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  1. I did this for CAS, and the best thing is to watch the films and animes- unless you can actually go to the country and immerse yourself in the language
  2. OK, I am one of those people who are never able to plan. If I try to, I fail to stick to it in my real writing. Result= all my teachers are worried about how I go off topic and exceed the word limit. So how does every get around to planning? Is there a 'best' method for doing it?
  3. 114 downloads

    An essay comparing the rise to power of Castro and Stalin
  4. 197 downloads

    An essay outlining the rise to power of Hitler
  5. 38 downloads

    Is scepticism healthy when pursuing knowledge?
  6. Haney

    Market Failure


    A powerpoint presentation and an essay explaining market failure
  7. Haney

    Enzyme Lab


    Will changing the state of the enzyme lipase before usage (freezing and boiling), affect the reaction rate when added to the substrate milk?
  8. 215 downloads

    To investigate the effect of body position at time of measurement on the average* resting heart rate of girls aged from 16- 18years old All sections received 5/6 marks.
  9. Our school is new at running the IB, so the teachers tried to give as much help as possible These are some of the activities that I have done (off the top of my head) Creativity: Japanese (taught by school teacher) Running the school camp fun night (there's only 6 of us) getting a CPR certificate the Shakesphere Festival (set creation) School Choir (LOTS of hours from here) Action: Fitness (Gym) Team Sports (school) Cross Country (school) Campbelltown Walkathon Teen Ranch Horse Riding Service Leadership Program (helped run it) Nursing Home visitation Peer tutoring (school) Tibooburra service trip
  10. this is a poem i wrote when i was in year 4. I forget which book i based it on, but it got a prize in the local paper. Well, here goes: Within the pine trees tall within the pine trees tall, I heard my sweet love call, awakening the passion lost, deep within the winter frost. I lay my head upon the stones, which cruelly hid her darling bones the wasted tears flowed uncontrolled past lines where hatred had long patrolled I begged the pity long denied for all the time that I had lied- for the selfish days that will not fade and the countless wounds that I had made it was a moment soft and sweet her burning lips soon mine would meet and as I kissed the frozen ground the world had ceased to own a sound. and within the pine trees tall, I had heard her sweet voice call, the voice of my lost love found beneath the funeral mound. By Haney
  11. Haney


    I totally agree with this. I've had an essay writing and french speaking tutor, but seriously... there wasn't that much differnce. However, computer programs do help alot.
  12. our society is frequently seen as one which is run by the media. TV, radio, magazine, newspapers...etc. Which do you find the most trustworthy and why? Which types of media do you use the most? And if you don't trust the media, where do you get your information from?
  13. Haney

    Swine flu

    OK, so I get that people are getting sick of talking about it, and yes I have another post up about the same thing. But I'm going to keep ploughing anyway, so bear with me. SO. many people from the previous post have told me that they don't find the swine flu a threat anymore, and feel tha the media has blown it out of proportion. Only a few have said they have genuine fears about it. So I want to know specifically now- 1) What information have you received about it (i.e what do you know about it)? - how did it start? How many people have been affected? What is your government doing? Can it be cured?What is happening in your country? 2) What sources did you receive it from? 3) Do you trust these sources - (as an example- hope you don't mind) someone said their filipino friends told them that filopinos are immune to the swine flu... 4) why do your trust them/not trust them? - continuing with the previous case it would be because I have more reliable data telling me that there is no vaccine at the current moment. The thing that really interested me was the opposing 'facts' of our society- or what I could glean from the replies I recieved. Contrary to the fact that many people have descried our society and our generation especially as media based- supported in that we all actually know something about the swine flu, even outside mexico- results have shown that more people take a less serious outlook on the virus. interesting isn't it that the media controlled society is rejecting what the media says? As always, thanks for all the replies
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