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  1. MarianaHP

    Do you use Twitter?

    i dont, im too in love with facebook to use anything else
  2. MarianaHP

    New IB Psychology Textbook

    HI! ok. well i dont have the book and i dont really know what comes in the new syllabus, but one of the authors of the book is John Crane, who has an amazing website for psychology, which has helped me soo much in the past two years, so just because of him id guess it is good and worth having, just make sure that it covers the topics that you need, whether it is based on the new or old syllabus...
  3. MarianaHP

    English A2 Paper 2 (MAY09)

    I wrote about a A clockwork Orange (Anthony Brugess), The Glass Menagerie (Tennessee Williams), and Cather in the Rye (JD Salinger)
  4. MarianaHP

    HL/SL History MAY09

    P1: was amazing i had studied Stalin's foreign policy really well so im really happy with that exam. P2: was not as good as paper 1, i chose the one about how single pary state rulers contradict their ideologies with thier actions and i used Lenin and Stalin as examples, but then i wrote too much for that essay and had to rush though the second essay.. i chose the results of WW1 and i feel that the essay was quite crap to be honest but who knows P3: got canceled thanks to Swnie Flu, and i have no idea if it is a good or a bad thing..I hope it helps my grade
  5. MarianaHP

    Ban the person above you

    Banned for discussing whether TOK is good of non sense!
  6. MarianaHP

    SL Biology (MAY09)

    Im still not very sure exactly how, but it is going to be with my labs and paper 3.. so it should turn out ok
  7. MarianaHP

    English A2 Paper 2 (MAY09)

    I was so much happier with paper 2 than with paper 1, I really liked the quiestion. I did the one on the narrative point of view.. What did you think about the exam?
  8. MarianaHP

    English A2 HL Paper 1 (MAY09)

    I also did the one about trains.. i thought it was ok, not amazing as i would have liked but it was fine
  9. MarianaHP

    SL Biology (MAY09)

    My paper 1 and 2 got canceled Paper 3 Option A was good, and option B was easy/..
  10. MarianaHP

    Swine flu

    They have all ready proved that it is not deadly if you treat it on time. Honestly i think people are making way too much about it.. i live in mexico and i go around without any protection and in the streets as usual and im still alive and healthy. Also all the information given is wierd cuz they say so many people have it or have died, but no one seems to know any one who has or has had swine flu and they dont even say the names of the people that have died, and no family member has been interviewed or anything which is really wierd, but who knows i think it not something people should become paranoid about....
  11. MarianaHP

    Ban the person above you

    Banned for whining
  12. MarianaHP

    Swine flu and May IB exams

    History they just canceled paper 3 for those in HL, so we will just be graded as if we were SL... and Biology I still have no idea because they will just have P3 and Labs to grade us so im scared
  13. MarianaHP

    Psychology Opinons

    I agree with Philippe I read more in psychology than in any other class, it is probably the subject that i work the most at and then people say looks really easy... pisses me off
  14. I thought P1 was ok, but P2 was horrible!!!! i almost cryed after the exam!
  15. MarianaHP

    Swine flu and May IB exams

    If they canceled classes for the whole of the first week in your school then there are no make-up exams and you will probably be graded with your Internal Assesments... Good Luck! In mexico they have canceled Biology papers 1 and 2 and History paper 3. They re-scheduled the exams that should have been taken on the 4th and 5th of may in a way that they will all be done by the 9th, so that schools in Mexico can continue with the internationla schedule starting from the 11th...

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