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  1. I'm in Canada, no idea if there's more than one timezone or not paper 1: completely screwed it...memorised the wrong case studies...so i had to start bs-ing in the middle paper 2: slightly better...i wrote four essays on lithospheric processes, ecosystems, settlements and globalisation...my first essay was the strongest...and my last essay was the weakest...confused counter-urbanisation with exurbation =.= how'd you guys think
  2. TeeBlake

    HL A1 English ~ Paper 2 (MAY09)

    OMG I CHOSE THAT QUESTION TOO!!! i memorised quotes from the wrong text...that was so sad... I did a Character analysis comparison between House of Bernarda Alba by Lorca and the Glass Menagerie by Williams...i memorised a lot of quotes from Master Harold and the boys by Fugard but didn't end up using that book.... i basically did character analysis of Bernarda and Martirio in Alba and Amanda and Tom in Glass (i think...either that or amanda and Laura)...i talked about how readers can perceive their actions differently, in positive and negative ways
  3. I'm from Canada...i think i'm TZ1 o.o P1: i found it somewhat difficult...worst possible scenario would be a 29/40 P2: slightly easier...i can't do electrochem though...and probably screwed up the stoich one...danggg P3: it was freaking hard...o.o, i did food and human biochem...didn't know a lot of the stuffs going on... i'm hoping for a 6...but now it looks like i'm gotta get a 5
  4. Star of the Sea...the prose was easy...i'm TZ1 i think...talked about contrast between chaos of human mind and chaos of nature i hope for a 5 lolz...........
  5. TeeBlake

    SL Biology (MAY09)

    i'm in Canada...so thats TZ1? P1: freaking hated it...i think i messed up...wtf is an Annelid...BS P2: dude...best section B EVER! I suck at reading graphs anyway...so can't say more until i get my marks P3: easy...but i messed up some simple definitions i hope for a 6
  6. dude i hated paper 1...i must have lost at least 20-ish marks on section B... i can't integrate to save my life.............. paper 2 was better, i finished everything i think i only messed up one question....i'm in Canada so i think i'm in TZ1 i just hope for a 5/6
  7. i live in Chinese Central in Canada....and all of our Mandarin B SL students have some background in chinese....they're all chinese born.... i was forced to take Lang B even though i'm fluent 'cause my school doesn't offer A2....it is introduced to us as self taught....so no directino at all...and i'm not strong enough writer to do that
  8. TeeBlake

    Share your priceless IB quotes!

    So May exams are approaching...my friends and are should definitely be studying lol, but instead, we went around facebook...and did this 1. Writing a TOK essay is like being constipated. It hurts like hell and you produce crap very slowly. 2. Teacher: Ok Students, now write your name on this notecard. Student 1: OK Student 2: This is easy! IB Teacher to IB students: Now,write your name on this notecard. IB Student 1: How big? IB Student 2: Which corner? IB Student 3: Cursive or print? IB Student 4: Do we need to put our whole middle name or just our middle initial? IB Student 5: What if we don't have a middle name? IB Student 6: Is pencil okay? IB Student 7: Do you want it on the side with lines or the blank side? 3. Procrastination is like masturbation. It's a lot of fun until you realize you've just ****ed yourself. 4. Coordinator: Hey Guys! There's a Blood Donation session tomorrow, I hope you can make it! Student: Do we get CAS hours?? 5. Teacher is explaining differentiation to the class SL Maths Student: Are we ever going to use this in real life? Teacher: Of course. SL Maths Student: When? Teacher: In the exam. 6. I used to have a life. Then I started cheating on it with IB, and me and life got a divorce. 7. ToK in a Nutshell: The Question: How do we know? The Answer:We don't. 8. If you think you're doing the IB, you're wrong. The IB's doing you. 9. Patricia: Do you think they'll have alcohol at the IB Christmas Party? Genie: ...IB kids drinking? Can you imagine us drunk? We would be like... "HAHA YOUR FACE IS A PARABOLA." 10. "IB is like an abusive husband, you know you should leave but you can't because you have a life together even if that life occasionally beats you, calls you names, and makes you feel like killing yourself."- Jordan S. 11. Honors Student: So, what did you do for your birthday? IB Student: A chemistry formal lab write-up. Honors Student: Well, did you do anything fun? IB Student: Yes, I managed to get to bed before midnight. It was wonderful. 12. "You shall not pass" -Gandalf on IB 13. Student: So I was wondering... Why aren't we allowed to take five HL classes? IB Coordinator: Because it looks bad for the IB program when students commit suicide. 14. History teacher: "By the end of IB, you're going to know Stalin better than your own grandfather!" 15. IB English student: *Looking at a coke bottle* It's amazing what paradoxes exist in this soft drink container. It appears phallic in shape, thereby appealing to a consumer's primal desire for unmasked masculinity, yet its function as a receptacle allows us to construe it as a uterine symbol, belying our innate fascination with the feminine form. Non IB English student: Dude, I just buy it 'cos of the hot chicks in those TV ads. 16. Rising IB junior: So, can you give me any advice about IB English? IB Senior: When in doubt, the answer is 'sexual repression'. 17. Chemistry Teacher: You guys will start the group 4 project next week. You will learn how to socialize with others and have fun. 18. Non-IB student: Get a life... IB stident: Are you implying I have the time? 19. Teacher: [Noticing that half the class isn't there] What's due tomorrow? Class, in unison: Geography Field Study! Teacher: Oh. 'Kay. [continues with lesson] 20. Standard teacher walks into IB Classroom to talk to IB teacher. Standard teacher: Man, these kids look tired. IB Teacher: Seeing a well-rested IB student is like seeing a unicorn. 21. Chem Teacher: Did you guys hear about the bear that fell in the water and dissolved? Class: No... Chem Teacher: They say he was polar! 22. IB student: I got screeweedd last night *Non-IB student joins conversation* Non-IB student: Niiiceee, by who? *silence among the Ibers* IB student: Who? ahahahahahhahahaASDJKLAJ! 23. I'm so hot my enzymes denaturate. 24. IB taught me that every time I learn something new I forget something else. they're all soo funny, and they all apply...lol, especially Number 1 and 15
  9. uhh it varies from school to school in my school, the predicted grades are what the teacher think you have the potential to get, so it's kinda based on our marks throughout the year as for importance, the finally grade is NOT useless (it used to be) 'cause i think all of the universities are now admission WITH conditions i got a good predicted, but i'm still under pressure 'cause i actually do need to GET that predicted for my final, or else i lose scholarship, or if i'm bad enough, lost my admission...
  10. TeeBlake

    IA Help!

    We're doing our chemistry IA right now and I'm officially out of ideas... The topics that the teacher told us to pick are Acids and Bases, Reaction Kinetics and Energetics. I already finished one, which I did reaction kinetics lab for...but I'm still thinking about the second one...and I have no idea what to do Do people have any ideas about Acids and Bases and Energetics? my teacher says that i have to change a variable...=.= i came up with how [buffers] affect pH..but it's too simple... HELP? please and thank you 10x ahead of time...
  11. TeeBlake


    哇!我觉得你汉语说得不错!我住在加拿大,我是中国人呵呵!我觉得我的中文说得不错,不过跟另外一个中国人比的话就没什么可说的了。 我叫田田
  12. we had 10 days for both assignments. the actual IB standard is 7 to 10 days..i'm pretty sure of it.
  13. TeeBlake

    Land Hierarchy theories

    can't believe iforgot about this Working on my geo IA at the moment and it's due in two days anyone know any good land hierarchy theories? i tried central place...and totally failed my topic is hierarchy of shopping centres please and thank you
  14. TeeBlake

    about G4 project...

    you are choosing your own topic..but you're given a theme (that's what our school called it) for example, our theme was marine experimental biology, and then it split into fish, organism... my group are doing kelps...yay
  15. Hi all I just need some general ideas on how to process my data results I collected for my experiment My RQ is: How will different concentrations of simulated acid precipitation effect the flower bud count on [i]Lobularia maritima[/i]? I have my results and I'm have about 2,000 words left for my essay. The acid precipitation is simulated using nitric acid. The different concentrations are calculated by pH level of the precipitation. Here's some background information, normal precipitation has a pH of 5.6 and anything lower is considered to be acidic. My five groups are pH 2.7, 3.3, 3.9, 4.5, 5.1 and control group is pH 7.0 (distilled water). I have 20 samples for each group examined (it used to be thirty, but some of them died), controlled all variables within my limitations. For my results, as the pH level gets closer to 7.0, there are more flower buds produced my problem right now is, I don't know what to do with the data, I was thinking about standard deviation, but I got confused at what it actually does... My first draft is due in 2 weeks... Please and thank you

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