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  1. It is absolutely ridiculous, the parent should blame their children and school for low scores in stead of ibo. The most hilarious thing was that the parents actually lobbied to get their children's grades higher. Every IB student undergoes the same challenge, it would be so unfair if they are given remark or higher grades just because of the parents. I am also the first batch of IBDP graduate, and all students obtain the diploma and pretty good score. Also, GCSE is so simple, it can't be used to indicate student's true ability.
  2. slft

    Final Countdown to May 2010 Results

    My result is gonna be released at GMT 19:00. So that's like 3 o'clock in the morning in Hong Kong...
  3. Well, you have to know that lang A is for mother tongue OR best language. But your mother tongue does not necessarily be your best language. In my school, we all take English A1 and most students take Mandarin B, while we mostly have Chinese as our mother tongue. However, if you ask them to take Chinese A1, it would totally kill them because they grew up in an English environment. Also, try to look at this from another angle. If the students really take lang B in their best language, then they have to study lang A in another lang. Isn't that more painful to them? So, it is actually a disadvantage for them.
  4. slft

    IB Mandarin SL

    Sure 5 hours can do, but it would be better if you can find some a course split into the weekdays because weekend is probably your best time of doing your CAS or IAs.
  5. slft

    IB Mandarin SL

    I just took Mandarin B HL. It was quite easy for me and my classmates since we're living in Hong Kong. But the problem with Mandarin B (SL/HL) is that the exam papers suck. We found a lot of mistakes in the past exam papers and the answers sometimes were arguable. Although the papers are improving in recent years, the paper I just took still had a lot mistakes like using wrong characters with same pronunciation, poor sentence structure, poor style of question and poor instruction, such as telling you to refer the answer to paragraph 2 while the answers were in paragraph 3. It was really funny because some of us circled out the mistakes on the paper made by examiner after we've done the paper. One of my friend, who likes studying Chinese, was so furious about the mistakes and he almost used the remaining time to write a complaint letter,lol. But seriously, a native Chinese primary schooler can definitely write a better structured sentence than the IB examiner. Also, Mandarin B is easy, but because of this reason, it's really hard to get Level 7 because the curve is too high (most people taking Mandarin B are actually native speaker, especially HL.) So...ya, if you wanna aim for level 7, SL would be easier.
  6. slft

    Mathematics HL paper 3 TZ2

    I did Sets, relations and groups. I found the questions quite easy, comparing with the past papers. Also, in the past, there were huge variations in question formats in this paper. But I've seen the same question format in this year's paper from the past paper, so...ya, kinda easy if people have done past paper.
  7. slft

    Math Studies - Veterinary

    If you want to study science-related subject, you have to do math SL at least because you also need math even in medicine/vet, so you can't get rid of it. Also, UK universities won't make offer with math studies. One of my friends got offers for vet in UK, all of them say at least level 6 in math SL, and it is obvious that there is a huge distance between math SL and math studies, so level 7 in math studies won't be able to get you to medicine/vet. To be honest, if you are afraid of studying math, I assume you don't because you want to take math studies, then medicine/vet probably are not your subjects to study. Regarding SATs, they are for the US universities entrance test (well, at least most universities require SATs), so if you're not considering applying to US universities, don't bother to take them.
  8. slft

    May 10 Geography Paper 2

    Agree! Paper 2 is kinda easy. I did Lithosphere Hazard and Climate. I wrote both essay questions because I found them totally the same. They were both talking about the difference of impacts of natural disaster, so I just went straight ahead to the essay questions. I wanna do the structural question on ozone one, but I didn't know the local/ national scale of response, only know Montreal Protocol. Kinda sad because I knew how to answer all questions in the structural questions apart from that.
  9. slft

    May 10 Geography Paper 1

    I also did question 1 and 3. I think everyone in my class who answered question 3 did mention malthus and boserup. I For question 1, I don't think drawing a DTM helps a lot because you can always find exceptions in the model.
  10. slft

    Name Your IB School

    Canadian International School of Hong Kong
  11. Easiest: Series and diff. Eq because you simply needs to practice to apply the equations. Hardest: Sets, Relations and Groups because it's really just pure mathematics, I saw people start learning it in 2nd or 3rd year university math.(Or course they learn it deeper) My math teacher chose it simply because it's the easiest topic to teach. Anyone can teach it without understanding it. Discrete can be hard to some ppl because it's like logically thinking.(Not implying anything.)
  12. slft

    Worst/Best teachers you've had?

    My TOK teacher is the WORST teacher I've ever met. Just totally unacceptable in all areas.(Everyone thinks so in our school) My Physics and Math teacher are nice, but not good at teaching. Ironically, the good math teacher in our school is teaching SL while the worst one is teaching HL... I think the BEST teacher would be my Chemistry teacher. Well, a part of it is because I like science and the other part is that he knows what he's teaching and when he should teach what. My Geography teacher is pretty nice and good at teaching, but she gives us soooo much work. Still, she's good. My Mandarin teacher, oh well, it's like the easier subject for the students in our school, and the teachers know it, so we have so much fun in the class. And about English teacher...no comment, sometimes good, sometimes ok.
  13. slft

    HKUST in Hong Kong

    Of course it's humid over there because it's right beside a harbor. But talking about if it is a good university, it really depends on the subject you wanna apply. It is really good at BBA, especially Global business. Although the condition in the offer is not really high, something like 36, it's hard to get through the interview and I think English and Math weigh more than the other subject. If you're talking about applying science/engineering degree, apart from HKUST, HKU/ CUHK would be great options too. (Ironically, it's called Science & Technology, their best subject is in business.)
  14. slft

    Yo! It's [email protected]@

    Hey there IB students, how are you guys gonna celebrate Christmas this year? Especially those sitting IB exam in May 2010, which I am too. I really love Christmas!
  15. slft

    Maths Portfolio

    For the Maths Portfolio, do we need to include introduction?

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