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  1. Lara.z

    TOK essay 2010

  2. I received a 7 in this comparative world lit essay.
  3. Lara.z


    Hi... The UKCAT is a very crude test, so don't get depressed by your results. Generally, the UKCAT cut-off scores are very high because medicine is just so competitive. The cut-off for most universities was 630-650 when I applied... You've always got the option of applying for a BSc then go on to do graduate entry medicine... or take a gap year and reapply!
  4. Lara.z

    TOK essay 2010

    I received either an A or a B in this essay (can't remember)
  5. i screwed up so badly... i don't know what to do... i felt that there were too many questions to answer in so little time...! everytime i think about it i want to kill myself URGH mutual feelings anyone? i really don't want to resit :'(
  6. Lara.z

    How to get high marks on IA?

    wow I must say, this is quite worrisome! Chemistry and Biology are my highers... and I reallllyyy need high grades for both....if my IAs let me down it's my teachers fault!!!! unfair!!! I actually have a really bad feeling about this, because we are the first IB batch of the school... which means that my teachers have never marked IAs before... and so far we've been geting good IA marks but from what I read, I have a feeling our marks will be reduced! AH!
  7. Lara.z

    Body Mass Index

    HI... I found data for females from another country but it is the MEAN BMI and not the MEDIAN BMI as given in the question... would this affect my mark? and do i need to look for MEDIAN BMI or can i stick with the MEAN? Thank u!! =D
  8. ok so my EE is in bio and I'm investigating the effect of pH on the growth of fungus... apparently i have to use a statistical test... what can i use? shall i use the spearman's rank test to check for correlation? hmmm but there is an optimum pH... so i dunno to what extent they correlate... i'm also testing whether pH can restrict the growth of fungus more than garlic... i have the averages of both restrictions ... if i want to decide which one is more effective is there a statistical test for that?? thanx in advance PLEASE I AM IN NEED
  9. Lara.z

    EE in biology

    thank u all for reassuring me (l0l)... it's been about a month now... OMG. I've been taking this very gradually, however, I was only able to begin my experiment yesterday (unfortunately). Yesterday I encountered problems regarding my experiment. I think I need a bit of advice, but I am worried about posting my problems on the forum and when my EE gets moderated, marks are deduced for plagiarism or something. I would rather keep my ideas to myself, or is it safe?... however is there anyone kind enough to give me personal advice...? Anyone know much about colorimetry :-S... *cries* :'(
  10. Ok, so here it is... basically, we're the first IB batch of the school, which means that everyone in my school is new to the system and all. I just started my second year and I realised that we're behind in many things... one of the things are the science IAs... for chemistry, we've done a couple of practicals and submitted like two lab reports... but i'm sure we have to submit around 6-7... right? we've got like 4 to go... but when i read the assessment criteria and general info on science IAs i read that for HL 60 hours of labwork is required!! whoa!!! As for bio... we've hardly done any IA work! i'm really worried! bio and chem are my HL subjects and im going pale as I type this. I also read this on some ib chem website: "the task given must not be proscriptive for the students.This means that opportunity to produce a research question must be placed in the hands of the students and not given to the students." ok so far, we carry out the practical ourselves BUT the instructions are all given to us :-S. I'm worried because it seems that the IB puts a lot of emphasis on individual ideas. I mean at the end we all end up with very different lab reports but we all followed the same method, plan, variables and all... Any advice? i mean... i know it's second year, but I can work on this from now to eliminate any more horrible things to come in the future :-S ... I just can't afford to srew up my science IAs! Advice needed please! what were/are science IAs like for u?
  11. Lara.z

    How tall are you?

    hahaha... umm well, i guess i'm one of the shortest here then i'm 5"0... very petite basketball ey? mmm, might consider
  12. Lara.z

    EE in biology

    Hello! I'm doing my EE in biology and the last draft has to be handed in by the end of this September. Since we're the first IB batch of the school, I obviously don't want to totally rely on the teachers and staff because we're all new to the IB system. My bio EE question is related to human skin fungal growth. I will be testing which conditions (pH, temp, moisture) promote the most growth on a specific fungus species. Please I would appreciate any advice... after reading a few threads i found my question quite simple and not specific enough. ADVICE NEEDED!

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