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  1. erm.. what is a banquet? i mean what occasion?
  2. is it just me or is there some repetition is snowball's post?? Me: Yay! Tomorrow I have my last internal and then I'll have a spring break. And then I can ... study for Exams.
  3. 1. Yes 2. Yes. Hope so. So I guess yes. 3. Yes. I dont know it yet. But it is trully changing me in that 'smart' direction. And I like it for now.
  4. our teacher didn't give us anything... we had to do everything on our own, without any suggestions.. on one hand it is really frustrating because i would have appreciated some help from him when looking for information and different sources.. on the other hand it is as always teaching you to work on your own.. when our drafts were finished he looked through all of them and based on something graded them.. i really don't believe that he had used the marking criteria; the grades were more or less a reflection of how he liked your work and now the final IAs are somewhere at his office for at least 3 weeks and he still haven't read any of them.. p.s. i sincerely believe he is terrible at teaching (btw he almost can't speak english)
  5. IA (HL)

    it won't take you so much time and the reason why this task was so easy is that it is solved almost in every page on the internet.. you just have to google for "koch snowflake".. anyway the link for that modeling software is here
  6. in my class everyone are taking that DrugMedicine option and then some students decided to take Environmental Systems and others took something related with Industry.. we all receive copied papers with information about an option and read them individually.. then someone takes a part of the topic and presents it to the class... and finally we get to write a test dunno if this is just in my school but i guess that options have to involve more personal work..
  7. Environmental Chemistry and Drugs&Medicines (i guess).. its like reading stuff for fun + you get to know something really practical (i mean that Drugs part)
  8. i think that's the opposite to narcolepsy then all all-nighters i remember were spent uselessly or i got terrible grades because of nonsenses in my essays.. so no i stop studying at 10pm, no matter how much homework i have.. i seem to be studying harder in day-time.. this way my only all-nighter happens on friday and that one is a pleasurable one
  9. IA (HL)

    if this is question 3 you are talking about, where you have to 'verify that your generalizations apply consistently to the sets of values produced in the table' then it is simply checking the values. You should have already created formulas (or 'a statement in terms of n that generalizes the behaviour shown in its graph') so you simply insert n=0;1;2;3 into your newly created formulas and indicate that the results are the same as in your table (from question 1)..
  10. which grade are you in?? cause now that i'm finished with it i have to say, the earlier you begin, the better..
  11. Finally, some smart words still, i can't understand why someone would take HL, unless you are going to study something related to it in the university.. mabye it is just because in my school SL and HL students sit in the same class, so HL has to study that 'everything' individually..
  12. IA (HL)

    thank you my IA Type 1 is now officialy finished and handed to the teacher.. i was proud of myself until i saw Type 2.. I can choose what kind of task i want to do.. and as i understand i chose the hardest one.. it includes logistic function: hydroelectric project is expected to create a large lake into which some fish are to be placed.. 10,000 fish introduced into the lake.. population increases by 50% in the first year, but the long term sustainable limit would be 60,000.. I have to write two ordered pairs in the form (u0, r0), (un, rn) where Un = 60,000. Hence, determine the slope and equation of the linear growth factor in terms of Un... u0 should be 10,000 and r0 should be 1,5 un 60,000 ? and rn should be 1, because the population does not increase anymore.. the slope of linear growth factor should be decreasing but that's all i can think of.. what is the equation of the linear growth factor?? latter i will have to find logistic function model for u(n+1), etc. but at first i have to find that growth factor.. EDIT: here are some links that i have found, related to logistic functions HELP! p.s. i know that this task is quite hard, but that is the reason why i chose it
  13. things like these do happen.. but this is where IB can help you use syllabus and there you can find everything you need to do..
  14. emm... are notes really so beneficial? i mean we have books where all information can be found.. if you want a summary every chapter has it.. (by now it should be clear that i do not rewrite notes into my computer) so, does it help you to use notes?
  15. yes!!! was it hard for you to study in IB? what university did you choose (if you did)? what subject? do you think that skills and knowledge that were improved in IB are now beneficial to you? what in particular?