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  1. theone00

    Interview the person below you

    ToK Which country do you most want to visit?
  2. theone00

    When is your EE due?

    Doesn't that sound nice. Ours our due August.... Oh wait... you say you're May people? Nevermind.
  3. The private/public debate is really confusing. I didn't help it by my last post. I am a total Friedmanite, so believe in the smallest government possible France isn't going too badly with a state healthsystem, but France tends to be a left-leaning country. Take England, where the NHS is a walking disaster zone, you will understand why I don't agree with state funded care in the UK.
  4. Really, and sadly, he had no chance. Obama is just too well organised and too good a speaker. But, reallly, what's wrong with Palin? I don't agree with her entirely, but you have to look at the quality of opposition. Obama promised to move America to a free healthcare for all system. That is a classic step backwards. We should be trying to decrease what's owned by the state, not increase. Ah well, never mind. He won't do much. *looks worried*
  5. theone00

    Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

    Looked through my playlist: ah yes. Bach, Mozart and the genius that is Wagner. The only thing wrong with him is I haven't got the first clue what they're singing.
  6. theone00

    Help on History EE please

    [quote name='Hyperbole' post='34773' date='Jan 27 2009, 11:17 AM']1 - No! Good for you! 2 - You may want to mention the name of the person who said each thing, but you should definitely reference the book after the person who wrote the whole book rather than after who said it. Otherwise it'll be hard for people to find that book, and thus also that quote![/quote] 1. Praise God! Thank you both very much. 2. That was roughly what I've been doing. Glad someone agrees with me Thanks for the quick responses both.
  7. theone00

    Help on History EE please

    Hi Ladies and Gentlemen. Is there anyone around who can give just a little help on a history EE? I've done a full draft, so am only after minor things to fix. 1. I've referanced it in APA style. Do the citations count in the word count? (e.g. "It has been argued that coffee is useful for IB students (Pearson and Fox 1999)"- the bit in brackets!) If they don't, I'm in the word count, first go, so yay. 2. I've used one book quite a lot. It is full of quotes from survivors of the time, and I've quoted them in the essay. Do I cite that as the author of the book or the person who said it? Thanks
  8. theone00

    What was your IOP topic?

    Now that's a good topic. Possibly the best book I've ever read Kudos.
  9. theone00

    How do you get a bilingual diploma?

    *gives it some thought* There are 4 Brits/NZ's in our school doing bilingual diplomas, out of about 70
  10. theone00

    What was your IOP topic?

    It was a commentary on an Armitage Poem- Homecoming. Just talked about the themes, structures, devices etc etc etc
  11. theone00


    Well, from the right side of the Tasman,( ) I can tell you that our final date is the 7th Aug and they're going to the IBO a week or so later. I would presume that it's the same (roughly) for you.
  12. theone00

    Extended Essay - Lang A1

    [quote name='Neon007' post='34469' date='Jan 24 2009, 08:05 PM']Hey Guys,I am currently still working on my EE and i was wondering just as i was collecting data if i were to change my topic at this stage would i finish a complete and good EE?[/quote] There is good advice above. It all depends on where you are in the course. If you're in IB1- go for it. If you're in IB2, think very carefully about it. Also, think about why you're changing. Do you not like your research question or don't like the whole topic? Be careful you're not confusing the latter for the former. Speaking from a history perspective, it could just be you've made your question too broad/narrow/boring and you just need to rejig that slightly. Believe me,that's a lot less work than starting from scratch again!
  13. theone00

    Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

    Well aren't we fluent Some of us poor mortals merely do it as a second language.
  14. So who amongst us is doing IB German B (SL or HL)? Might be a place to share tips? Advice? Strategies for coping with awful teachers? Shall I start then? I've got hold of the Alevel equivalant (NCEA) vocab list. Now, it's not fun, but have divided it up into weekly sections and am learning one section a week. Pretty boring but really helps! Any other ideas?
  15. A thought for you. If maths can attain certainty, then it's certain that the square root of 9 is plus or minus 3. However, empirically, the root of 9 is only plus three (imagine you've got 9 apples and divide them into 3 groups... you can't have -3 apples can you...) So is maths certain?

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