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  1. US-Latin American relations (early 20th century)

    Attached are some notes from Benjamin Keen's textbook on US-Latin American relations, and their development, in the early 20th century primarily.
  2. Notes on mid-to-late 20th century US Presidents

    Attached are notes on US Presidents: Truman, Eisenhower, Nixon, Kennedy, and Johnson.
    Some are more detailed and extensive than others.
    Hope they prove useful!
  3. US Civil War Notes

    Just found some old notes on my school folder from when I did History of the Americas in IB History.
    They're my detailed notes on the American Civil War. Hope you find them useful!
  4. 50 Best English A1 EEs

    I completely forgot I had these lying on my computer. They are 8 of the 50 Best extended essays in English A1. I only ever read one of them on Lord of the Rings, which was awesome!
    Use these for inspiration, but emulating them will dishearten you. They did that to me.
  5. Articles for Law Interview Prep

    A collection of about 5 general articles that provide a basic overview of the position of the legal community on some veritable hot- topics such as intellectual property and alternatives to copyright protection; the supposed illegality of computer hacking; why the EU has such a stronghold on Europe and what is its relationship with the UN; why is it that state governments and authorities can get away with literally committing murder and what can be done to amend this.
    The articles cover a diverse range of International, EU, Intellectual Property, and Digital Criminal law. Things that are interesting and can be brought up in law interviews with ease. Some of these readings are quite intense and don't expect to enjoy them, or even understand them thoroughly, but for a rough overview of things, they are ideal, especially because these are very opinionated pieces with varying levels of technicality.
    Hope it's useful to you guys! I especially recommend the Lessig and von Busch Articles, and maybe Hazel Fox if you think you can get your head around the concepts it talks about.
  6. WL1 A study of music and what it signals as seen in: Madame Bovary by Gustave Flaubert and The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka

    This was my WL1 Paper on the books Madame Bovary by Gustave Flaubert and The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka. I compare and contrast the effect of music in signalling character and plot developments and regressions in both books. My teacher predicted that this paper was a 7 (I think her raw score was a 21/25, but I'm not sure) and when I got the IB breakdown her scores were unchanged. So this paper received a 7 from the IB.
  7. Paper 2 writing technique

    One of the techniques our teacher used to help develop our paper 2 skills in English was to give us a part of an IB question which focussed on one literary aspect. Then she would give us 15 minutes to write up to 500 words on that topic and then grade it by IB standards.
    It was her way of quizzing us (or as we thought of it, torturing us). This essay prompt was finally the one I got right midway through IB Year 2. The questions was to characterise eccentricities or duality in a character of one of our books. I picked Shakespeare and analysed Gertrude.
    This paper received a solid 7 because it had all the pertinent IB analysis in/under 15 minutes, and showed what set of skills one needed to possess to thrive under exam conditions.
    I would suggest that if you think that you write well in general, but the times exams are too much for you, this technique would help you heaps and you can hold this response as what a 7 in this technique looks like. If you master this, your Paper 2 (and to an extent Oral Commentary) will suddenly become a lot easier. That I can guarantee from experience.
  8. Commentary on Snakes in September (Poem)

    This was one of the last essays I wrote in the IB before the exams. So this represents my commentary writing skills at their very best.
    This is a commentary written on Stanley Kunitz's Snakes in September. I don't have the poem attached to this document, so look it up online and read it a few times before reading the commentary.
    Lastly, I had a 24/25 raw IB score for this essay, so I like to think that it is well-written.
    Hope it helps you,
  9. History IA

    This was my History IA on "Did Mahatma Gandhi's movements of Non Cooperation and Civil Disobedience follow his principle of non-violence (ahimsa) or was it a cover for the underlying violence?"
    This essay got me a 23/25 on its final draft and the IB concurred that assessment. It was a 7.
  10. General list of Verbs and Adjectives

    This is a general list of verbs and adjectives that I had memorised for the IB exam, and I got a 7. These lists that I made for myself were my go-to lists for doing well in French Ab Initio.
  11. A Guide to Resolution Writing, MUN decorum, and a Sample Resolution

    The two files with this are A Guide to Resolution Writing and General MUN Rules (and tips on manipulating them) as well as one of my Resolutions from BEARMUN in Berlin in 2009.
    Keep in mind, this sample resolution was written entirely by me, it was all that I prepared before I went for the conference. It has only 10 extensive clauses. At the conference, this resolution was combined with that of the Delegate of PR China, 8 of my 10 clauses were merged with hers, and 2 of my clauses made it through as they are in the final resolution. Our submitted resolution had over 20 clauses, each clause had 4-6 subclauses, and at least 8-10 sub-subclauses. The more extensive your final resolution, where you specify and explain everything, the better chance you have of it being ratified. This sample is the minimum you should have prepared before you go for your conference, so that you have something substantial to show for merging with other delegates' resolutions.
    The Guide here was mostly what I found on the internet and distributed to my Society members (I was President of MUN Society). But I did include some advice that I have observed and experienced over the years of participating in MUNs with regards to the Points and how to reinterpret them to your benefit.
    Hope this helps,
  12. Commentaries on PTAs and Infrastructure Development

    So these are the two commentaries I worked most on. One is on Preferential Trade Areas (PTAs) between Mercosur and Sacu, so Module 4 on International Economics. The second one is based on Module 5 Developmental Economics and it concerns infrastructural development with the Bandra-Worli sealink (bridge) in Mumbai, India.
    Both of there were predicted 6s by my teacher, but the IB bumped all our grades up (yeah, our teacher was that much of a hard ass). So after the IB moderation I had 7s in both and ended with a 7 overall.
    Anyway, I know my Economics teacher is using these two as samples for his classes after I graduated, so I thought I'd put them up here too.
    Hope they prove to be useful to you guys!
  13. Yale Admissions Essay

    This was the essay I wrote in response to one of the prompts on the Yale application. I got into Yale as Undecided with this essay, so I like to think its good. Its also one of the most gut-wrenching things I have ever written.
  14. Commentary on Earth-Moon (Poem)

    This is a commentary on Ted Hughes' poem Earth-Moon. It is one of the best commentaries I had ever written in that it received a perfect 7 (25/25 raw score) and it was days before our Paper 1 for IB, so it was the last practice poem we did. I hope you find it useful. The actual poem isn't attached with the document, so look it up online and read it before going through the commentary or I'm afraid you will be quite confused.
  15. History Notes Paper 2 Outline

    This is a detailed outline for all the relevant events and activities that need to be covered for World War 1,2, and the Cold War. The most important ones are highlighted in bold. Everything is within a form of timeline from the causes of WW1 to its consequences, causes of WW2 and consequences, then origin, development, detente, restart, and end of the Cold War. Hope it proves useful. This Outline helped ensure I got a 7 in History HL.
  16. Dulce Et Decorum Est Poem Commentary

    This is a commentary on Wilfred Owen's famous war poem, "Dulce Et Decorum Est." I got a perfect 25/25 in English A1 HL in class for this commentary. Hope its useful to you as a sample. The poem itself isn't attached with the commentary, so look it up online.
  17. Personal Statement (Law)

    This Personal Statement got me into all my Unis and got me up to an interview at Oxford. Hope it helps you!

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