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  1. ffaholic


    ah sorry about that
  2. ffaholic


    does anyone know how to find the coefficient of kinetic friction using the applied force of an inclined plane?
  3. ffaholic

    Extended Essaya: Social media and ITGS

    that's strange my teacher even approved of it hahah.
  4. Soo I'm writing my extended essay on To what extent did social media play a role in the removal of the Mubarak regime? what do you guys think of it? also should there be a solution? I'm not sure about the impacts??
  5. ffaholic

    History IA

    Sooo guys I'm writing my History IA, on why Russia didn't help Poland in the Warsaw Uprising? I can't find any evidence though can someone help me ) thanks!
  6. Hey does anyone have that paper?
  7. I'm confused about the purpose of the presentation & what you are supposed to be doing with your topic. What are you trying to prove? Are you trying to prove something? What is the point of your presentation?
  8. ffaholic

    Chem HL?

    Last year's results were really low for the IB HL class at my school but i'm hoping that it's because it was the 1st time that it was run at my school. Currently, I'm loving it! Only the labs seem to be hard because our teacher isn't allowed to tell us anything.
  9. ffaholic

    Chem HL or Biology HL

    I would say choose Chemistry because it is applicable and needed everywhere, it doesn't matter what science program you may want to get into. Biology is limited and is basically a lot of memorization. Also, biology has a lot of chemistry in it, so why not just take the real chemistry & have lots more fun?!
  10. YEA! go CHEMISTRY!!!! I'm taking it right now, & i'm LOVING IT! =D!
  11. ffaholic

    Which Biology Options do you take?

    I don't know the options that we're taking. We don't get to choose though.
  12. ffaholic


    I'm taking HL right now & i'm LOVING it! It's soo much fun & the teacher is great (although many people in my class hate him).
  13. WE GOT IT! =D! Thanks to everyone for their help! We bugged our principal and IB Coordinator & we finally got it! It's a become a "certificate" course so we have about 10 students who just want the IB Physics certificate so we have about 25 people in the class. Thanks again!
  14. I don't understand the difference between Math Studies and Math SL.
  15. ffaholic

    Parlez-vous le francais?

    J'apprends le francais avec beaucoup des livres. Nous avons de 3 ou 4 livres. Le plus utilisé est L'Anthologie et le cahier. Plus, nous avons les petits livres d'histore, par example cette semaine nous lisons "Le Petit Prince". C'était très ennyer.

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