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  1. pretty_ah_boi

    Error calculations etc..

    My teacher mentioned something like , if u were using a digital measuring device, then your uncertainty should be the smallest division of it, divided by two. Or was that for analog measurements? anyone know anything about it?
  2. pretty_ah_boi

    Economics Graph Help!

    oh ok i understand what you mean. well, if in your IA, it satisfies the reasons for a shift in demand and supply curve then i suppose that it is possible to shift them both at one time. The theory justifies it. Btw, what textbook are you using?
  3. pretty_ah_boi

    Anyone know any good civil aviation courses?

    [quote name='deissi' post='22570' date='Aug 24 2008, 10:42 PM']sorry for being a bit cynical here, but these days with the way it is in the airline business, no education can guarantee you a job...[/quote] oh shucks....is there something i should know about the industry? From what i've heard, there is a shortage of pilots, is there not? I'm really interested in pursuing this career. In that case, would it be advisable not to apply for that course? Its kinda become my dream already.
  4. pretty_ah_boi

    Post your favorite quotes!

    Favourite IB quotes of all time : "why so seriousss?" "Lets put a smile on that face! " "you either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the IB Coordinator" Its from this movie called Badman : The dark Teacher
  5. Hey, i wanna enquire. Anyone know of reputable aviation courses in any universities that will ALMOST gaurantee employment as a pilot?
  6. pretty_ah_boi

    "When should we trust our senses to give us truth?"

    Stuck with examples? just got to think why God gave us our 5 senses for (or even the 6th one for weirdo kids in movies). We use our senses to tell us what tastes nice, whats differenent sounds mean, what feels rough or not etc. Example: Our senses give us truth that someone is about to harm us when we see him holding a knife out at us and hear him say "you are gonna die"
  7. pretty_ah_boi

    How to Ace Your Finals Without Studying

    haha. i bet all these people are just trying to get you not to study so that they wont be competing with you for university admission spots
  8. pretty_ah_boi

    No social life = IB diploma?

    Honestly, i think thats the aim of IB. Cutting off your social life that keeps us human. The amount of work they expect us to complete, did they do any calculations before hand?? i mean we only have 24 hours in one day in which God set aside 12 hours for sleep. gosh. haha. In every school, we have what we consider "nerds" that study all day all night. I look at them and i make fun of them. But seriously guys, those are the people who are gonna make it in the IB. They are the 'ideal IB student'. Success lies in becoming a nerd. Brace yourself for that transformation. After the IB, we might not be able to return to our old joyful life. By the way, i spend 30 mins doing my homework and most of the time i spend hours trying get myself to start on my work, AKA procrastinating.
  9. pretty_ah_boi

    Which IA do you hate the most?

    Yes, it has to be the Math portfolios I'd say the econs commentaries are annoying too, the word count is ridiculous for the amount of content we are expected to include
  10. pretty_ah_boi

    How do you handle all these ib stress?

    omg IB stress is orgasmic for the heart and mind *sarcastic tone* I have a a poor tolerance for stress and my only cure for stress is to go to sleep when i get home from sch instead of doing whatever IAs i have. You feel better after your sleep but you'll feel even worse knowing that you've not finished that IA which should have been done a week ago. I dont know about exercising though.....does it really help? i tried caffine, but i become more lethargic. I dont smoke but i heard it helps, but then again those guys are crazy.
  11. pretty_ah_boi

    Macbeth and Medea

    Gender issues? Significance of the women in the texts? For medea, you can talk about how medea is portrayed as a woman in ancient freakish greekish time, and what you can infer about women of that time from medea. Also, the chorus is entirely comprised of corinth women. How can you use that information and the speeches of the chorus to compare to that of medea? This requires alot of knowledge of ancient greek culture though. In macbeth, you can talk about the role of lady m at the start of the play, how she influenced macbeth to evil. Also can talk about the role reversal between macbeth and lady m at the end of the play.
  12. pretty_ah_boi

    TOK topic/KI about war

    You of course need to touch on the ways of knowing and areas of knowledge. The WOKs in this case can be applied in reason vs. emotion. If war is to be justified, is it based on logical reasoning or purely what your emotions tell you? Try to introduce an AOK such as ethics. Is war ethical? is killing even ethical in the first place. Probably could bring in religion into this. Give your own personal opinion on war but make sure you counter your own argument.
  13. pretty_ah_boi

    What have you been learning in TOK?

    TOK = talk what I learned in TOK is just to talk something out of your butt that would sound intelligent, even though it doesnt make sense. Keep that in mind. peace out.
  14. pretty_ah_boi

    TOK Presentations

    Its best to pick a topic that's easily debatable. Then you get lots of class interaction where alot of good questions come up, just in case you dont have enough 'juice' to talk about during your presentation. Try a world issue or something that interests you in the newspapers. I did mine on the ethics of video games. NEVER EVER DO CLONING OR EUTHANASIA (youth-in-asia), my TOK teahcer says it has become too cliche.
  15. pretty_ah_boi

    IBO has the students' interests in mind?

    this is so sick. i think IB is just toying with us. they make us think that this years exam paper is gonna be easy cause last years paper was easy but surprise surprise! this is soooo sick. sick like the purple yellow pork rib soup and greenish blue mango pudding and olive oiled chocolate beef sorbet i had just now

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