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  1. imaginelifeless

    What classes are you taking?

    nope! i'm taking it this november! depends on your school's calender... not all southern hemisphere takes the IB in nov. it really depends on your school's calender. in Spore, we have some international schools taking it in May while others in Nov
  2. imaginelifeless

    soo how did u get chosen for Ib

    I think you guys are so lucky that your school actually place some high standards when choosing IB students.. in international schools, everyone who gets accepted into the school has to do the IB... plenty of people in my school are failing it terribly because their grades in middle school aren't good and they can't cope with the IB workload.
  3. imaginelifeless

    Average Total of IB Scores

    no, ACSIB's average for their pioneer batch Nov07 was a 37/38... my friend, Elsa Goh got 45 points, while 2 of my other friends got 41 and 42 points.. but i do have friends who got 34-38 points... I believe the principal wasn't all too happy with those scoring less than 38... haha
  4. imaginelifeless

    SAT! I really do need help...

    I'd say the Princeton Review is better than Barrons simply because Princeton Review is by Princeton Uni... do you actually need to take 3 SAT II subjects? i gathered that 2 would be sufficient even if you're applying to the Ivy leagues...
  5. imaginelifeless

    EE in History - Need URGENT help

    [quote name='bbankai' post='23536' date='Sep 8 2008, 02:10 AM']My EE is due in a few days and my topic is on the change in Soviet Censorship during the Glasnost reform policy which was introduced in 1985 to the fall of the Soviet. I just realized, is the time period too close to the present be considered for a history essay? I'm panicking so much right now because it's due in a few days and I have already pretty much written 4000 words on the subject.[/quote] no i'm sure it's fine. actually, the later the time period, the harder it is to write. i take it that the USSR fell in 1991? thats more than a decade ago, so it's fine.. haha
  6. imaginelifeless

    Math Methods IA HELP!

    I'm doing my math Type II portfolio now... what's yours on?
  7. imaginelifeless

    TOK Essay

    [quote name='lucygarbett' post='22638' date='Aug 25 2008, 08:12 AM']I have been set a summer assignment to do this TOK essay. I have no examples and no idea how to tackle this question... if anyone could help then that would be so awesome! - can misleading the public be justified, as sometimes occurs in politics or advertising? Consider cases of international misinformation , or cases of the use of fallicious arguments, in these and other areas of knowledge such as science, the arts or history. pleaseplease help its due in 2 days!!![/quote] maybe you could bring in ways of knowing (language and perception) to start off your essay.... tackle "fallicious arguments" with ways of knowing (reason and language)... for "cases of international misinformation" bring in history... maybe discuss how it is biase and bring in past history facts, prolly about how a leader mislead the public and cost civil war or something... idk... you should have started earlier. one thing i've learnt about TOK essays is that, they CANNOT be done last minute, because it is very hard to squeeze out 1500 words on ridiculous topics that require you to incorporate ways of knowing and areas of knowledge.. well, GOOD LUCK. GANBATTE!!
  8. imaginelifeless

    Historical Investigation

    [quote name='oxemmaleigh12' post='22615' date='Aug 25 2008, 02:16 AM']hi everyone. im starting my historical investigation, and i have no clue how to find a topic. does anyone have sample topics they would like to share?[/quote] do a topic that's part of your syllabus. the IA requires you to do lots of research and indepth analysis. so if you do a topic in your syllabus, its like killing two birds with one stone. you have a good topic for the IA, and you also learn the topic while doing the IA. i did my EE on the vietnam war. its not the IA, but its rather similar... after completing my EE, i knew so much about the vietnam war, i didnt have to study it for my exams. it was like, information built into my brain. haha
  9. imaginelifeless

    Universities outside UK and US

    what?!? are you serious or just sarcastic? has anyone heard of Yonsei University in Seoul?
  10. imaginelifeless

    Extended Essay

    why are you confused? its just a normal english essay, for your case, a normal literature essay... just twice the length of our WL that's all... your essay title sounds fine... if you're worried about conveying your htoughts in english, dont worry. at first, my EE was on Prokofiev's classical symphony (russian composer of the 20th century). i couldnt get past 2000 words. in the end, i switched my EE to history "
  11. hi i just realized, is your viral IA the one about SARS and cumulative graphs?
  12. imaginelifeless

    Anyone know any good civil aviation courses?

    MMM i take it that you want to work as a commercial pilot? maybe you should contact the airlines that you are interested in working for. ask them whether you have to go to a special aviation school in order to be a commercial pilot, or whether doing the course at a university is sufficient...
  13. imaginelifeless

    HL portfolio: radiometric dating

    when you said IA thread, do you mean the one that has been locked by the administrators? because most of the IAs that everyone was talking about, was about modelling the SARS virus...
  14. imaginelifeless

    List of IB Textbooks: All Subjects!

    I spent a fortune on IB textbooks, and i didnt use them at all. they're all brandnew wrapped with protective cover and nothing's been written or highlighted in them. they are absolutely useless. the only textbook i heard was good, was econs, but i dont take econs, so i don't know. the maths haese&harris is really useless. the questions in there are nothing compard to what you'll get in your IB exam. i think you should use Alvl texts instead. although they are much more indept, they explain stuff much more clearly and actually have good examples which you can study from. American AP textbooks are not bad too. basically, if you're doing the IB, dont rely on textbooks written for the IB, cos you'll find that the content falls short of the difficulty that you'll encounter in the exam qns
  15. imaginelifeless

    Post your favorite quotes!

    im sure you guys have read this famous one from ibquotes.com... "Procrastination is like masturbation. Its lots of fun until you realized you've just ****** yourself." - and you help each other realize, that all the things you want to be, you already are. (someone from Dawson's Creek) - Often the test of courage is not to die, but to live. - Experience is a hard teacher because she gives the test first, the lesson afterwards. - Learn from the mistakes of others - you can never live long enough to make them all yourself. I love all these quotes. actually, they're motivational quotes from those posters you can buy at the bookstore. I used to have loads blu-tacked to my bedroom walls((:

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