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  1. Hello all, just a quick question to make absolutely sure i am not doing something wrong. my teacher doesnt teach the IB normally so she doesnt know, but for the portfolio is it ok to write 2 portfolios on the same section? for example, would it be ok to write 1 commentary in micro, 2 in macro, then 1 in international? thanks a lot!
  2. bjornmys

    physics EE

    alright so ive done all the experiments that i wanted to do for my topic. but now im just concerned if its too simple (is that something they consider?) well anyway, my case is that i investigated the effect of temperature on how high a ball bounces at a few different temperatures which gave me some nice results. but i wanted to make it a bit more specific and my teacher suggested to investigate the efficiency of bounces (measure how high it bounces the first and second time and see how much lower it bounces each time). thats a nice idea but where is it going tho? does that mean anything if the efficiency is lower? thanks a lot!
  3. despite iceland's bankruptcy, according to a recent survey it's still one of the best places in the world to live in. beat that. plus iceland is not considered to be a part of Scandinavia, only norway, sweden and denmark are
  4. bjornmys

    Physics Options

    all i know at this point is that we're doin astrophysics and we will be starting it in IB2 going to be really interesting i reckon
  5. bjornmys

    IB B Level French Oral Topic Ideas

    on belgium? you could do yours on the atomium or belgian food. my class and I had a discussion what topics would be the best ones and we agreed on nuclear energy in france and the french revolution as there is so much to talk about. ye sure the vocab is going to be pretty hard but once you start researching you find out that there is loads and loads of facts which can be easy to state and evaluate.
  6. i have a rehearsal tomorrow and my real iop next week! feel kinda bad that i havent really started properly working on it. but i agree with what dexter said, in the end you're just talking to your teacher and your friends which is something you do every day anyway. don't get too nervous and rather think about how you're gonna feel after it than right before it
  7. ye we have a student at our school who does this. both his parents are dutch and he speaks dutch fluently but he still takes Dutch B standard, which ofc is just an easy 7. but my friend who is half dutch takes dutch b HL as he speaks more english than dutch at home and he doesnt want to do more literature hehe.
  8. bjornmys

    How much worse is IB2 compared to IB1?

    actually there are some schools, like the on in iceland, that offer a preparation year before the actual ib course starts. so in iceland if you havent had any education in english you take a three year IB course
  9. bjornmys

    What do you do Friday nights?

    i go out with my friends, and lately we've been going to clubs for whole nights which is pretty awesome lol. i dont ever get drunk but if we're not pulling a white night i like to go out to a small town my school is in (i live in brussels, belgium)and just hang out with friends n maybe drink a pint or something. then i usually end the night off by dancing my ass off lol, sometimes u get lucky sometimes not and then i get home and watch a movie n go to sleep at like 2
  10. bjornmys

    How much worse is IB2 compared to IB1?

    hehe IB1 is the first year of IB and IB2 is the second year easy to get confused when u see it at first hehe
  11. bjornmys

    How to Study for Physics? Textbooks, Resources and Tips?

    may i ask what book/s u use for physics?
  12. Well, to make a long story short, I received my essay back a while ago and i got 14/30. The reason why I lost so many marks was mainly because i didnt use enough literary features! the thing is, literary features is something thats completely new to me and my class and im just not getting the hang of it as my teacher explained reaaally briefly and expected us to figure the rest out for ourselves. i could mention a couple of them if we were doing a play but when it comes to writing an essay on a novel i just dont know what to say, as literary features are a pretty big part of my teacher's criteria at our current stage. could you english experts, (or well, A1 experts i think would be better hehe) please give me some examples of literary features that can be used on a typical novel and where do you put it in your essay/commentary? thanks a lot!
  13. bjornmys

    starting IB in 2days - worried about the choices

    just wanted to thank for all the replies, they really helped. but i decided to go for biology (well only because theres a clash between economics and psychology). but i think this will be alright, im just gonna dedicate around 1-2 hours every day to maths and physics after i get back home, sometimes more, depending if thats needed i'll just try my best and i'll see where i'll wind up
  14. ye i know its the typical new Ib-er thread but i just can't help it. i am quite worried that my choices are too hard and it will result in too much hard work which will be really hard for me to handle (which i really don't mind at this moment).i do realise that i wont be able to go out every friday and have a beer but i would like to hear from the more experienced Ibers on how they coped with the following subjects and some predictions would be nice too anyway my choices are: HIGHER Maths Physics Economics STANDARD English A1 French B Psychology/Biology which actually leads to another problem, should i go for psy or bio? TBH i'm interested in psy and i wouldnt mind choosing it but if it means that combined with my highers it will result in too much work i will have to reconsider it and maybe choose bio. i dont mind taking bio but is it work-heavy and hard? or is it one of the easy subjects? i'm sorta anxious for maths higher but i achieved an A on my gcses, think thats enough? thanks

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