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    Multi-Store Model of Memory experiment replication - for the 2011 Psychology syllabus
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    Grade A TOK Essay examining memory as a WOK
  3. This is a valid reason. You could even write about this in your Common App essay, if you feel that situation helps answer a Common App question/criteria, or you could write a small sentence in the "Additional Information" section to explain your circumstances. Universities in the States have a more holistic process, therefore you should provide them with a well-rounded image of yourself, and not just as a student. It's all about quality and not quantity, and I could point an example out for you right now: your internship. It may have been a one-off thing, but you learnt lots and it was a great experience. Plus if you do too many ECs, admission officers can tell - it's their jobs to tell. So just do ECs to with writing, communications, social issues and IR to demonstrate your passion for these areas. You still have time, and you still have to finish CAS, so I wouldn't be worried.
  4. Universities do not care for activities pre-high school, or pre-grade 9. This is shown by the Common App, where you have to select an option to when you participated in your activity, and it only offers grades 9-12, or PG (Post-Graduate). However, take this with a grain of salt, as there is a huge overhaul in the Common App system and it will be different for you when you apply. Also, if you have more than 10 extra curriculars (which I had), then list the most important in the top 10 offered by the Common App, and what I did was to provide an "Additional Information" document that mentioned more minor activities and detailed the most important ones. ("Additional Information" is under the Writing section, after Activities.) As for your extra curriculars for you specifically, the best thing is not to do immense amounts of activities, but for commitment. So if you carried on with volunteering to teach English this summer, you can put down in the Common App that you've done it for Grades 11 and 12. And from what I can glean from your activities, you seem to like to write, so continue to write and do writing- or English-related activities that demonstrate your passion instead of being activities for the sake of looking good. Jobs count as activities; you're able to put them down on the Common App. So do whatever interests you, as you want UPenn to accept you and not some faux-student. (I bet Admission officers can sense authenticity since they read so many applicants, so don't lie about anything. Even if you think you don't have enough extra curics, for example.) P.S. How was the journalism internship? I think that sounds fantastic.
  5. Also, if your SATs are already great, don't spend your life doing SAT prep and do some meaningful extra-curricular activity as well.
  6. I think you have to do the texts you studied with the school, because the examiner marking it has to be an expert on your schools' texts in order to mark it properly.
  7. Specifically in the US, 'colleges' refer to higher education that solely focus on undergraduate students, so no professors will be teaching at the graduate level. 'Universities' refers to graduate level teaching. However, 'college' can be a general term for both types in everyday conversation.
  8. Source, please? I can't really believe the IBO would do such a thing. Sources: 1. My IB-coordinator, experienced teacher and IB examiner. 2. My economics teacher, experienced teacher and IB examiner. 3. My math teacher, experienced teacher and IB examiner. Yes, many of our teachers are examiners as well.As for the third condition, I think this has happened to Sandwich's school. (I don't remember which post that was from, unfortunately. It was a post here on IBS.)
  9. That's not true either. Why would the IBO accept grades that are based on your predicteds/mocks? For example, in my school there is quite a difference (for some students) between their predicted and actual IB grades. In addition mocks are not always based upon the actual exams. In my school for example we only had some papers for the exams (ie. only Paper 1 and 2 in Physics), which wouldn't make sense to figure out your final grade from that. Also, the only thing that would happen if you fall ill in any serious way is that your school (and maybe the IBO) has to offer you an alternative way to proceed with your IB exams. That could be for example to delay them to the next examination session (seriously, this is true; happened to someone I know that had a medical condition). Honestly, I have no idea. It's just something I heard secondhand from a teacher. Regardless, studying is needed, whether it be for internal exams or the final ones. Although the latter isn't really an option.
  10. As far as I know, the closest thing I've heard about predicted grades - well really, the grades submitted to the IBO (they could have changed since university applications) - having an impact on your final grades is if you break your leg the day before an exam and you are in surgery, and hence can't make the exam. The IBO will take the grade submitted by your school. Whether that is true or not, I don't know. Nevertheless, just don't fail the final exams!
  11. Taking English B HL, wrote my EE in History, have an offer for Law at Oxford. Yeah but... isn't history sorta related to law??? I mean they are both human sciences...... whereas Korean is, well, completely unrelated to Economics...I don't know, one of the teachers at my school made a huge deal about this and tried to bully me into doing an EE in Economics...whatever, I want an A for EE. Thanks anyway. It's not necessary to do an EE in the degree you're applying for, but if it is related it'll help demonstrate your interest for the subject. Knowing UK unis, if anything is not related to your degree that don't bother dwelling on it.
  12. 1) F 2) Everyday... 3) It varies, but adds up to 5-7 hours approx 4) Yes 5) Nope not my thing 6) Very rarely 7) All of the time
  13. Seeing as I've finally finished CAS, I think it'd be good to post what I've done here. C/S: Started a programme at my school to teach the Mandarin- and Tamil-speaking support staff conversational English C: Singing C: School Production C: Photography A: Fencing A: Archery A: Dance (Jazz) S: Volunteered at a school for children with Down's syndrome, autism and physical impairments My school didn't follow the 50 hour rule, but rather we had to fulfil certain criteria in order to pass CAS.