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  1. Lil

    Observation essay

    We have to write the observation essay but I don't have any examples and I cannot find them anywhere! Does anyone has some example of this kind of essay, we need to observe some group of people and to use the observational grid (?) and to analyze the results and give some conclusion...Please help!
  2. Lil

    IA Topic help

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! However, I've chosen a "Chocoholic" topic, something like 'Chocolate addiction' because it is quite new domain in psychology and I think it could be really interesting ? Any examples for further study ?
  3. Lil

    IA Topic help

    So I would like to write about Freud and I am interested in the fields of histery or dream... Can you propose me some topics about it or just give me some idea about what I could talk about... It is urgent and I am the only one who writes IA in psychology...gaaah...Please please please HELP!!! Thanks
  4. thank you but I don't need texts! I will have different because I am doing my A from serbian Exam is next weeeeekk... I just wanted to know what were the topics because it is often similar to our questions julz, thank you :*
  5. can you tell me what were the questions?
  6. Lil

    Oxford Brookes University

    What do you think about the Oxford Brookes Uni!? Is it a good one, or not..?
  7. Lil

    University Acceptances

    and what means when under the "decision" section is written "CONDITIONAL" ?!?
  8. Lil

    University Acceptances

    and for how long they could consider your application? When is the deadline when you can expect their answer?
  9. Lil

    University Acceptances

    you got an e-mail, right?
  10. Lil

    New iPods

    i have a silver "luna", love it!
  11. Lil

    All-nighters & procrastination!

    well my mum is against the all-nighters she thinks that next day I wont be able to follow the classes..
  12. Lil

    May 2008 General Exam Discussion

    Have you started to learn subjects or..?
  13. Lil


    Is it important WHEN you apply to Uni? For ex. does the students who applied on 1 October have more chance to be accepted than the ones who applied on 5 January?!
  14. Lil

    TOK Presentations

    Thanks!! My topic was about whether doping in sports is ethically justified and I had a lot of sources and newspaper articles :innocent: I am happy now, this is actually my final presentation :innocent: :innocent: :innocent:
  15. Lil

    TOK Presentations

    yeeey today I finished, I got 19/20

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