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  1. hrdk

    Research Question!

    Hello, people here is the abstract of my extended essay. But i have trouble forming the research question. Could anyone give me a suggestion, as it should be a question and not a statement.
  2. hrdk

    Mathematical Studies IA

    I am also stuck with the same problem!
  3. hrdk

    A VIP Member?

    Hello everyone! How exactly do i get to be a VIP member in order to download the example content. I have just joined. Thank You
  4. hrdk

    Math Studies IA!

    Ib Math Studies Project Hey, i'm doing my project in like a week, and I'm having really hard trouble coming up with a topic title...these are the ones I've come up with so far, so I wanna know if these are ok or if I should word them differently or could give me some ideas, sorta like a gentle push lol....huuge thanks ..its so hard since I hate absolutely hate math..its my worst subject ever. 1. Does time spend playing video games affect student performance in class work and/or exams. 2. Does playing a certain game genre influence violence in children and is it based on gender? 3. Do students who listen to different genre of music get different grades for tests?
  5. hrdk

    Fav Anime?

    Ladies And Gentleman Its BLEACH! and Hungry Heart!
  6. Is there a possibility or has it ever happened, that the IB has used questions from the question bank in the final exams?
  7. hrdk

    Undergraduate Courses

    Thank you for your replies. I am looking forward to either do computer sciences, architecture, political sciences or international relations. Either of these will do for me. Most probably i am moving gout of India for further education, though scholarships are my only hope.....
  8. Hi, i wanted to do my EE on chemistry, but after some research it turned out that someone else had already done it! So can i continue doing what i was doing or should i make up a new topic.
  9. Hi people, I am overjoyed to inform that CAS has been moved online to www.caslog.com and there is no more the irritating paperwork. Its all done online, fast, fun and the safe way. Be sure to check it out and ask your school to register. This makes CAS more easy and fun!
  10. hrdk

    Undergraduate Courses

    Hello people I am new out here, so forgive me for any mistakes. I am appearing for my externals in May 2010 and my subjects are Chem (HL), BM(HL), Eng (HL) and Math(SSL), French (SL), Physics(SL). Could anyone give me information on what carrear options i have after i completet my diploma and which undergraduate courses are available for these specific subjects. Thank You
  11. hrdk

    Group 4 help!

    I am really sorry. I didnt about that. Thnaks a lot. Is it possible to somehow measure the viscosity of chocolate?
  12. hrdk

    Group 4 help!

    Rite, so im new out here, so help me out guys. Anyways our central theme for the group 4 project this year is "Chocolates", so could anyone gimme a list of experiments tht could be conducted in physics and chem!! i looked a lot but in vain! thnks guys!

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