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  1. Type I and Type II errors - do they test them? can you tell me what it is we have to do with Type I and II errors?
  2. I think there has to be Hypothesis testing because they can do a lot with that. You'll need to know all your basic Distributions, how to find E(X)...etc. You can type everything on the GDC but you write out everything you did on your GDC
  3. Post here any questions and I'm sure IBSurvivalors will reply and help
  4. I still remember that question. =D So what was the graph supposed to be like? I don't remember the question, I just remember what I sketched for the graph which I think is wrong... I think the graph I did was wrong too... I did an absolute cosine curve. Something like this. I did the same thing, and yes, it was wrong... They DO have the formula for intensity of the polarizers and stuff in the formula book... its cosine^2 graph (or i'm just trying to reassure myself lol)
  5. Vaguely. It's a cosine curve or a cosine squared curve
  6. Damn lucky... we only get a week. we used to have a month until this year
  7. Yea! I am probably not gonna start studying until next week - so tired! Good Luck on the remaining ones
  8. I have the next week off exams. would you rather do all the exams in one breath or have a breather? I don't mind either but i'd rather go into my "summer hibernation" asap
  9. A live chat would be really really cool because you can discuss your subjects with other people taking it
  10. Improvise - completely agree with that word
  11. o.O What do you mean with defining terms? We say what the words mean? e.g. “Literary works persuade us that human beings are worth caring for and writing about, no matter what their circumstances or condition.” To what extent is this evident in two or three works you have studied? not a really good example sorry. but here, what exactly does worth caring for and writing about mean. define that. i think worth caring for in the context of the quote is that we have a sense of sympathy for another human being's situation because of the mere fact that they human just like we are.
  12. ALSO if there is a quote (which there is a lot) define the vague terms. I always forget this and this scores a lot of marks
  13. TNT started the topic of how to prepare for it. Now that you have prepared, here are some things that I think is vital that you do during the exam. It may become tedious but it's better to know what to do rather than improvise. Please please please feel free to add to my list!!! 1. Plan for 20 minutes to 1/2 an hour (a bit longer for HL). Which is probably true for most of the languages and essay writing. Analyze the question, write down a thesis statement (which will be mentioned in the intro), write what you're gonna write in each paragraph. Remember the conclusion must include an answer to the thesis statement. 2. While planning keep in mind that the essay is a comparative essay. 3. The question says TWO OR THREE pieces of work you have studied. However, my teacher said focusing on two is the best. What you can also do is include other pieces of work you have studied anywhere else (such as for your IOC)but do this sparingly. 4. Also, always refer back to the question. You should be able to read the whole essay without looking back at the question. Something silly but apparently could help is if you mention your thesis statement every paragraph or two.
  14. My teacher said focus on 2 pieces of literature. He's a very good teacher indeed. I think finding out how to do the questions is important. Like in Paper 1, after I found out the how (kinda like exam technique). (for example, tone is important and you HAVE to have a personal interpretation of the poem) Here, I'm under the impression that the key is to compare. I think there is more to it. What ya think. Kinda wished the teachers would tell us in our face (like bad teachers) what to write rather than "show" us like good teachers ares supposed to.
  15. Sparknotes actually covers all of that quite nicely

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