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  1. Razz

    Group 4 project topics

    Our teachers haven't even mentioned the G4 project. Do you choose the groups on your own?
  2. Thanks! That's really helpful feature. I haven't heard of it before. I'll be sure to tell my IB Coordinator about it.
  3. Razz

    From IB to Med School

    Ah great! Thank you so much! Yes it's an additional year, I only just found out about these Science Foundation Years (SFY), a number of Universities have them!
  4. Razz

    From IB to Med School

    I'm very interested in going to medschool in the UK. But my grades aren't good enough do get into any pre-med programmes, and in addition I didn't take chemistry . Therefore my first choice is Biomedical Sciences with a foundation year at Royal Holloway. So I was wondering after I get a BSc will I be able to apply to medschool in the UK? Sorry if this is a foolish question, I've read a lot of stuff (including this thread) and I'm confused.
  5. Oh what a great way to spend my 18th birthday...writing my Economics SL paper
  6. I go to boarding school and I think it's great. But like many have said before me it totally depends on the person. Also it does get tough starting to work because there are so many distractions, especially when you have a roomate your good friends with!!
  7. Razz

    Anyone tried pulling an all nighter?

    I unfortunately have a handful of times, for Math IAs and memorizing English IOP and writing WL papers. I do some of my best work at night
  8. Razz

    IB Art History

    My school offers this as a SL one year course, part of Group 3. I'll be starting my second year and I'm contemplating dropping Economics in favour for Art History due to an early predicted grade of 3. Has anyone done this course, or know someone who's done it? I haven't found anything on the internet about it.
  9. Razz

    What was your IOP topic?

    Mine was about the impact of slavery on the central characters in Toni Morrison's Beloved. Managed to get a 7.

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