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  1. EE Guide 2013

    Extended Essay guide. First Examinations in 2013.
  2. Coversheet of Economics Commentary

    All of the information that should be included in a coversheet before every commentary. Not necessarily in that order.
  3. 4 Economics commentaries (All 19/20)

    Four commentaries, each covering a different syllabus topic of Economics course. All have received 19 out of 20. Student's name and school has been changed.
  4. Ab initio language syllabus German/Russian

    German and Russian languages ab initio syllabus. First examinations 2013.
  5. Math SL Background knowledge

    Theory and exercises for background knowledge of Maths SL. Useful, if you want to prepare for Maths SL before starting DP.
    A Surds and radicals
    B Scientific notation
    C Number systems and set notation
    D Algebraic simplification
    E Linear equations and inequalities
    F Modulus and absolute value
    G Product expansion
    H Factorisation
    I Formula rearrangement
    J Adding and subtracting algebraic fractions
    K Congruence and similarity
    L Pythagoras' theorem
    M Coordinate geometry
    N Right angled trigonometry
  6. SL Portfolio Type I problem (2012)

    Our task for Portfolio Type I involving relationship between circles. It was given on 2012.
  7. Basics of using GDC (TI-83/TI-84)

    A presentation sent to us by our teacher - basics of using a Graphic Display Calculator (mainly, TI-83+/TI-84+/TI-84+ SE). In a form of slides, gives you all the basic things you should know about GDC before starting IBDP.
  8. How to plan the essay

    A helpful structure of an essay - print it out, fill in the spaces provided and there, you have a plan for your essays. Simplifies the actual writting of an essay.

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