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  1. k, how about: On what legal terms is a suspected priest allowed to transfer to another perish? (priest suspected of sexual abuse) or: Should parents be allowed access to thorough background info/history of Catholic school officials & staff?
  2. well I was thinking about talking about pedophilia in the RCC in the 1960s..Did you see the movie, Doubt?
  3. Mine was Dictatorial power in different countries/Unfair governing..I looked at China, Nazi Germany, Afghanistan, and India.
  4. What do you think of the topic: "Corruption within the Roman Catholic Church"?
  5. Hi..So I've decided I want to do my EE on Afghanistan. Right now, the question I have in my mind is: "To what extent does the Taliban still control Afghanistan, economically, socially, and politically?" I realize they don't run the government anymore but I think they have still have influence over a lot of facets of Afghanistan. What do you guys think? (it's a history ee I guess..)
  6. I see your point..I think I want to do something with human rights/history..
  7. Well, the Marlon Brando topic would fall under Film..and then the Afghanistan one could fall under either Politics, Human Rights, or History, depending on what my question is..which I'm having trouble coming up w/
  8. Hi..So I have to different topic areas that I like very much but am not sure which to choose... 1. Afghanistan (anything and everything pretty much) 2. Marlon Brando ()/Movie Stars from 40s, 50s, 60s So, I really like Afghan culture, language, etc...but I don't know what research question I could pose? Perhaps it could even be political..Any ideas? And then, there's Marlon Brando..I really enjoy his acting, etc..I feel that movies from his time, including his own, made the viewer truly connect w/ the story whereas today, when I watch movies I feel like "ok, this is a movie..nothing is drawing me in, i don't feel a part of it" Any ideas? Thanks. ps: The Kite Runner & A Thousand Splendid Suns are faves of mine, so if I could incorporate those maybe? That would be something. Just thought...I know that when the Taliban ruled the Afghan govt. in the early 2000's, they banned things like art & music..anyway I can form this into a research question?
  9. Next year I'm taking Spanish 4 AP.. Yes, we are mixed in, AP kids and IB kids in the same classroom. You mean to tell me the requirement is to take 2 foreign languages?
  10. Let me point out again that I attend a Public High School in the US, not an IB school. A second language is not required here, that was never mentioned by my IBC. I know plenty of kids who graduated last year with the full diploma, having taken just 1 language. As a senior, I'll be taking 20th Century history... Oh, I'm sorry, I'm taking Spanish 3 if that's what you meant.
  11. Okay, well my English Honors is Eng. Honors/IB..that's all I meant, I don't know if you understood what my course was.
  12. I think that differs between countries. Here in America, the only English class we offer at the highest level is HL, and we have one honors teacher for English. So I'm on the right track, that is the class I need to take. As for AP US, again, that's what I need to take for IB, according to my IB coordinator. There is no IB history class, however, after the AP exam in May, my US hist. teacher told us she would work with the IB kids on History of Americas, so..
  13. Well my IB coordinator said I could do the IB program. I guess I'll have to consult with her again to see if I can receive the diploma. I do not attend an all-IB school, I go to a public high school that offers the IB program.
  14. I have AP US history and English Honors for my 2 HL's. I have Chem SL, Visual Arts SL, and Algebra 2 SL. Next year, I would take Visual Arts HL through talking to my art teacher about it, I know she's done that for other students. How am I supposed to take 3 HL exams if I'm in 2 HL classes?
  15. Hi, I'm currently a junior and I have 2 HL's and 4 SL's. Next year, I'll probably have 3 HL's and 3 SL's. Can I still receive the full IB diploma even though this year I only have 2 HL's instead of 3? I read that you need 3, so I'm a little concerned. Thanks.

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