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  1. theloserwins

    The Change One Letter Game

  2. theloserwins

    Universities that REALLY like IB students.

    Well, I think McGill takes it as a bonus, but then I could easily get 20(?) credits easily. That allows me to graduate before everybody else would normally graduate?
  3. theloserwins

    How hard is to get a 7 In Geography HL

    You should go to the IB's page and check for statistics of past exams. I don't know when you're taking you're exams, but this year, they changed the syllabus (and a lot of it). So... can't really help you.
  4. theloserwins

    Chinese B and I am chinese..will I be rejected?

    First - there's nothing wrong for a Chinese person to take Chinese B. I do it myself, and I don't score well. I would dare say I'm doing much better in English A Language A/A2 are very different from B. So please don't say that Chinese people can't take Chinese B. And since a lot of you come from Hong Kong in this post, I think you would know the situation here in Hong Kong - being forced to learn English all our life. My Chinese is crap because of that. Second - Screw Columbia, all those universities in UK and Canada gave me offers even though I take Chinese B. So no worries. One of them even say "555 in HL except Chinese B"
  5. theloserwins

    Name Your IB School

    Victoria Shanghai Academy, Hong Kong. May 2011.
  6. theloserwins

    This or That!

    What BG/AP? I choose IB!!! Twitter or Facebook?
  7. theloserwins

    Ban the person above you

    Banned because the Indonesian flag is also red and white in colour =D
  8. theloserwins

    Type II -- G-Force Tolerance

    I'd say... go for power regression for your first part then on a new set of axis, use log/ln to compare them.
  9. theloserwins

    HKU offers to internationals

    One reason: HKU suck at arts. there's a lot more places with better art, don't go to HKU if you do arts.
  10. What I was taught was... Context Theme Literary Features (How many you have) Context is where you talk about how, for instance, Act 1 Scene 1 of Macbeth fits in the whole play. What happened before? After? Its importance? Theme - Stick to 1 theme. Literary features - How each of the techniques help conveying the theme. So, this might seem a bit like common sense, but I hope this can help.
  11. theloserwins

    Hot or Not? IB edition

    Not, for dropping chemistry HL to SL
  12. theloserwins

    I HATE TOK. its so pointless.

    The point of TOK is to teach us to think "critically"... Okay... but why during diploma? Not before diploma? Plus they make those fancy names like knowledge issue, knowledge claim... can't they express themselves in simplier words?
  13. theloserwins

    What was the last thing you ate?

    chicken 6/10 too much oil 2 eggs 6/10 Cold Lemon Water 8/10
  14. theloserwins

    Guess something about the next poster

    I kept drinking and I still am thirsty. NP is having 3 or more tabs on his/her internet browser
  15. theloserwins

    How hard is SL Maths compared to Studies?

    To me... SL = Maths in numbers Studies = Maths in English I've taken a test in SL and Studies... The studies' test seem to be a bit harder to interpret, where SL test, I can just responde immediately when I see the numbers. Studies... they will break down the questions for you SL... you have to come up with the steps That's just my opinion

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