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  1. I absolutely loved the History exam. I think I've really outdone myself, Paper 2 for me was a masterpiece of writing, and Paper 3 was fairly beautiful as well. Paper 1 was the least one I liked. I did the Stalin sources, but I never studied Germany and Russia so I guess I relied on the sources alot and general knowledge. Paper 2, I did the question on Mussolini's consolidation of power and the marshall plan and the truman doctrine. As for Paper 3, I was so glad they had wilson in there (he's my favourite president to write essays on), the Great depression and I didn't like the mexican revolution question so much but I did it anyway. I really liked the history exam.
  2. If i had an extra half an hour, I would have probably done much better on the exams. I can't remember what time zone am I, but Paper 1 for me, was weird. Section A was really good and I flew through it, but Section B was pretty tricky, the first question was good, the second question was ... okay (which I had more time, I was getting to my answers then we had to stop writing) and question 3 was a mess. But Paper 2 was much easier. Section A was alright, and Section B was very good although I still hated the last question. Overall, I think I've done okay in math. It could have gone alot better though, wish I had more time, that's all.
  3. I agree, it was a boring poem, but I still did it because I found it easy. There was so many things to talk about. I focused more on the effects on the reader than anything else.
  4. To be honest, sometimes I think this whole idea that women are more emotional is more due to upbringing and paradigms. Men from a young age are told to be macho and its a shame to cry, be emotional, etc. (Have you met the emo kids? I mean wow, now those are emotional people, girls/boys alike). Having said that, I'm a person who under no circumstances allows emotions to disrupt my studies/work/obligations or change my performance (infact I seem to be much more focused when I'm not feeling that good), so I don't see why I can't have equal opportunities in work/studies as men.
  5. To be honest, this whole thing about "emotional" is just hilarious to me. People say women are emotional, but quite honestly I've met men who are much more emotional than I am.
  6. Is it me, or did I step into a very judgemental topic here? I don't see the corrolation between smoking, partying and drinking and doing terrible on your IB. Ofcourse, if it's excess and once you start centering your life around that scene, then yes that would actually mean your IB grades will suffer. I for one smoke, drink, party, indulge in hookups, and yes I even tried weed and all that sort. I like my lifestyle like that, but I also work hard on the IB, know when to stop, and am very ambitious to rise to high places. Does that mean I'm an idiot for drinking, smoking, hooking up, etc? No, I'm fully aware of the consequences of excess, and that does not hinder my love for knowledge and books. My social life and my educational/professional life, for me, are two different settings. I like to have fun, but I also know when to pull myself together and study. I fully believe everyone has the right to live their life as they want. It's not up to me, or any one else for that matter, to judge or generalize our lifestyle.
  7. Assuming the user lives in Palestine, if he went to a public school there's a really good chance he will not interact with different nationalities. In the US (assuming you actually live there), there's an influx of immigrants that pretty much come from everywhere. Those immigrants are usually looking for a better life in the US. As a result, many could not afford private schools and opt for public schools (though i am not saying nationalities are not found in private schools). So you could easily interact with those different nationalities. And since public schools have the english language, then yes, you will interact with different nationalities. However this isn't the case in Palestine, or Israel as a matter of fact. If you opt for public schools in Palestine or Israel, you will be taught either in Hebrew or Arabic. Now there is not a huge influx of immigrants in Palestine and in Israel it's a different issue (but we are not talking about Jews here, since people who come from different nationalities usually have the Jewish roots to connect). Coming back to Palestine, if you go to a public school, chances are you are poor. Now according to my knowledge, there are rarely any immigrants going to seek a "better life" in Palestine. So those different nationalities that we get in Palestine are usually children of ambassadors, consulates, etc, NGO workers, so on, and they usually go to schools that offer programmes in English (which happen to be private schools), and therefore you get nationalities mix. If I went to an arabic public school, there's an extremely good chance I won't interact with a different nationality.... unless you count the armenians I always went to a private schools. To be honest the arab public schools are terrible. so... Really? I've never experienced that in my old school which was a private all girls catholic school. They sort of left the muslims alone, I mean RE was compulsory and all that, but it was adjusted to either islamic studies and christian studies. However they still taught us evolution, big bang, and all that.
  8. You have to read the 3rd one! It's the best out of the bunch! It's really good. I think A Great and Terrible Beauty series has that mixture of magic, victorian england, friendship, adventure, proper society and whatnot that makes it so beautiful
  9. Everyone MUST read The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova. It's just so beautifully written and made me want to go to Hungary and Romania. It is a very beautiful book.. I love reading, books and all that sort of stuff I can't really pinpoint my favourite book but I do love A Great and Terrible Beauty Series, Animal Farm, The Girl Who Played Go, Grotesque, Harry Potter series, Therese Raquin, Jane Eyre and now The Historian. I can't wait to get started on Interview with a Vampire though and I asked my english teacher if she could get me Dracula. I'm kind of obsessed with vampires at the moment. NOT the sparkley ones ofcourse...
  10. I'm gonna be a skeptic and say.. I wonder how long that would last before someone breaks it...
  11. I couldn't really understand what you meant by your last paragraph? Are you saying that countries under religion you can't really go back to because you are an athiest? Well, I think you can live in perfect harmony in a religious country despite the fact that you don't practice said religion. For instance I was raised by athiest parents (although my dad wavers between 'traditions of islam' and you know the actual belief in god) who come from a muslim background, except my mom comes from a christian-muslim houeshold. I myself am not an athiest, yet I do believe in a higher being. I don't follow a specific religion yet I've been living in Jerusalem (the holy city for 3 religions) all my life. Religion does not play a huge role in my life. But from what I've seen and from my experience, you can just as easily live in a country with religious implications.
  12. And I don't fancy the idea of male teachers the likes of mr solomon seeing what kind of bras I wear Hahaha we should definatley do the tampons if we can't think of anything else.. ohwee that would be nasty
  13. Worst 100 Sexual Perversions Now I know this comes from an unreliable site but reading through them, it got me thinking.... should these sexual perversions be .. accepted into society? I mean they don't really harm anyone (except a couple which I'm sure are against the law such as bestiality and pedophilia), but sexual perversions that involve objects, should they be well accepted into society or should we try to suppress in fear that this misconduct would spread since nowadays sex is widely accepted and sooner or later people would need more "interesting" ways to have sex...
  14. I think if they got international intervention at the start it would have gone better, also I would think that letting in food, energy supplies and medicine. If the bombing does not stop, then I would suggest that Israel temporary evacuate the close cities temporary, while allow international intervention without the use of weapons, as in either bring Hamas to court. Sooner or later, Hamas would end up looking like the bad guys and lose their power because people were getting pissed off at them any way at that point. Also I think condemnation from Palestinian National Authority would help. If they seriously do not stop after all of that, then I would suggest pulling out all the settlements from West Bank. Then Hamas would seriously have no point in launching rockets, if they still do, I would suggest the evacuation of civilians, and then Hamas should be hit back. But by then, if I am correct, the people would have thrown out the Hamas.
  15. I don't know how to explain it clearly because the whole Jewish history is quite complicated. Bani Israel is a jewish tribe because they fellow Jacob (who is both a prophet in Islam and in Judaism), because he is a descendant from Abraham (who is also the fathers of muslims). So in essence, Jews and Muslims are well "cousins", and my interpertation of both the Quranic texts and the Bible texts is that the land is promised to the descendants of Abraham, essentially the Judeo-Christians and Muslims It's alright but sometimes you make some you know insulting remarks so it kind of infuriates me a bit
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