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  1. sweet_tanjarine

    The positive outcome of IB?

    What is the difference/similarities to AP? I used to have AP.
  2. sweet_tanjarine

    Visual Art theme

    I was in Venice and they have masks sold everywhere... There used to be festivals where people would wear masks to hide their identity. Everyone would have a one night stand and not even know they were probably doing it with their next door neighbor or a monk... or they were having some sort of secret affair. Not only were they hiding their identity, they completely lost their sense of morality. Phantom of the Opera! I can't think of anything else.
  3. sweet_tanjarine

    the aftermath...

    well i know everyone who finished here are RELIEVED... now they're getting drunk and partying... we just had a party last week and they burned all their IB notes around the bonfire.. I can't wait until it's my turn
  4. sweet_tanjarine

    Name Your IB School

    Nyborg Gymnasium, Denmark
  5. sweet_tanjarine

    Has IBSurvival.com helped you?

    I've only used IB Survival for IB syllabus since I am not officially in the IB program yet. I know that when I do need to check online, IB Survival is the first place I will check. I used to check IB Screwed but it's completely f***ed up, I can't find anything, it's so disorganized... (well last time I checked it, which was ages ago). My only concern though is that I don't know how to really contribute to this website for VIP access if I am not officially in the IB. Maybe you could have some ideas of what you want from your members?
  6. sweet_tanjarine

    What does your username mean?

    My username sweet_tanjarine comes from my name Tanja.. people always pronounced my name wrong and it just started to sound like tangerine so I just added rine to my name... and sweet in front of tanjarine because other people already had that idea. I didn't want numbers in mine
  7. sweet_tanjarine

    IB Revision Courses

    How much did these courses cost you guys? I really want to do mid year and take the maximum courses but I am afraid if it's too expensive.
  8. sweet_tanjarine

    Course Choices

    Thanks guys for the advice so far... is it possible to replace Humanities group with Biology? We had a counsellor tell us we could not. She is only our temporary counsellor for this year because our previous one just had a baby! I don't trust everything she says. I heard some people were able to replace humanities group. Is there anyone here that has 7 classes? 4 HL? What is it like exactly?
  9. sweet_tanjarine

    Course Choices

    Umm since I am in the Pre IB, I have to pick subjects for next year. I was thinking of taking A1 English SL, A2 Danish B HL, Chemistry HL, Mathematics HL, Physics SL, and Psychology SL to be in the medical field. In Denmark you need Chemistry HL, Physics SL, and Mathematics HL, and Danish HL or Danish B HL... but how about in the universities in US? does it matter what you take in high school or does it only matter what you take in university? Because in Denmark you already have to have specific subjects for the career you are interested in. Like if you wanted to be an engineer you need all the science courses of course or if you wanted to be a lawyer you would need humanities and mathematics... It's really frusterating that every university has different demands. I tried speaking to my counsellor but he only knows about the universities in Denmark.... I was thinking of taking a 7th class of Biology if it was necessary, but I have actually already had Biology honours so I don't know if I need it. I am also told that history is important abroad? I have already had world history AP sooo I hope I wouldn't have to have history class again. I am so certain on having english, danish, mathematics and chemistry, I just keep rethinking of changing psychology to history or physics to SL or high level or have biology SL or HL... If I could have all (except history!!), then I would, although I also want to enjoy myself outside IB.
  10. sweet_tanjarine

    New MacBook Air!

    At first I was like... I SO GOTTA HAVE IT! But then when I read about it.. I was so dissapointed, it doesn't seem to function well for school... only the design.. It's nice for traveling though.
  11. Can we have a forum dedicated to IB books review... because when I check amazon, I only see like one person who reviewed it and gave it 1 and that does not tell me enough if I should get it or not. IB companion, any IB materials... etc.
  12. sweet_tanjarine

    From IB to Med School

    What is the ideal med student? How much experience should one need before applying for med school. What activities should you do? What WOOWS the administration? Is it likes SUPER DUPER(heheh) difficult to enter med school, can it be IMPOSSIBLE for some applicants no matter how much they keep adding to their resume? How many times can you take the MCAT? If you took it twice, would you be rejected for life? I do not know the statistics and I can't seem to grasp the idea beyond "it is competitive". Hey if now I wanted to be taught in English, but I want to stay in Denmark, does that mean I have to relearn everything again in Danish? I mean if you were an English doctor moving to Japan... right..? lol
  13. If so, do you have to take social science to be in it? http://www.unausa.org/site/pp.asp?c=fvKRI8MPJpF&b=482843 http://www.eypej.org/
  14. sweet_tanjarine

    Life is Good

    Uhh lets see.. we had 4 hrs of no lessons yesaterday.... ohh 4 hrs and a half of no lessons today too! maybe next week it would be 5 hrs...... Woo I get to sleep later!
  15. What would be so cool is if there was like IB REVIEW Podcast or something... like make fun memorable songs for math formulas and physics etc. Not long boring 1 hr lectures... because it would take too long to make and it would not be as interesting. You know that there are some songs out there that you hate, yet it still gets stuck in your head!.. mix a lil britney spears with some history facts... and the information is stuck in your head for good? eheh? We could like vote on a song that everyone enjoys and remembers well... and then vote on a topic or something that was extremely hard to remember and just take out all the main points and make it into a the song corresponding to the melody.. would it be illegal to do that? Then someone can sing it and post the voice video in the forum or podcast... and.... then everyones hooked and before you know it we will be launching our own IB Survival CD! lol ) I got the idea from iTunes podcast, there is free access to lectures from UC Berkeley.. you can also find them on youtube. I think that is just awsome to get the material out there. Don't you feel like you are wasting time everyday sometimes and you just wish you could bring the book with you but you cant? Since I will join the fitness center sometime soon, I will be listening to my iPod and I think it would be good to have something like that. Oh and my one hour and 30 min transportation back home Ahh I do not know how to use the podcast in general though... I think I will check into the podcast more, there are a lot of useful stuff there you can subscribe for free. I know it may be silly... >.> I just thought I should get the idea out anyways instead of leaving it for nothing. Do you like the idea?

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