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  1. Vasundhra

    University Offers 2009

    Predicted grades Physics HL-7 Chemistry HL-7 Biology HL- 6 English SL-7 Maths SL-6 French ab initio-7 E.E/ToK- B/B Total- 42/45 UK University College London: Biotechnology- conditional~ 36 points with (Biology)6, (Chemistry)6 and (Physics)5 at HL Imperial College: Biotechnology~ rejected Oxford Brookes University: Biotechnology- conditional~ 30 points University of Edingburgh: Biotechnology- conditional~ 30 points with 5/5/5 in HL Surrey University: Biotechnology- conditional~ 32 points Other countries: Singapore: (applied!) National University of Singapore: Life sciences [with specialization in molecular and cell biology] Nanyang Technological University: Biological sciences
  2. Vasundhra

    Biology e.e help

    Another experiment? im already comparing their locomotion in two different acids and then comparing this to their movement in an alkali. you still think i should add more experiments? if yes, please do recommend some.
  3. Vasundhra

    Countdown to May 2009 Exams

    Exactly 109 days, 16 hours, 17 minutes and 10 seconds left!!!
  4. Vasundhra

    Biology e.e help

    Heya! I'm doing my extended essay in biology on the topic: To investigate the effect the change in hydrogen ion concentration (pH) has on the locomotion of a paramecium. well, after writing 3500 words im stuck! Once i conducted the experiment, i found that the change in locomotion is drastically different when i use Hydrochloric acid and Sulphuric acid! This is obviously because they are two different acids!! but i need some solid points on how to continue further, im in a major dilemma and cant seem to find anything online! well if any of you guys have any idea please do help!! i need to know why this is happening to my Paramecia....
  5. Vasundhra

    [math SL] Intergration question really need help

    when y=6, x=2 6=a(2)^2 + b(2) + c when y=16, x=3 16=a(3)^2 + b(3) + c you'll get two equations...subtract them to get an equation with only a and b. Then calculate the derivative of: y=ax^2 + bx + c you'll get: d(y)/dx = 2ax + b = 7...from this calculate either a or b, when x= 2.... substitute it in any of the above equations and you'll get b (or a) and c hope that helped...
  6. Vasundhra

    What song are you listening to?

    love story-Taylor swift....
  7. Vasundhra

    This or That!

    Brunettes...we are smarter!!! [no offence intended]
  8. Vasundhra

    This or That!

    Can't do without both...the two loves of my life salsa or tango??
  9. Vasundhra

    Martial Arts

    well....i'm a black belt in Karate..but did that before high school...*sigh*
  10. Vasundhra

    This or That!

    Chillin and wtching a movie at home.... a horror movie or a comedy???
  11. Vasundhra

    This or That!

    Just luv Black ... Iron Maiden or Metallica??
  12. Vasundhra

    This or That!

    a small, cute [not ordinary] car... drums or guitar??
  13. ok...so our teacher just gave each student a few lines from Act 1 of Julius Caesar and expects us to write a commentary on it [this is from the purpose of improving our understanding of the play]...i have been given Act1-Scene 3, lines 1-39....Now my problem is writing the commentary, could anyone please tell me the various themes used by Shakespeare in this scene.... I've got a few: ~Mystery & Deception ~Ominous what do think?? enough to work with??? please help me....
  14. Vasundhra

    This or That!

    Extended essay [DUH!] Maths HL or Physics HL??
  15. Vasundhra

    About extended essay

    why don't you send it through 'turn-it-in'?? that will tell you how much of you paper is plagiarized....

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