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  1. zYvy

    -is this a good hi topic?

    Personally, I don't think that's the best topic you could choose. Remember you need primary sources, and lots of evidence.. I'm not sure you'll be able to find that much evidence of that. But if you do then I guess you're set. When dealing with topic choice, talking to your teacher is the best thing to do.
  2. zYvy

    Key to getting a 7 in English A1?

    I think whoever said that was being sarcastic, haha.
  3. zYvy

    How to answer a paper 3 question

    [quote name='Flippy' post='38161' date='Feb 25 2009, 05:50 PM']Hey there. Well, obviously it depends on the question, but usually some kind of evaluation will earn you points. You know, things like strengths and weaknesses really make you seem like you know what you are talking about. Go to cranepsych.com under IB Psychology, Paper III. Scroll down and there are two pdf files. One's a "workbook" and the other one's like a guide to all the different research methods. Really concise and helpful when it lists all the evaluations. Makes it easier to remember. Also, you don't have to include real studies in your answer. If you want to demonstrate a point, you can come up with a hypothetical example. Remember, it's all about the description of the method and then an evaluation. What I did for my mocks was basically describe the method they outline and then give the strengths and weaknesses. Make contrasts or comparisons if you can (but make sure they're proper ones! lol) Hope that was a help! Just remember to read the question [/quote] (We never had mocks.. I wish I were at a better school. My school has IB but is more focused on just the American diploma. Eh.) THANK YOU!!!!!!!! That was really helpful
  4. I think you should try reading Camus' The Myth of Sisyphus. There he discusses his views on life etc. and I believe it helps you understand The Stranger (or The Outsider). You should probably discuss absurdism.. But don't focus too much on it. Writing style is very important as IB english puts great emphasis on literary features. Notice that Meursault usually never displays much emotion. When Marie asks him if he loves her, he says it doesn't matter but no, he doesn't think he does. By the end of the book he is yelling at the top of his lungs. "I was pouring out on him everything that was in my heart, cries of angers and cries of joy." Hmm.. Also I don't know if you noticed but in the last 3 pages Meursault just keeps on rambling on and on about what's in his head. "I had been right, I was still right, I was always right." He sounds very frantic. Whereas earlier in the book he is always very plain, cold and structured. Take a close look at these quotes: "I opened myself to the gentle indifference of the universe" "I had only to wish that there be a large crowd of spectators the day of my execution and that they greet me with cries of hate." Good luck! EDIT: If you don't have a lot of time on your hands.. The myth of sisyphus might be too hard a read. Just try to read something about absurdism then. Also, notice Camus' diction.
  5. zYvy

    Urgent English A1 help!

    Hey thank you for the advice! That was quite helpful, actually. I'm trying to get high marks too and I haven't been studying for english at all. Probably the worst decision I ever made. Aghh. Thanks again
  6. zYvy

    Discussion about Uni Offers 2009

    is anyone going to be attending the university of kent at canterbury in 2009?
  7. zYvy

    Key to getting a 7 in English A1?

    Do you make outlines before you write? Try making very detailed outlines and really organizing your essay before you start writing. When you're finished, wait a couple of days and read it out loud - you should notice anything that makes no sense.
  8. zYvy

    Key to getting a 7 in English A1?

    That's good for you. I've always had terrible teachers.. Anything I learned I had to learn by myself - I'm predicted a 6.
  9. zYvy

    Historical Investigation Questions

    It is not a good idea to explain things in footnotes, except very briefly (it has to be the sort of thing you would put in parentheses). The examiner is not required to look at footnotes, so make sure it isnt vital information. You can use any of your sources, as long as the lend themselves well for evaluation! Last thing, DONT send your paper to anyone. Never put the paper online until after the exams. You might be accused of plagiarism even though its your own paper - someone might steal it, or if it ends up on a website, then it'll seem that you copied. Let some classmates peer-edit, or ask a history teacher that isn't your own teacher to read over it. Hope I helped! Good luck and let me know how it goes!
  10. zYvy

    Philosophy presentation HELP!

    [quote name='kid063' post='37065' date='Feb 16 2009, 10:43 PM']We have an oral presentation this week. Our task is to choose two philosophers and summarize their main ideas related to the nature of truth and knowledge. We have to compare and contrast their similarities and differences, and use specific details and examples. It's basically analyzing the philosophers and their major ideas. I HAVE NO IDEA WHICH PHILOSOPHERS I'M GOING TO DO, AND I CAN'T FIND ANY GOOD RESOURCE. The philosophers we can choose from: Aristotle, Augustine, Baruch Spinoza, DAvid Hume, Emmanuel Kant, Friedrich Nietzsche, George Hegel, Jean-JAcques Rousseau, Jean-paul Sartre, Ludwig Wittgenstein, Plotinus, Rene Descartes, Sir Francis Bacon, Socrates, Soren Kierkegaard We can only choose one from aristotle, plotinus, and socrates. PLEASE HELP ME..... which two philosophers are good to research about and compare??? any sites?[/quote] Try looking for "The Everything Philosophy Book".. It's very simple and could be a good start on your presentation. Don't entirely rely on it, though!
  11. zYvy

    Internal Assessment Questions

    [quote name='Alouette' post='31067' date='Dec 26 2008, 05:57 PM'][b]Word Count[/b] I hope it is the same at your school as it is at mine... Tables and graphs are not included in your word count, and neither are footnotes. Materials and your procedure [i]are[/i] a part of your word count. Appendices are not a part of the word count. You should also know that your abstract is not a part of your word count. In short: Tables: No. Graphs: No. Footnotes: No. Materials: Yes. Procedure: Yes. Appendices: No. Abstract: No. [b]Title Page[/b] I don't know what your teacher asked you to have on it, but for ours we had to include our IB session number [i]and[/i] the date of when we submitted it. Wish I had seen this earlier. My teacher requested that I have two independent variables... but I saw that on the syllabus too and was confused. I wish I could help you there. :[[/quote] Hey, thanks for the reply! About the two independent variables, I decided to stick to it. My teacher is the one checking the IA anyway and hopefully mine won't be the one to be sent for additional checking. Hope yours worked out too.
  12. zYvy

    Internal Assessment Questions

    [quote name='lisalisa313' post='32762' date='Jan 8 2009, 03:09 PM']What is a proper title? Does: The effects of Incentives on performance work as a title?[/quote] I think so! [quote name='Philippe Arni' post='29962' date='Dec 9 2008, 07:06 AM']hi, doesnt your teacher help you with these kind of details??? Anyways go to [url="http://www.cranepsych.com/Psych/index.html"]http://www.cranepsych.com/Psych/index.html[/url] it answers all your basic questions.... Cranepsych is the key to success in Psychology. Good Luck[/quote] Thanks a lot! That really helped. And my teacher said I HAD to have the t-test.. Gah, she's not very good it seems. Thanks again!
  13. I was wondering if anyone had pointers on how to properly answer a paper 3 question for HL psych.. I'm really lost. Thanks!
  14. An interview would be a good primary source. Do you know anyone you could interview? It could be an email interview as well.

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