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  1. alldaylongchilling

    Chemistry HL definitions?

    Hey does someone have a list with all the syllabus definitions we need to know for chemistry? Youd be my hero for sharing them
  2. alldaylongchilling

    Graphs in Eco Paper 3 d)

    My economics teacher has advised me to use at least 2, but no more than 4 diagrams in an evaluation question. I don´t know if that´s the perfectly correct way of doing it,but it works for me Thank you so much!!
  3. Our teacher advised us to include diagrams but I am finding it hard to find diagrams for the evaluation part of paper 3 questions. How many graphs, if any should be included in the evaluation part? Thanks for your help
  4. alldaylongchilling

    Double sided printing?

    Hey, I'm about to give in most of my IAs and I wanted to know if it is okay to print these double sided or wheether examiners prefer single side printing ...? Thanks for your answers
  5. alldaylongchilling

    Economics EE: Determining Market Structure

    It's: Under which market structure is the clothing shop in my town operating? It would be really great if you could help me out! Thanks!
  6. alldaylongchilling

    Economics EE: Determining Market Structure

    Hey I'm still working on my EE in Economics. What I'm doing is that I want to analyse a market structure using surveys, but I have some problems coming up with things to consider when doing so.. So far I thought of including: - Brand awareness - Determinants of demand - Demand groups - Elasticities - Price discrimination - Kinked demand. Does anyone know something else I can include because those wont fill the 4000 words.. Thanks a lot in advance!
  7. alldaylongchilling

    Definitions in footnotes for Economics

    Hey, I read an exemplar extended essay my teacher gave me in economics. The student who wrote it defined the economic terms using footnotes. I would like to do the same, but the problem is that I need to cite sources which I'm doing using the MLA system.. Does anyone have any ideas on how I could still give definitions using footnotes or any other solution except for writing the definitions in the text?? Thanks a lot!
  8. alldaylongchilling

    Chemistry HL Book

    Hey, I wanted to ask whether anyone knows a really good book for Chemistry HL. I have the Oxford University Press Study Guide and the Course Compagnion, but I don't find them all that good. I recently bought the new Heinemann book for Biology HL after being fed up with the Course Compagnion which is usually really good... Does anyone have any experience with the chemistry book of that publisher or any other book they can recommend? Thanks a lot!
  9. alldaylongchilling

    Biology HL Specimen Paper 2009.

    Ask your teacher, so far my teacher has always had the papers I needed
  10. alldaylongchilling

    Chemistry HL... how difficult is it

    Hey I am also taking Bio and Chemistry HL I expected a lot more from Chemistry HL. So far we have done all topics up to acids and bases. The SL stuff is always easy, but I find the HL stuff a lot harder and I have to do like 100 problems to fully understand all the calculations. Multiple choice questions are hard, too because you have to know everything in great detail. Also, I think that the chemistry course is way toooo theoretical.... but maybe that's just my teacher's class. Still, I must admit that I am quite lazy and always working last-minute so if you are a continous worker it should be alright. Biology SL is also easy and the HL concepts are again okay if you work continously. Also bio seems more practical to me.
  11. alldaylongchilling

    IB Summer Revision Courses

    [quote name='Tilia' post='41422' date='Mar 22 2009, 01:32 PM']I'm going to this revision course in Sweden this summer and I don't know much about it either. But according to what I've heard, they're really good and I think (and hope) I'll learn a lot! [/quote] is it the one in stensund or whatever its called?
  12. alldaylongchilling

    IB Summer Revision Courses

    I am thinking about attending an IB summer revision course over the summer break, but I am unsure of where I could / should go. So far I only know about the OSC programme and RevisionCoursesEurope... I heard that the OSC programme is supposed to be excellent, but I am interested in the revisioncourseseurope, because it is in Sweden. Can anyone share experiences or opinions?
  13. alldaylongchilling

    Environmental Sciences in UK

    Can somebody tell me which Universities offer the best (environmental) sciences courses in the UK??? Thanks in advance!
  14. Just out of curiosity i wanted to ask around how many hours you guys do per week on average?
  15. alldaylongchilling

    Economics Topics

    [quote name='deissi' post='27055' date='Oct 20 2008, 07:22 PM']You'll want lots of primary data, so I suggest Microeconomics Elasticities. You can arrange a bakesale etc. and see how demand is affected by price depending on the good and stuff. Price-takers and price-givers Externalities (these are risky) Effect of X (like weather) on demand of Y (like the demand for hot chocolate on a cold day) and gather your own primary data. Pretty much elasticities again, how X affects elasticity.[/quote] Hey thanks a lot!! yeah i think I'll do it on some cross price elasticity of demand, because my teacher also advised me to choose something that is very micro. Thanks again

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