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  1. English A1 HL P1 was soft. I did prose, and I don't think we could have gotten an easier or shorter passage. I finished with time to proofread. As for poetry, I laughed at the people that did it. It was the poem on Autumn. Turns out that "Laurie" was a man, and all my friends called the author "she"
  2. LinuxBeta

    I am screwed worse than the pooch...

    Grade 11 doesn't mean anything at all for Canadian universities, except for early admissions. My grade 11 average was 81%, with a 69% in physics and 79% in math. Then I actually started trying, and now I'm over the 90% hump. I have gotten into all the unis of my choice. My point is that while a disappointing grade 11 year is not good, it's not the end of the world. Study hard, and work for high marks in grade 12. Then everything will fall into place.
  3. LinuxBeta

    Dutch A1 Self taught

    Sounds like what you're using a different name for it. I think you are talking about the IOP (Individual Oral Presentation), which is one of the IA marks, which you have time to prepare at home before you deliver it. The Individual Oral Commentary (or IOC) is the other IA mark, which you are given a sight passage to prepare, and have to deliver it in 10-15 mins. These two marks together are averaged and consist of your IA mark. If you would like help on this IOP, check the rest of the thread. There are lengthy posts with tips, mark sheets etc. Best of luck.
  4. LinuxBeta

    Should I Take IB, yay or nay?

    I never really understood the whole 'sleepless night' concept. I have personally never pulled an all-nighter doing work, and have lots of friends who haven't either. If you procrastinate all day, and start your work at 9pm the day it's due, that's a different story. If you work normally, and aren't stupid when chosing your courses, you will be just fine. Personally, I've always prefered handing in work late rather than staying up all night doing it. But I guess that's just me.
  5. LinuxBeta

    Ideas for a senior prank?

    LOOOL. They did that at Guelph University in Ontario, (Canada). They have a farm-thing, and they stole a bunch of cows and led them upstairs. They had to take them out with a crane:P
  6. LinuxBeta

    Social and Cultural Anthropology

    The Anthro HL Internal Assessment does involve fieldwork. It can be pretty much whatever you want. A friend of mine was doing something on parent-teacher interviews, another on behaviour of people on public transit (ie/ bus seating arrangements etc). You are not expected to go down to investigate a wholely new culture...since that involves learning the language, being well informed, establishing rapports with informants..etc. We have occasional tests on chapters, to make sure we understand what's going on. We also have some small assignments/presentations. We went to a museum at one point this year, and we were looking at artifacts. The majority of our assessment comes from presentations on the ethnographies. We were also marked on the IA (for SL, it is also incredibly fun- you get to watch people's behaviour for an hour in a place, and write about it. Then, once you learn anthropology, you have to critique your observations). Also, we do mock papers. Paper 1 is a sight passage from an ethnography that you've probably never seen, and we have to answer questions about it/compare it to something we studied. Paper 2 involves analysis of ethongraphies studied, and relating them to the 3 major anthro themes. If you have an interest in writing, definitely go for anthro. In my English A1 course, we are studying Their Eyes Were Watching God, a work of fiction written by an anthropologist. Also, a lot literature deals with culture, and can be analyzed using anthro. As far as I know however, it is a difficult subject. In our school's career, only 1 person has ever gotten a 7 in anthro SL, and one person in anthro HL (they both came last year ) . We've gotten a TONNE of 6s though. If you like reading, and like learning new things then definately go for this subject. I personally enjoy anthro more than history, and I wish I took this instead.
  7. LinuxBeta

    Intelligent TV Shows?

    I really didn't like the office in the begining. I went through it just because I was bored. But it really does have its charm.
  8. LinuxBeta

    Social and Cultural Anthropology

    Heyo, 1. I like the subject...our school treats SL anthro as a 1 year course...and I took it to escape the horrors of physics. This subject helps a lot with A1 subjects, since understanding culture is an important part of literature. The subject is really a lot of fun, if you have a good teacher. 2. It involves quite a bit of reading. We have to read the textbook, as well as about 4 ethnographies (anthro texts), examining different cultures. We then have to analyze them according to anthropological themes. We do a lot of group presentation in this subject, so as to divide the burden of heavily analyzing each and every chapter. 3. Yes, it's possible. An Anthro EE could involve either research or fieldwork. Fieldwork is probably a lot more fun. 4. There isn't a HUGE gulf. The difference between the two is that for HL you need to know anthropological theorists, and apply what they say in your writing. For us, the incorporation of theorists takes a whole second year. SL is relatively light though, besides the reading.
  9. LinuxBeta

    Calculating Stuff

    I thought they can't use .5s. From what I heard, they can only give 4 or 5...not 4.5. That's what I heard from my coordinator, who is an English IB examiner.
  10. The term 2,4,6 is not true at all. Your predicted grades are important for university acceptances, but so are your final grades. For Canadian universities, I can apply with either my predicted grades or my non-IB grades. If I apply with my non-IB grades, then the predicted marks make absolutely no difference. The final grades also would make no difference, since the marks come out several months after admission. However, my final marks DO affect scholarships. For example, if I were to get a 7 in any subject (where I was predicted 6 or less), when marks came in, my coordinator would change my mark to a 96 (since a 7 is the equivalent of 96-100 on our transcripts). Thus, if by some miracle I end up getting 7s in everything, my average could jump to a 96. Highly unlikely though.
  11. LinuxBeta


    Tall Caffe Latte actually costs 3 dollars on Toronto. I entered a Starbucks for the first time today, and I immediately thought of you To help with your research (and to save you from having to rely on people giving your prices) why don't you buy an international phone card? Then, you could go on the internet, find locations world-wide and give them a call. Just make sure you call places that speak English/a language you can converse in.
  12. LinuxBeta

    Exams in Year 1 and Exams in Year 2?

    Our school also takes all the exams in year two. There is one exception though. If you take Social and Anthropology SL, you can take it at the end of year 1. A good thing about this is that Anthro has become an escape hatch for students who wanted to drop out of a course in year 2 (ie/ I dropped physics after year 1, because well...I didn't care for it.) There is strict bureaucracy around taking this exam in year 1 however. Students must show that they are interested to go into a field related to the sciences, and are planning to take mathematics (which is taught in two of our possible eight course slots) and Chem HL (another two slots), and who want a spare.
  13. LinuxBeta

    Are there aliens out there?

    Now, if we say that life did evolve to be what it is today, what is to say that our situation is unique? According to some theories in physics (sorry, I don't take physics so I can't specify) the universe is expanding. We only have x number of permutations of gasses/conditions that might have/might create a planet similar to ours that can foster life. What's more, who is to say that life can only exist under our own circumstances? Maybe there could be life on a planet made of chemicals toxic to us. Sure, the way they are portrayed on TV is purely by imagination. But who knows, there could be 'aliens' exactly like ourselves, living in an alternate universe. We cannot deny this. The only possible counter-argument to the whole alien thing is a creationist argument, which spawns the new question of whether or not God exist/has ever existed. And that is something for another debate.
  14. LinuxBeta

    Histroy EE - Nigerian Civil War - Help on RQ

    My local public library subscribes to JSTOR...it was amazing for my own EE. I agree with what vvi was saying. You should absolutely not make your essay narrative. You will get penalized on many different criteria. I hope you did mean ethnic (between races) and not ethic (ie/ morals etc). I would definitely advise you against anything to do with ethics/morals, since it turns into a human rights paper instead of a historical one.

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