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  1. remy

    Variable Stats with Calc

    2 Variable Statistics Summary [Explanations/Definitions]
  2. To what extent was Germany the cause of East/West disagreements between 1943 and 1963? “Ideological differences played little part in the origin of the Cold War.” How far do you agree with this judgment? Define “superpower rivalry” and assess its importance in international politics since 1945.
  3. Assess the importance of nationalism and of selfish ambition as causes of twentieth century wars. Reference must be made to at least two wars. For what reasons did the United States get involved in the First and Second World War? For what reasons, and with what results, was there a civil war either in China between 1946 and 1949, or in Spain between 1936 and 1939. Compare and contrast the causes of the Russian Civil War and the Spanish Civil War.
  4. A commentary on the poem "Städter" by Alfred Wolfenstein. This commentary was awarded a 7.
  5. remy

    Chem SLHL Definitions

    General and specialized terms, plus terms from Options B and F
  6. remy


    Quantitative Chemistry, Gases, and Solutions
  7. remy

    Alltropes Table

    Allotropes of Carbon [graphite, diamond, and the bucky ball]
  8. remy

    Antibody Production

    A file answering the following: 6.3.6 Explain antibody production.
  9. remy


    A breakdown of Meiosis I and II.
  10. remy

    Nucleic Acids and Proteins

    Topic 7: Nucleic Acids and Proteins Includes DNA structure and replication, transcription, and translation
  11. remy

    Biology SL HL Definitions

    Definitions for topics including cells, the chemistry of life, genetics, ecology and evolution, human health and physiology, plant science and options for evolution and neurobiology and behavior.
  12. remy


    Notes on the process of photosynthesis
  13. remy

    Cell respiration

    Notes on cell respiration
  14. Thanks Not sure if we need addresses though?

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