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  1. OK it really isn't as black and white as that. In the case where you the life of the mother is at risk, the mother's life is more important and should be protected. I agree with this! I can still be pro-life and agree to that. The pro-life argument isn't as simple as extreme you make it to be. If I was pro-choice I wouldn't want to be called pro baby killer either. My argument goes more towards the aspect that there's nothing right about how you get to choose an individual human's right to live for the sake of your own convenience.
  2. Pro life! 100%, No matter what. - The woman shouldn't be able to decide the life of another. A potential life shouldn't have to die based off the whim on someone else. Pretty binary to me!
  3. In short, PC is used for actions that have been completed, no longer being done, and happening at a certain point in time. IMP tense is used for description(describing a thing, or a place), habits(e.g. doing something every Monday) , or something that happened with no indication of it being finished. I suggest you look up an article about how and when to use both tenses; a Google search would more likely than not yield better information for you than the community. This one sums it up well I think: https://www.lawlessfrench.com/grammar/passe-compose-vs-imparfait/ Hope this helps!
  4. Hello! The IB isn't for everyone and you're not a failure for dropping out; it's normal. However just take a deeper look at yourself before you make your decision. If you really lack the motivation to continue in your studies, then I'd drop it for sure. Honestly if you're going to be working in your own country and just doing social work after you graduate, IB doesn't really help your job prospects too much. It made no difference in making my life easier post-secondary. So just do what you like! A bunch of people drop out of the program and it's completely normal- it doesn't make them stupid, they just figured out there were better options Cheers!
  5. If you're really stuck on textbook problems, try quote Googling the answer. More than occasionally you will find someone who has asked the same question. After confirming my answer with the a Yahoo answers website, I've come to this conclusion. kw0573 made a crucial point in saying the [...] was important. Here is what you know. V=5(pi)m3=(pi)r2h (volume of a cylinder) h=5/r2 (boundary condition) This is the relationship you need to establish between height and radius. The surface area is 2(pi)rh+(pi)r2. In order to account for the materials' costs, you reference that EVERYTHING is made of stainless steel. The equation for your surface area in terms of cost becomes 2(pi)rh+5(pi)r2=SA 2(pi)r(5/r2)+5(pi)r2=SA (plug in boundary condition) 10(pi/r)+5(pi)r2 Take the derivative WRT radius, and set it to 0 in order to find a minimum. d(SA)/dr= (-10(pi)/r2)+10(pi)r=0 d(SA)/dr=(-10(pi)/r2)=-10(pi)r r=1 h=5/r2 h=5 Hope that helps, don't know why the font changed in between O.o
  6. This was more or less how I felt in French B. I'm still taking the language in university now, and hopefully I'll be passably bilingual when I graduate. I was in a very similar situation to yourself, but if you have any worries about not doing well in the course, it's really not too bad C: You should be able to get a lot of practice throughout the year and your teacher will probably assign some homework so you don't lose all your French over the summer. I didn't have any confidence in communicating orally but my French teacher always told me: "have faith in your ability to communicate, and you will be understood". It didn't make me feel better at the time, because French was something that I personally struggled with throughout highschool. The liasons make phrases sound like one really long sentence, which was a constant discombobulation Put that on top of the lack of French knowledge I had, I feel like I'm in(and still am) in your shoes. As far as becoming fluent goes, you're not going to be fluent by the end of the course if all you're doing in spending an hour and a half everyday learning about the language for two years. Your proficiency in language comes from immersing yourself in it,- that is, speaking it and trying it whenever you can. All of that is up to you and how much of an effort you put in learning the French language. Hope this helps =)
  7. If that's your justification eating meat being ethical, I have to completely disagree. The bottom line is by eating animals, we are creating the demand for murdering animals to sustain ourselves. It doesn't matter how it's done, it doesn't matter how much we do it, we are killing some form of life to satisfy our hunger. Imagine if it was the another way around, if people were food to animals was as common as we eat them. The ability to procreate does not justify the continuous process of killing a species for food. Life has infinitely more value to oneself than being food to another, especially for animals, because they are capable of intelligent life. It's easy to say it's okay to eat animals when we're sitting on the throne, but if large groups of people are being killed for food, I wouldn't think anyone would say the ability to reproduce justifies a universal genocide, even if we are treated humanely before death. Animals have their own will too; and I'd argue they don't want to be food just as much as us.
  8. How about you show us how what you've done in this problem instead of asking us to do your homework for you? We're not here to do your assignments.
  9. If you cannot help a member don't post anything. It is even worse to claim something completely false. OP: When you cannot find such information, it is often reasonable to start making assumptions. If you can identify a major ingredient in the sunflower oil you were using, you can try finding the heat capacity of that instead. There are different types of sunflower oils so it is difficult to really help you, but I'm pretty sure the information you need(or at least, will accept) is out there somewhere.
  10. 1. Two data points is not enough to make a safe conclusion about a relationship. To be absolutely blunt, you can't even say the correlation is positive. The relationship could be periodic, making the graph behave in a wave; it could also be polynomial to a higher degree, so there could be turning points. If you're just strictly talking about the two data points, then yeah I guess you could say they have a positive correlation, but that doesn't give you any information about the relationship between the dependent and independent variables. 2. Yeah it would be an inverse relationship. I believe that just means that as one variable goes up, the other goes down. Proportionality just means the variables are bound by a factor of a constant; e.g. y=-2x is an inversely proportional relationship. But if you have something like y=e^(-x), that would be an inverse relationship. 3. Haven't really encountered this before, but I would at least try to graph the points electronically and make note of the maximum slope, just to stick to standard procedure as much as possible. I don't know the nature of your experiment so I can't really say anything about that, but if you have a justified reason then make sure you get your point through in the discussion section of your lab. Hope this helps
  11. Hey there, I think the more common thing you'll hear is, it's a bad idea to do a science EE without an experiment. Any extended essay needs a fair bit of research. I haven't been up to date with the current syllabus, but from what I've heard if you don't collect data from an experiment that you conduct, you might not fair as well. I'd talk to your teacher if about your topic before proceeding.
  12. Emmi is right. Honestly just go over everything you need to know that's been taught to you. We don't know how your school works, or how it prepares your mock exam. If they just recycle you guys through past papers, then just study that. If they are somehow put together questions according to the new syllabus, then study that too. For the sake of answering your question, you'll be fine if you just cover everything you've been taught up to that point. But that's obvious, and it seems either you're a little short on time or don't want to put in the work to cover everything you need to. So if I were you I'd study material in your 2016 syllabus, and study the questions from the 2015 exam that pertain to that syllabus for the exam.
  13. Having two HL sciences and Math HL is definitely quite a bit of work. If you're doing computer science why don't you swap out for a course that you think is a bit more manageable for HL? As for your second point, it really depends on where you go. Some universities don't care about what you take in the IB, so when the time comes, do some research and figure out what they require in order for you to get into your program. In addition, computer science is more linear algebra than calculus in my experience so I don't think you need to be too worried if you're not a whiz at calculus. You also have a full year of time to get good at it Your other questions would be addressed if you make a separate thread because we don't really know what you need help with.
  14. Once a big holiday I think. Do you pee in the shower?
  15. You'll have plenty of time to get used to the IB program. I failed a bunch of calculus tests in my academic year in my grade 12 math class, but I studied my heart out for the papers and ended up with a 7, and trust me, I'm the further thing from a genius You don't need to be a math brainiac to score a 6 or 7 in Math SL, but expect to put in more work than you're used to if you hope to do well. Math is one of those subjects where you really have to practice and do the questions. You have all year to get a feel of what's up. Figure out what you're good at and what you're not, make a plan that works and stick with it. It sounds like you've gotten some of that figured out already. And hey, if you're willing to study right now you'd be well on your way to a good grade.
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