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  1. actually i am using sales promotion, as it will help the company to increase its sales in order to increase its market share . please give a tool and tell me how to use it i tried many but at least i don't know how to use them thanks
  2. Please guys I need urgent help I am doing my B&M IA My research question is : would below the line promotion help ....... to overcome the competition with xxxxx company ? i used SWOT analysis and i don't know what are the next tool i should use to complete my IA, and please give me a small description about the data i should extract from it. PLEASE NEED HELP thanks,
  3. Thank you Now i got your point One last thing the generalizing and proving i have to find a relation between and (z) right ?
  4. Thanks for your support but actually i didn't got the point please re-phrase your statements so that i can understand what do you mean one more thing, please give me an example to clarify the point thanks again
  5. Friends please Regarding the Part B in the IA There is a very big miss-understanding happened to me so please tell me exactly what is meant by the last two points in the Part B which says 1- Generalize and prove your results for zn=a+bi , where |a+bi|=1. 2- What happens when |a+bi|not = 1? THANKS
  6. What are you saying man of-course to ask i really i need some help i want to know only how to generalize ? that's what am asking about and i hope to get an answer just give me one real example thanks
  7. huh? what are you trying to say? I don't quite understand. when you generalise, you get the conjecture. so you're basically hinting at the same thing. Man the conjucture is in part 1 the generalizing is in PART 2 !
  8. No man i meant i didn't start in the generalizing bullet not in the conjuncture !
  9. oh sorry... it's because it seems like you're not putting enough effort into it... anyway if you need me to reply, quote my post so i get a notification. for the graphing software, try autograph. it's awesome and is useful for this task. for the proving part, work with the variable n instead of with numbers. generalising is like: (this is just a random example) when n=1, m=2 when n=2, m=5 when n=3, m=10 when n=4, m=17 when n=5, m=26 you see some pattern there? when you generalise it, you'll get m=n²+1. just like that. when |a+bi|≠1, well, you try and do it yourself and you'll see what happen... Hey friend please tell me what they need in the conjuncture in details and what do they mean by it ? and regarding the generalize please give me one example only when Z=4 or when Z = whatever because i don't know how to start Thanks
  10. hey guys why no one is answering me i need you help guys please come on.
  11. guys please i need help i am stuck at bullet number 7,8 * Use graphing software to test your conjecture for some more values of n 􀀀 and make modifications to your conjecture if necessary. * Prove your conjecture. and in part B in the last two bullet please anyone tell me how to generalize ???? what do they mean by this ? and what happens when |a+bi| not equal 1 ?? please help guys thanks

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