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  1. these aren't my final predictions THANK GOD. But, i don't really know what to do, because I contribute in class in some lessons, in History i contribute and got 7's on my last three essay's but no... i get a 5. and people who got like... well this one girl got a 5 in most her essay's and she got given a 6 O.o what...
  2. OK basically i'm panicing. I though I was doing pretty well and I've been getting 6's and 7's on all my essays in History, 5's or 6's in english and 6's on all the science test's and stuff and erghhh, just got my report, and they've all said im going to get like 5's or 4's. What?! are they right? i'm aiming for 6's and 7's and I've been doing pretty well so I don't get it. Also, that's my marks fior the pieces of work, in lessons i don't say muhc i'm quiet i just listen, and if I have ideas, like in English, i write it on my notes or use it in Essay's, I don't feel the need to have the teacher justify it. Could it be my lack of talkyness that makes them think i'm doing crap :/ aaaaaaah teachers They did the same for GCSE, everyone thought i was doing crap when i thought i was like A*/A, and I got the marks i wanted in the end... but... ergh I've really been trying this year and I'm just pissed they don't recognise it. Also, they've given people I KNOW are doing worse than me higher marks, like 6's and 7's even though in work they'll won't get that. ergh i Know this is a little bit rantish but... what's going on ergh screw IB i'm gonna go work as a zookeeper. That'd just be cool, and when i have my onw TV show and i'm world renowned then the teachers will just be like ah, maybe we got her wrong, i though she was a spaz, turns out that's me. [=
  3. hey, although it wasnt for me, thankyou for putting this stuff i have a test on mechanics next week and was wondering how to revise also does anyone have the really thin purple kirk book for physics? i wnat tha big one with no colours but our physics department wont pay... chish
  4. i am doing astrophysics and particle physics as my higher options just started astrophysics :)
  5. uummmdonuts1


    hey, do you have any idea where i could get a copy of that book? or a similar one? I could probably do with it maybe on amazon or something? i'll have a look anyways
  6. I just had a test on these... never done one before... didnt do great at all... how bad is 15/25 for a first one? anyway, i was just wondering if anyone had any had any pointers or whatever as we have to do another one and i really really suck. we got given these... is that basicly all there is? or is any one really good at these and want to share there genius? when im a genius i will share.
  7. ooooooo im doing tess of the durbevilles and the handmaids tale, hate them both, but both depressing as hell as well. not a gd combo
  8. whats your native language? i would agree with reading... like hell, any spare moment, also maybe read some literature essays so you can get a feel for how they structure it etc, and what kind of sentence structures to use aswell
  9. yeh, but just this year, last year didnt, we also have to have something global no idea what to do for that... do you know if thats our school or everyone who has to do that?
  10. yessss, people havent heard of malaysia??? my friend use to live there and theres tourism adverts on tv have you ever eaten a crayon?
  11. whats not to like ?! i find the whole writing it down and justifying ir crap boring, but getting the hours is kind of fun i guess and wtf with the reflections thing?! i did it because you made me, and it was useful because i got my diploma what else is there to write????
  12. bit off topic. but if you can do yoga for action... what else is acceptable? just so i know what i can get away with
  13. yep we have all those stupid handouts too. Its tooo much! so no, basicly, im not coping.
  14. whats a Tok conference? sounds kinda cool.
  15. because my school told me too... i dunno... regretting it a bit, but ah well.
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