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  1. chokophilia

    Absences = Mental Health Days?

    come on who doesnt wag school for assignments??? i wag when im desperate
  2. Im also the "guinea pig" We are the first IB group that goes thru our school I guess in the positive way is that all the teachers would want our grade to do well so they teach us to the best of their ability but then, due to their lack of experience teaching the ib program, sometimes we experiment on due dates and whether things work out in the end which is kind of bad in some ways for example, my previous maths teacher had no idea how to mark our IA which really bugs me, because I worked so hard on it and it ended up not being marked but judging that ur teachers know about the ib program and have taught the ib program, it should be perfectly fine
  3. chokophilia

    Ordering Oxford Revision Guides

    I live in Australia and it took less than 2 weeks for them to deliver the guides, I was very surprised at how fast it took to deliver them I bought the Chemistry HL one and I guess it was good, it summarises everything into very concise notes I ordered the guides online (u should be able to buy them online, its really easy) and from memory, it was sent to me through express mail which was very efficient
  4. chokophilia

    TOK and Math

    How about exploring Maths as a second language? or a world without maths? I'm not sure if this helps but here u go
  5. I used to draw them in onenote but it annoys me how onenote cuts the page when I try print them out so now I just hand-draw them my teacher suggested us to buy an index book and write down all the definitions and diagrams in there and I find it very neat and useful
  6. chokophilia

    Are I-B Students Elitist?

    In my school, I think eveyone thinks only the "elitest" (euphemism for the word "nerd") does IB Since we are the first year going through IB and considering there are only 22 out of 200 students doing IB, the rest of the kids stereotype us they often think that we cant juggle between work and social life and they give us this "your IB-so nerdy and too smart for us" look which kind of annoys me because we are nothing like that Sometimes, there is a bit of segregation but I guess its getting much better now
  7. chokophilia

    Foods that reduce stress and boost focus

    fruit = very good for late nights water!! (cold water) = very awesome stress reducer (made that word up), and it refreshes ur mind green tea = makes u calmer coffee makes me more anxious and more tired, so wouldnt recommend that
  8. chokophilia

    Should I Take IB, yay or nay?

    I would say go for it It prepares u truly and well for college and it teaches u to prioritize and its pretty well-rounded as well the work is definitely harsh but if you prioritize and set ur time well, then you should be fine! A lot of ppl exaggerate too much, there is DEF social life (if u prioritize) and plus, u can meet more ppl by getting involved in extra co-curricular and its often fun to make up ideas for CAS and by the time u finish the diploma, it would be very rewarding Really go for it (prioritize and time management is the key, keep these habits right from the start)
  9. chokophilia

    Rewriting notes onto a computer!

    I guess it really depends on urself Some of my friends prefer writing notes rather than typing them onto computer as it helps them remember more But I do believe that its much more efficient to type notes onto computer esp. when u ar in a hurry and then kind of keep them inside a binder or a folder Handwritten notes are time consuming but I guess it helps u remember the stuff more What I usually do is write notes onto the computer and then during holiday, I try to write them all out again so I refresh my mind with all the work Ive done
  10. chokophilia

    Portfolio Type 1 -- Parabola Investigation

    Hi I did this portfolio last yr and I kind of forgot the question but looking back at what I did, I think in Task 2, u substitute the general vertex (-b/2a) into x value and then u can find the coordinate of the general vertex after that, ull be able to explore more cases that have y=ax^2 + bx + c with the intersection lines y=x and y=2x with a>0 and then put the values (x1, x2, x3, x4, SL, SR, D, a) into a table and then u should be able to see some sort of relationship between D and a hope this helps! feel free to ask me anymore Qs if u want to good luck!!!
  11. chokophilia

    HL Textbooks

    Hi all! I'm currently using the "Mathematics for International Student" (Haese & Harris Publications) as my main maths textbook and I was wondering if that would be enough for me to achieve good marks for Maths HL. There's another Maths book by IBID press but I'm not sure if its worth for me to get it Or should I just do questions from past papers? What ar ur thoughts?
  12. chokophilia

    Most Difficult IB Subjects?

    Maths HL is the most daunting thing on earth it is the weapon of mass destruction it is the stairway to hell it is a path that u do not want to partake as it will ultimately lead u to insanity and worse, u'll start viewing the world differently - seeing and dreaming everything in numbers and alphabets I realise I planted a suicidal bomb in myself , so I'm recommending to everyone unless they're really really strong, they shouldnt take part in this daunting task As for English HL, it really depends on the teacher and how much she's willing to guide and teach u Practise is the key to relieve i guess
  13. chokophilia

    IB girls/women

    haha in our school there are 22 people doing ib, and 5 of them are boys which is kind of funny because we are really lacking male species in IB where are they? anyway, i think we all whinge about the amt of work we haf to do in IB, but i seriously think the guys whinge more than the girls
  14. chokophilia

    portfolio II [model of freight elevator]

    which question ar u struggling with?
  15. chokophilia

    Suicide in Korea

    i think its seriously not just korea.. ppl who live in asian countries ar quite stressed out area is compacted, population is overflooded, everything is efficient, busy and pressured thats why ppl tend to get really really stressed and start to kill themselves when they reach a point of insanity and of course there are heaps of ppl who can keep their sanities intact and live really happily

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