quite good, since it was an experimental science and I had no fair conditions to do all the experiments. However, an A is an A and it's sad to fail in getting it.
  3. Rentle

    Psychology Opinons

    I didn't have psychology in IB, but I'm planning on taking psychiatry specialty in medicine. From my point of view, this is an interesting science that deals with a little-known part of human - the brain. And I want to be the one, that will unravel much more of this secret for the humanity.
  4. As far as I'm concerned, this statement is true. I've been a high-achiever at studies all my life, but the social interactions came much better for even the stupidest people. I definitely know the reason for that. The cause of all that is that I see the stupidity of others and I don't want to be a sequel to that. As a consequence, I tend to have much less in common with them and even if I am with them, I can't stop criticizing them for unhealthy lifestyle, stupid interactions with each other and abuse of girls. They often get insulted by my criticism and that's the way I lose the bigger mass of people. Despite that, I still manage to find some people of my own level, but they're rare these days, because even intelligent people tend to live unhealthy lifestyles and do things that i consider hazardous. Thus, I want to say that every person needs to find a match. If you're average, you have a lot of right matches for yourself, but when you are intelligent, you meet much less people of your level and it's very difficult to find friends from that hand-full of people. Two options to get out of that are: 1) become average 2) get into a serious university and socialize. I chose the latter and I'm happy with it.
  5. Rentle

    Swine flu

    Swine flu is not too horrible. All the infected French people were cured and no serious breakthroughs occurred. For now, I just wish that the H1N1 virus will get eradicated completely.
  6. Rentle

    Sure about Career?

    Economics HL for medicine? Chemistry in SL? Damn, man, your subjet choices are messed up! ('cause (at least) UK requires chemistry and bio in HL)
  7. Rentle

    Easiest subjects

    The easiest one, probably, is Language ab initio. As I've heard, people are learning only the basics there and all the exams are of elementary level.
  8. Rentle

    Anyone taking a year off?

    I won't take a year off, because it just seems to be a waste of time and energy. Furthemore, I got into medicine. Thus, I have a decent profession for my future and the funds will come from my relatives (at first) and later-on I am planning to earn money from medicine. From my point of wiev, that's the best option.
  9. Rentle

    From IB to Med School

    I got into medicine in my own country and I'm so happy about it. I'm waiting with anxiety for the term to start.
  10. Rentle

    HL/SL History MAY09

    SL (Europe) P1 - Stalin. That was quite easy. I only hope that the examiners will accept my style of writing P2-Cold war and rise of leaders - Those were quite easy, but I'm not sure if the examiners will accept my 'funky' essay-writing style . ;D Expected - 6 (the truth will be known on the 6th of July)
  11. Rentle

    Chemisry HL P1 + 2 + 3: all timezones MAY09

    Europe (TZ2 probably) P1: Wasn't too difficult, because I've prepared well. I expect to get 35/40 (at least) P2: Was quite normal, though I'm not sure about the long exercises with thermodynamics and similar stuff (I may have made mistakes) expected - at least 80% correct P3: I've prepared for it really well. I did human biochemistry (which was easy and well-known) and medicines and drugs (some parts were difficult and I clearly did at least two exercises partially wrong) That's that. Overall, I expect to get 6 (as predicted)
  12. Rentle

    Withdrawal of confirmed UCAS offers

    Thanks for the help, guys. Now I know what will I do if such a necessity will occur. For now, I'll wait for the exam results and decide if going for those offered courses is a good idea.
  13. Rentle

    Predicted Grades

    Our school predicted our scores out of 42. I think that that is a little wrong, because those 3 points are, first of all, important and can be easily guessed by IBC and the EE supervisor.
  14. Rentle

    If I Want To Study Medicine...

    Certainly, both biology and chemistry are very important. You'll not be able to understand the full essence of the drugs and stuff without both subjects. Though, if you'll get a passing mark for both of these subjects and will be accepted to a medicine course, I doubt that you'll have any serious problems with studying efficiency. That's because studies in the university are more integrated and you don't have to do that "industrial chemistry" part as in the IB course. As for me, I did both subjects (as you can see from my signature) . Biology was not too difficult, but Chemistry gave me a lot of trouble in the studies. And yes, I'm applying for Medicine (my success will be known after getting the exam results, though deep inside my heart I feel that I'll pass)
  15. Rentle

    Withdrawal of confirmed UCAS offers

    Hello, mates, I was wondering if it is possible to legally withdraw yourself from a university once they get your exam results, accept you and demand your documents for further registration?

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