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  1. heronumbazero

    Paper Three

    thanks Sorry for doubting you earlier... I guess its just what they ask about it that makes all the difference
  2. heronumbazero

    Paper Three

    Thanks, but I know that there are about 20 topics that it covers in that area. I am more so looking for ones that are almost always asked. Like I said, the American Civil War. For some reason, there always seems to be a question about that. But they may not have a question about the Great Depression every year.
  3. heronumbazero

    Paper Three

    So, I've started studying for the IB exams (yay!). And paper three, lemme say, holy CRAP it covers so much information! I don't have the attention span to learn so much stuff in such a short period of time! I was looking over some past papers and found that they almost always ask a question on the American Civil War. Are there any other topics that they seem to ask every year?
  4. heronumbazero

    Paper One?

    thanks! that makes much more sense!
  5. heronumbazero

    Paper One?

    So, our teacher didn't really say what time period the first history paper covers. This is what I was told & am pretty sure its wrong looking at past papers: 1) USSR under Stalin 2) China (not doing Asia as regional option, so would never choose it regardless) 3) Cold War Is that it? Or, am I totally off base?
  6. What were the goals and aims of the League of Nations and the United Nations? (Compare / Contrast) I know that the League was about disarming nations, while the UN is more geared towards stopping war / conflict. What were the successes of the LoN and the UN? (Compare / Contrast) - LoN: The mandate system What were their failures? (Compare / Contrast) -LoN: Manchuria, Abyssina
  7. heronumbazero


    So, our teachers pretty much said that WWI and WWII had the same causes: Long Term: Misconceptions / Miscalcuations of Leaders, Nation-states, Human Nature Intermediate Causes: Militarism, Alliances, Imperialism, Nationalism (MAIN) What have you heard from your teachers?
  8. heronumbazero

    English Oral Marking

    thank you!
  9. heronumbazero

    English Oral Marking

    Hello! I know the orals for English are out of 30. My question is what is the mark boundary on the 1 to 7 scale? (What is the lowest mark out of 30 for a 6, highest mark for a 6, etc.) Thanks!
  10. heronumbazero

    World Literature HELP PLEASE!

    thank you!
  11. HELP PLEASE! My world lit paper is on the creation of the christ figure in the stranger (camus) and the metamorphosis (kafka). My teacher keeps telling me writers craft and author's purpose. I understand writers craft. BUT WHAT IS AUTHOR'S PURPOSE?!? Please help!
  12. heronumbazero

    History IA

    Wowza you guys have given me some awesome advice! I was just wondering if I could focus on agrarian reform? Would that be appropriate?
  13. heronumbazero

    History IA

    Hello! My IA topic is: The mexican revolution had four main stages: the liberal revolution of Madero, the counter revolution by Huerta, the constitutionalists' struggle for power, and the rule of Carranza. Within each of these stages, to what extent did reform take place? The Mexican Revolution brought about minimal reform for the people of Mexico. So, the question is pretty much set - we get our IA topics assigned. I just need to know where to start? I know the basics, but reform is really vague. Do I just pick an aspect of reform or what?
  14. heronumbazero

    World Lit Assign 1 Help!

    Hello! For my world lit paper 1, I am comparing the stranger by camus and the metamorphosis by kafka. I want to look at the development of the christ archetype throughout both novellas. However, what encompasses this archetype? all I have is: the sacrifice of one for the many. Any and all help would be appreciated!
  15. heronumbazero

    History of the Americas

    totally agree with IBStuck. Like my teacher put it, "Not everything I write is important, and not everything important I write." You have to take your own notes! This will help in the long run. No doubt.

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