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  1. I didn't read other comments, so sorry if I repeated someone's words, but... **** them. All of them. You aren't doing anything against the IBO rules. So if they're too immature to get that there's nothing wrong with your topic, screw them. You know you're right and if they're unable to prove you otherwise, you shouldn't care about their opinion. Stick to your topic and they will have to accept it. You'll probably have some trouble with supervision, but you probably have chosen this topic for the reason - I hope that reason is that there's a lot you can say about that. You can find plenty of help with your EE online, IBSurvival is one of the places that can help you, but by far not the only one. In our school some guy was forbidden from writting his Economics EE on cigarette tax, simply because he was underage. That's ludicrous and he should've stood his ground. My economics teacher wanted to forbid me from writing an article to school's online newspaper because it was about economical benefits of legalisation of marijuana. So my advice - stand your ground. There's far too many people who have strong beliefs about something, but are afraid to stand for them everywhere and every time. Don't be one of those people. Calmly explain to your mother that there's nothing wrong about it and that you're not a nymphomaniac. You shouldn't care what your DPC and English teacher thinks. She should supervise you, but if she doesn't - you'll manage without you. P.S. Guys don't really discuss masturbation. We joke about it, but never discuss it. That's kind of a taboo topic. Also, don't make this a 'guys-can-do-it-its-just-forbidden-for-girls'. I don't think there would be a huge difference if you were a guy.
  2. In a nutshell: HL Short version: Take Chemistry HL Long version: If you want to study medicine, you need Chemistry HL. Most of the unis require Bio and Chem at HL and all my medicine-related classmates take Bio and Chem HL, If you have 72% from Chemistry currently, you shouldn't worry too much, you'll probably do well. If you really don't want to take Chemistry at HL, you should change your university plans
  3. Banned because you've a flag of Indonesia which I keep mistaking for a Polish one.
  4. Well, I'm not going to blah that its-going-to-be-too-hard-make-less-challenging-choices or its-personal-if-you-like-the-subjects-take-them. What I am going to say, is that taking 4 HL's won't pay off. It'll be more difficult than taking 3, while universities will generally require marks from a couple of subjects and an overall mark. Hence, your overall mark will be lower, while chances that you'll get an offer won't improve by much. Soooo, DROP ONE OF YOUR HL'S. If your passionate about a subject that you won't ever need, great - study it on your free time, but it's not worth it taking as an HL subject if you don't need it. Also, it really shouldn't be about what your passionate about, but what you're required from universities and what will mostly improve your chances of getting offers. So, do some research - what most of the universities require for your uni course (if you haven't picked one, do so - at least a more particular direction). Then choose the subjects that are a must (for me an Economics/Business direction requires Maths SL and English SL/HL). After you're done, choose the subjects that are most likely to bring you high marks. I, myself, was interested in History, while I never really liked Russian, but when I had to choose my subjects I chose Russian ab initio/ Why? Because I understood that I'm almost guaranteed 6 or 7 after six years of passive studying it with not much hard work, while History would require tremendous amounts of hard work and a mark of 6 was still highly questionable. That might not seem fair or enjoyable, but your aim is high marks and good university offers. To conclude: Choose subjects that will boost your chances of getting into great university - being passionate is not a necessity for studying it, high possibility of succeeding in it is. Good luck
  5. Hey, I need to finish up and hand in my Biology SL Portfolio but I'm still not sure what should be included in it. Our teacher wasn't able to explain it clearly to us and I couldn't find it online neither. So, could you tell me how many Labs, how many design labs and etc. should be included in Portfolio for a decent mark. Is there a minimum requirement? Is there a maximum? Basically, all you know about Biology SL portfolio requirements is welcome. Thanks in advance
  6. At the beginning of IB1, our DPC gave us the requirements of formatting every piece of IA's we do. At first, I thought these were requirements for every IB student, but after checking IBS database, I found out that students from other schools do it differently. Our requirements are: Header: Left corner - Students' name(John Smith); Center - name of the IA (Economics Commentary); Right Corner: Candidate Number (Candidate No.: 001100-010) Footer: Left corner - School's name (Sevenoak's School); Center - Page number (2); Right Corner: School Number (School Code: 001100) Just out of nerdy interest, what are formatting requirements, if there are any, at your school?
  7. Of course, you had to assume your interests, skills, abilities, teacher, further studies in university, etc. (basically, everything that everyone has mentioned). HOWEVER, if I assumed you every equally good at both subjects, I would definitely recommend English, as I truly believe it is way easier than History. Again, if you suck at English, don't choose the subject, but if your abilities are more or less equal, I would advise you to go with English/
  8. Of course I do. That's why it's so wierd that she didn't tell me. Our DPC didn't talk with the teachers - she just looked at our yearly grades in IB1 and our first term grades in IB2 and decided for herself, except for EE (our supervisors told what we're predicting). So I've only idea that it might be somewhere from 32 to 37... and that's quite a wide range
  9. Just talked with my supervisor. History teacher attended IB teacher courses about Extended Essay. What he told us, is that they definitely spend less than hour, maybe even less than 45 minutes. The content is basically just read and marks according to the descriptors are put.
  10. Our coordinator has recently put our predicted grades into UCAS. Unfortunately, she refuses to tell us exactly what she put in. I have an approximate estimation, but I can't know exactly. I feel kind of nervous about my UCAS application, so it would be great to know my predicted grades before offers from universities start coming. In that case, I would know what to expect. So my question is - is there any way to find out my predicted grades that were put into UCAS without involving my coordinator? P.S. We haven't taken our mocks yet, so our predicted grades are more related to our previous and this year grades.
  11. Oh, sorry, I just re-read my post and understood how confusing it was By saying history essay, I meant those shorter ones you'll write during the exam, not History EE. What I was trying to say was that I've heard that people know an average time for an examiner to check an exam history essay and wanted to check whether any of you know an average time for an examiner to check an extended essay.
  12. Marius Rap Predicted grade 35 P.S. I really don't think this is a good topic, as you most likely will end up with finding absolutely no correlation (I think the number of participants should be very high, like several thousand or so, for you to find any kind of links. Also, people have different subjects, hence a person listening to death metal might have the same grades as a fan of classics only because death metal guy has bull**** subjects and classical guy has the hardest subjects.
  13. Hey guys, Just out of curiosity - does anybody know how much time on average an examiner spends reading, checking and marking of your Extended Essay. I've heard that they spend around 10 minutes reading and marking a history essay, so I was interested whether anybody has heard anything about it. I figured it could be 1-2 hours.
  14. or if you can't, you can download CutePDFWriter, install it, then push print and choose CutePDFWriter as a printer.
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