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  1. starz41

    Swine flu

    They're thinking about taking away our attendance-based exam exemptions in Florida because of swine flu. It's freaking ridiculous.
  2. starz41

    What did you take with you the first day of school?

    Pencils, pens, bookbag, lunch, money(T-shirts or clubs), and a few sheets of paper or a notebook. If you don't go to open house, then the teachers will tell you what you'll need to buy for their class,take notes on their requirements. If you do go to the open house, bring whatever the teachers advised you to bring at open house. Good luck!
  3. starz41

    Global Warming

    go on breathingearth.net :]
  4. starz41

    ANOREXIA: Socially or Psychologically Induced?

    you can do a survey. like guys and girls. see what aspects in the opposite sex they notice the most. whether its "skinny" or "fat" or "eyes", things like that. than get responses from each of the people you survey to see what they're more consicious about. compare what they think is most important and what others actually notice and pay attention to the most.
  5. starz41

    The Model UN Thread

    no it's just a small global classrooms community one at a local college
  6. starz41

    The Model UN Thread

    i got accepted to go to a MUN meeting in 3 weeks at some college. is it worth going even tho u have a ton of work to do? do colleges like it? i'll be missing a day at school too.
  7. starz41

    Orthodontic teeth filing?

    [quote name='IBStuck' post='35025' date='Jan 29 2009, 04:28 AM']oh sorry i miss read that part. get them files if it bothers you that much. i liked it when they did it to my teeth they looked so good, but remebr that your teeth are goint to still shift a bit once the braces come off. mine are not as straight as they were after i first got them off, and i wear my retainer and everything so they will still be straight just not like jonny depp in charlie and the chocolate factory.[/quote] did you keep your retainer on all the time?
  8. starz41


    heck yes, every-single-time well, whenever i see its 11-11 :]
  9. starz41

    Orthodontic teeth filing?

    [quote name='IBStuck' post='34980' date='Jan 28 2009, 10:22 PM']after i got my braces off they files my teeth for free, but it was only that one time after they came off. i paid over 4000 USD to get the teeth that i have, and i don't think that they would do anything for me for free. i think that you are going to have little gaps between your teeth. i don't think that it is a problem, but if it bothers you talk to the orthodontisit about it and see what can be done. i don't know what you mean by filling in the gap though? what did he fill it with?[/quote] i said file, he used that sandpaper-y thing where it just saws into your teeth
  10. starz41

    Orthodontic teeth filing?

    [size=4][b]I want to ask my orthodontist to file my teeth to make them as straight as possible. he wanted to take my braces off in a month, but my 2 front teeth were touching and had a small gap that annoyed me. I asked him about it and he talked to me about filing it and later performed it. I love how it turned out, and later that day i noticed my bottom teeth also had little gaps inbetween where food would get stuck. first off, i don't really want to annoy my orthodontist with it but i want to file inbetween my other teeth and at the top to make them as straight as possible. can this be done for free? or will i be too bothersome? i believe since i paid him like 2 thousand dollars he should do it but idk.. any opinions? i have to see him again in 3 weeks to check the filing he did today. im thinking he can do the rest next time, and wait 2 weeks after inbetween my teeth to file the top, than 3 more weeks he can finally take them off? what do u guys think? help is needed, thanks![/b][/size]
  11. starz41

    Current World Issues

    I've learned alot about the current world issues. there's wars, starvation, disease, genocide, pollution, etc. and yet it seems like no matter how much people agree that these things are wrong, we still feel so powerless and put it aside hoping that someone else will solve it. i admit to this. i know that we need to solve these issues, or we're no better than the people commiting them. Like during the holocaust, the bystanders could have had so much influence if they worked together. but they were all afraid and continued living life saying, "it's okay, it's not us" I hate it when people say this. because these things could very well happen to us tomorrow if countries decided to bomb us or turn a genocide against us. I hate not being able to sleep because of my knowing of how screwed up the world is. I wish i had some influence, but i have no idea where to start. we're the next generation. and what these idiots do now is going to affect us as much as its affecting people right now. Does anyone else ever feel this? Is there anything we CAN do? Even being teengagers? I know this is super tree-hugger and mother theresa-y but i can't help it. Thanks, :]
  12. starz41

    What time do you go to bed on average day?

    geez..i can't stay awake that long lol. 5:15-i wake up 2:40-schools out 3:15-i get home 4:00-8:00-Homework, more like procrasination 8:30-9:00-sleep. and the day starts again. next year im doing sports tho, so i'll have to extend. im only a freshman so i decided to commit to studies-big loss :[
  13. starz41

    Book Annotation

    how do u properly annotate a book? like symbol, theme,setting,character,humor,irony, etc. list any tips or anything on here, much help needed. thanks! (we're annotating "To Kill A Mockingbird" by the way. pre-IB freshman)
  14. starz41

    This or That!

    real/fictional person :god. planned party or suprise party?
  15. Im a freshman in IB and over the summer i applied for a job at the local supermarket and they finally called back but after school already started.. its only part time and i would work prolly like 10 hours or less a week. what do u think? yay or nay??

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