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  1. jasmine

    Purpose of life

    according to me the purpose of an average human is to earn money and survive in this world, that's the way it is in my country- INDIA. for me the purpose of my life is to teach people who disrespected me a good lesson and make this world a better place to live by becoming something worth while, and ofcourse enjoying life to full extent without paying attention to people who don't think good about me..............
  2. [quote name='grachit' post='19630' date='Jul 11 2008, 10:24 AM']Hey, friends.....can u plz help me how to go about in IB Hindi B coz im not gettin' any ideas wat to do and how to do........[/quote] so are you an indian?
  3. well in India too IB students are considered elitists,the reason is that IB education in India is very expensive therefore many people cant afford it. Only the elitist can afford to do IB.
  4. jasmine


    my worst nightmare is that i am in my school's mun and i have nothing to speak about......... it is , i think gonna come true this friday! someone help............
  5. do you know about indian film industry?
  6. jasmine

    Favorite Sports

    inspite of being a girl i love to play football.. my bro teaches it to me... but my favourite sport is swimming, i just love it..i even like table tennis..
  7. I agree with you that if a person is intelligent people will dislike him.I have experienced this myself. Believe me it is a horrible feeling. No one is ready to speak to you, just bcoz you are smarter than them.My classmates think that i am too studious and therefore they think i have an 'attitude problem'. therefore i pretend that i am not smart, and make them believe that i am one of their kind. does anyone have any solution to my problem.
  8. i think Australia is a wonderful country and australians are wonderful people. I have some Australian friends who i think are really wonderrful people )
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