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  1. Chinese A1 SL- 6 English A2 SL - 6 B&M SL - 7 (love this for sure) Chemistry HL - 5 (I wonder why...) Physics HL - 7 Mathematics HL - 6 (I admitted I screwed up in the exam..) Extra: Further Mathematics SL - 6 Econ EE - C (I felt OK for this one actually) TOK - B Additional Points - 1 Total Points - 38 going to HKU lol.. anyone coming to HKU plz PM me
  2. paper2...... is all this telling me I screwed up????..... first question I got extremely large numbers.... seems like I did wrong.... I wish I can get FTs...
  3. dont remember the exact value of it...sry I think even though the questions are easy... but we have to recognize the fact that the type of question we have this year is really different from the previous years'. Therefore this might lead some people to score low simply because they didnt prepare for this.... well... anyway... even though this was easy.... people always make stupid mistakes...(like me...) 1105 was not a hard paper but the boundary is still around 77 for a 7... I think to get an overall of 80 should be safe enough for a 7
  4. for induction... u need to use expansion... basiclly seperate h.. whereas there is one term with only h (others with higher powers of h) since h is approximately 0, anything other than that term will disappear... seeing the term left we got our result
  5. oh no.... I thought it was the angle between two planes.............. so... this is Q10.. last part......... probably another 3 marks gone.... 100% dead....
  6. it this the plane question we are talking about?????? shouldnt the angle be 180- the angle we got from dot product?????
  7. unfortunately I failed in the bouncing one...... didnt think of the two times at all....... how many marks was that.... 2 or 3???
  8. I dont mind discussing this... but actually I feel that sometimes discussing the exams we have done is... in a way... not helpful.... well I admit that it will be nice to hear affirmative replies regarding the answers we wrote, however on the other hand that implies the boundary for a grade 7 will be high.. on the other hand it will be a disaster when hearing one's answer wrong personally I think this year P1 is a bit different but P2 is quite normal... unfortunately I didnt catch the opportunity of acing any of them.... realized meself making stupid mistakes of losing..... about 20 marks in total... hopefully we can get a 7... and hope everyone here a good result!
  9. think that two friends as one... you will have 2×10×9×8×7 and the word any two indicates to pick 2 from 5, we have 2C5=60 so it should be 120×10×9×8×7
  10. These are some of the questions I am not sure of.... (I have no idea how to upload a word document in this forum....) As I am taking further math I integrated 4 options topics..... I really need your help.... skype me if necessary :grassrootzcj
  11. Based on what u have presented here it is insufficient to solve the problem W=Vq apparently the amount of charge here is unknown.... I think this should come from a Paper 2 long question i.e. Section B I assume Could you please paste the whole question?
  12. The first integral, if u solve, gives you arctana-arctan1+c The second integral gives u arctan1-arctana^-1 as they are equal, by moving artana^-1 to the left and arttan1 to the right you have the thing they ask.
  13. I get your point. But on the other hand marking scheme mentions to award marks to alternative methods of solving problems. I wonder if explicit description of calculator usage can award me full marks.
  14. I have a doubt regarding calculator use in IB exam I have Stat as my option for P3 HL however something I see from the MS is that MS does not have a MS for using calculators to solve the problem.... I think using calculators to solve stat problems should be awarded with full marks E.G. to solve chi-square problem using GOF test in TI84+ However, I was never confirmed by an authority about this. I wonder if my understanding of the problem is correct