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  1. IA

    How much is this question worth? If it's +5 points, that probably means that you need to "think" a little harder because the question requires at least two different steps. So, maybe you need to use two different equations to find your answer This isn't a normal maths exam question, it's part of the IA, which is composed of multiple questions. Take a look at some example IAs (I think there are some on the forum) and you'll understand that it's a whole other world.
  2. Africa 199 Europe 53 Australia 108
  3. Asia to EU Asia 4 Africa 191 Europe 53 Australia 112
  4. IA

    There's a command called seq on TI GDCs. I vaguely remember being able to use it together with the sum command, something like this: sum(seq(formula, variable, start, stop, step)) If you have catalog help it will tell you what you need to put in to get a value. You can then say what you did with your calculator, or even type what you typed in your calculator. Just indent it like I did above. Quick Google for "TI seq" gave me this:
  5. You'll be fine, US schools look surprisingly little at your IB predicteds. Sure, MIT might turn you down because of that HL Math 5, but if you're essays portray you as a social science type rather than a natural scientist, you should be fine. A friend of mine, for example, got accepted into Stanford and Duke with worse SATs than you and about similar predicteds.
  6. IA

    Are you confused about the parameters K, L, and M or what the term 'parameters' refers to? Often times people have difficulties finding out what the parameters are when they are uncertain of what's meant by a parameter. Unfortunately I don't know this task at all, so I'm not able to help you with the parameters in this case, but I can tell you what is meant by parameters in general. Finding the parameters is like defining what you are actually researching in your project - for all I know, K could be anything. Therefore, you will have to define K in the context of your task at hand. Is K the population of China? The rate at which population grows in China? The same naturally goes for L and M. A good way to know what you have to define and how well you have to explain things is to think about you when you started pre-IB/10th grade. You have to write the portfolio in a way that is comprehensive to you as a 10th grader. Sure, you can't explain matrix computations, but in that case you need to have enough visible steps for that 10th grader to follow what's going on. Regression means drawing a curve through certain points that you know. You can use your calculator's regression tool to draw a curve that goes through all the given data points and use that to find the nth data point. P.S. If you knew this stuff already, sorry for the lecture. It might be useful to someone else, though!
  7. My first English B EE draft was something like 3000 words and I finished at 3600. It's not always about length, you can get an A if the content is good.
  8. The announcement link is dead. The survey has closed in Feb according to the link.
  9. IA

    Use some kind of an excel table with the data. It might seem very useless but it's using technology according to the IB. You could, say, have a table for values that the researcher's function yields in 2020, 2030 etc. The modelling software you use for the graphs is also technology. So is using your calculator.
  10. What a few people here are failing to take into account is that it is much easier to predict someone a 7 in a subject than a 5. A 5 can easily change into a 4 or a 6 after moderation or a good/bad final exam performance. On the other hand, people who do well in school can be predicted high 7s, and their actual exam marks are well above the mark boundary for a 7. Therefore, slight moderation or relatively poor exam performance would not lower their score to a 6 from a 7.
  11. IA

    You should be able to derive it mathematically yourself. If you can't, try to find the pattern between the answers in the previous question.
  12. IA

    Help from your side would be appreciated too. Care to share any information you've been given? Thanks .
  13. You should not be doing this portfolio without matrices, did your teacher assign it to you without first teaching matrices?
  14. Just use a few decimal places and be consistent. SigFigs don't really work that well with a project like this.
  15. They call it that because all IB courses are either SL or HL and the number of lessons Further Maths should ideally be taught in is the same as with all SL subjects. They call it that because all IB courses are either SL or HL and the number of lessons Further Maths should ideally be taught in is the same as with all SL subjects.