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  1. I was Student Council President in IB1 for 2 reasons: a) The school has a policy that only juniors (so IB1 students) can be in the senior student council positions because IB2 students have too much work, and b) No one else wanted to be president. There wasn't a run-off for any of the positions, but they still made me get up and give a speech about what I was going to do. I said I'd do stuff for the middle school, because they always got neglected. The year before there was a run-off for the position of vice-president between 2 people, and the guy that made the emotive speech ("This has been my dream since childhood, I love this school and have been here for 13 years, blah blah") won. His speech was quite cheesy though. You should try inject some humour in your speech though (remark on something that everyone knows and finds funny, like a memorable incident (e.g. when an inspector came to school and tried to put something in the trash, only to find there were no trash cans) and use that to highlight an issue that needs to be improved, and what you will do about it). People won't vote you in if you're seen as taking yourself too seriously. But don't make the whole thing out to be a joke either. Show them that you're fun, easy-going, but serious about putting some issues right in yoru school. Make posters with catchy slogans and funny pictures. Most people just out "Vote for me!" and leave it at that. Not very original. And don't be the person that gives out free candy in halls to those who will vote for them. Your school may have a policy against this, and you may be accused of cheating by the person/people you're running against.
  2. Yes, your question sounds good. You should pick one or two modern artists that use digital painting as their medium and compare the development of digital painting in relation to that of traditional painting, its importance and relevance today (why is it needed?), how commonly used digital painting is and its advantages/disadvantages over traditional mediums. Examine current trends that are occurring in the art world (what style is in vogue right now?) Then conclude whether or not, based on your own research, traditional mediums have become a thing of the past, and have really been replaced by digital painting. You need to define what exactly you mean by traditional medium in your introduction. Paint/pastels/charcoal and what else? And what qualifies as digital painting? Using Paint, Photoshop?
  3. Is this really something you always wanted to know the answer to? Well, I am pretty sure that they don't wear shorts under shorts, it is shorts/spandex under the skirt, so that is completely fine, huh? I do not understand your concern, its all clear.. Where did you hear about spandex under shorts? What I wrote was in reply to Irene's post here . She said that some girls wear spandex under their shorts because their shorts are too short without the Spandex. And what I said in reply was "Why don't the girls with short shorts buy longer ones, instead of wearing double layers?" Maybe they want to show off their butts? The point of clothes is to cover up.
  4. I've been eating very little the last 2 months (having to buy your own food really means you skimp on everything), so if I had food for a week it probably wouldn't last more than a week even if I rationed it. But let's say if I ate like I used to when I was living with my parents...a month? Hopefully I'd be smart enough to figure out how to get off there in a month. Have you had cavities in your life?
  5. A2 languages are similar to A1, which means that you write literary essays and analyse texts. Don't worry about it, because you're doing B. And in order to score a 1 out 7 in French, you would have to be a complete idiot. The grade boundaries for a 1 would probably be 0-8 marks out of 60 (or soemthing similar), and very few students do that badly (According to IB statsitics). And even if you did get a 1 in French, you could still get your diploma provided you got lots of points in other subjects. I thought about suggesting learning French as an ab initio language as well, or taking some other ab initio language. But you live in Canada, and very few students here on IBS attend schools where they offer any ab initio languages, or where French isn't compulsory. If you do attend a school where this is offered and can change language, it may be easier for you.
  6. Blondomania: The Life Story of a Klutz. It'd be full with anecdotes of all the accidents I've ever had, from shaving half my eyebrow off to burning all the hair on my arm off while lighting the sauna. What was your first word as a baby?
  7. No? But if I think of pineapple or kiwi, my tongue starts tingling when I remember the acidic taste. Next person can't swim.
  8. A lot of people are in the same situation as you, because they level that French is taught at in many schools means that even after 9 or 10 years of study, you're not fluent. Most people have no chance outside the classroom to practice speaking French. But you do need to be able to hold up a conversation, and not just about your last holidays. Some SL topics that are covered are humanitarian things, environemntal protection and working life. You need to be able to explain yourself and give your opinions on arguments. I suggest waiting one term to find out what exactly you need to work on (just conversation, or also reading and writing) and then getting a tutor if need be to work with you on those areas. You could borrow some French comic books like Asterix from the library and read those, since it may be easier for you to understand written French if it's accompanied by pictures.
  9. I'd let them slither over me. Their skin feels cool. What cereal do you eat for breakfast?
  10. Well I would say failing the EE is harder to do than failing your TOK essay, but that's just my point of view. I got an A in the first and a D in the second (which to me makes no sense, or then it confirms my belief that I really am very **** at philosophical reasoning and arguments).
  11. 50 percent chance of that one being right. And it was. Next poster will be fatsing during Ramadhan next month.
  12. I take the job and find out if they really are assholes. Then while I work I scout around for new jobs, so that I'm getting paid while I try to get myself out of that crappy place. Better some work than no work. You're at a job interview and are told that the company will employ you if you lose enough weight to be considered "attractive by their standards". You need to lose 5 kilos (11 pounds) in order for them to hire you. Would you do it, or turn down the job?
  13. You won't know if firms are secretive or not unless you go and ask them yourself. And I'd think they wouldn't be, since that kind of information should be freely available to the public. They might be concerned about you publishing the results, but if you explain that it's for a school project I'm sure they'll see no hamr in it. Start by asking, and if that doesn't work then change your research question slightly to deal with government-allocated housing (e.g. for new immigrants or refugees) and ask the municipality to give you statistics on that. Real estate agents aren't the CIA though, I'm sure they have no legal right to withold information. Or you could just pretend to be house-searching and get different prices for houses (you could do the same by picking up any real estate magazine and jotting down figures, although that's not primary data collection).
  14. Nope, I just drank a glass of red wine but I don't chew liquids. Next poster likes to complete puzzles.
  15. No, because my lfie doesn't need to written out in statistics and graphs, and I don't have to be shown correlation between events and predictions of how long I'll live, etc. If I told you I wanted a "Carlie", would you know what it was? (It's short for Carlsberg, the beer and someone ordered one today at my restaurant which caused me to ask him several times "Sorry, you want a what?" I need someone else to confirm that I'm not the only one who's clueless about beers).