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  1. 3!sha

    Old Disney Movies

    *raises hand* I was so totally addicted to those movies when I was younger but now I do watch them occasionally : Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Lion King, The Lady and the Tramp, Beauty and the Beast, Dumbo, Mulan, Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland, Aladdin, Pocahontas, etc. Though I also love the new Disney Movies like Wall-e, Finding Nemo, Cars, Bug's Life and Enchanted (I know its not a cartoon, but it deserves a mention )
  2. 3!sha

    Twilight series: Good literature?

    Let me introduce you to the twimoms
  3. 3!sha

    Twilight series: Good literature?

    I cannot have put it any better HMSChocolate Oh but she is. Spoiler - Click me! In Breaking Dawn, Bella Sue doesnt have to go through years of bloodlust and suffering to rein in her vampire instincts. She can control herself perfectly because just one speshul snowflake *rolls eyes* And Renesme *grimaces* is the Sue to end all Mary Sue's [Close] I actually thought that her clumsiness was supposed to be one of her flaws which makes her more relatable, endearing, and allows Edward to swoop down and save her from tripping on air. We get pages and pages of how hot, amazing, godlike Edward is and after the 367 page Meyer realizes that a plot should be happening by now and throws in the whole James-wanting-to-kill-bella thing. The whole series is wrapped up with a large pink ribbon in the end complete with a happy ever after devoid of any sacrifice, choice, and/or conflict. I'm surprised they didnt skip off into the sunset holding hands. I'm all for happy endings but the fact that Bella sacrificed nothing and got everything frankly just pisses me off. Its all ranbows and butterflies. I also find it disturbing that the characters have no choice. As though love and choice are not related. Spoiler - Click me! Jacob impinting on Nessie. Do not get me started on that I actually ripped the corner of the page in frustration over that part [Close] Tbh, after reading New Moon I thought Jacob was the best character in the whole series and I felt bad for his fate in BD. I also started my Bella-hate in this book, when I realized that she was just selfish and over obsessed with Edward. You aint seen nothin' yet. I beg you to read Eclipse.... And New Moon... And while your at it, you better read Breaking Dawn. For the Lulz at least Its Twu Wuv, bb. Even if it all happened in 2 weeks... or 3. Their whole relationship IMO, is unhealthy. Bella obsesses over him and refuses to see anything else around her including friends and family. She does not have her own individual life outside of edward. Spoiler - Click me! My point is solidified when she was willing to die in New Moon (after cliff diving) because Edward left her and she deluded herself into believing that it might bring him closer to her.[Close] What happened to The Outsiders? Or the Catcher in the Rye? :0
  4. 3!sha

    Twilight series: Good literature?

    I think you should go for it and buy the books because they can be quite addictive (I'm not sure that's a gd thing tbh ) And like I said (once upon a time) I actually liked twilight and who knows u might like it too. The author, Stephanie Meyer, can paint very vivid descriptions (though she does go overboard) and there are a few interesting characters in the series who you may find interesting. At least buy the first book it is the best (or the least cringe worthy). Arent you curious why the majority of the female population of this earth is obssesssed w/ Edward Cullen? Oh and I'm refraining myself from going into a rant about why i think you should not buy the books at all especially breaking dawn I will also recommened a spoilery lolarious summary of the twilight series including midnight sun by Cleolinda She also has a movie parody up! Oh, I used to be too but I came to appreciate other ships as well. Still a diehard HP fan though.
  5. 3!sha

    Twilight series: Good literature?

    You know eveytime twilight is called the next Harry Potter and Stephanie Meyer the next J. K. Rowling I die a little inside [sort of spoiler-y] I've seen the movie and it was severly lacking in the special effects department and sometimes unintentionally funny (Edward's facial expressions/ the cheesy dialogue). I also find myself liking the scenes that were not originally in the books like the kitchen scene. I LOVED the guy who played Charlie and all the humans (mike, eric, taylor, Jessica, etc.) Oh and the baseball sence was beyond cool. [/spoiler-ish talk] You should read them at least to know what all the hype is about. But a word of advice, dont have any sort of high expectations while reading. In fact, dont have any at all & save yourself the disappointment. (By the way always wanted to ask u since seeing ur username HMS Chocolate : Are you a harry/ginny shipper?)
  6. 3!sha

    Twilight series: Good literature?

    To tell you the truth the first time I read Twilight I loved it! Then I bought New Moon which was also pretty good, had some problems with it but I over looked them. Then Eclipse came out and it wasnt as good as Twilight or New Moon. I started hating Bella (and sometimes edward). Overall it was...ok didnt love it didnt hate it. . I thought that the series was seriously going down hill but I had some hope that the author could save it with the final book. However, Breaking Dawn IMO was a disaster. I HATED it. Forced myself to finish it just to know what happens and the whole series is now on my shelf collecting dust. In conclusion, i dont think that twilight is good literature. I enjoyed the books (minus breaking dawn, which was pure agony) while they lasted, but highly doubt they will be considered classics.
  7. 3!sha

    TOK lessons = War

    Not at all! Actually our tok classes have a very relaxed atmosphere. We sit around in bean bags and have some pretty cool discussions. We also read from texts that are really interesting and voice our views about them. PLus, the teacher is just really cool! We were studying the unit on language and she got us the board game Taboo and we just played the whole time!
  8. Biology : Heinmann Bacalaureate - A must have in my opinion Course Companion - Study guide Chemistry: Heinmann Bacalaureate IBID Course Companion Study guide Economics: IBID - Awsome! not your usual dry textbook, the author (Matt McGee) is hilarious Course Companion - The best of the course companions IMO Math: Math for the international student (Hease and Harris) - though there are pple who bash this book English and Arabic: The novels TOK: Theory of Knowledge by Richard van de Lagemaat
  9. 3!sha

    Public - Private school

    I go to a private school since only the private schools in my country have the IB program. All my cousins go to public schools and i can tell u that (in my case at least) private schools have much better funding, the teachers are generally more qualified especially the IB teachers, and the classes are much smaller, so that the teachers efforts are more focused.
  10. 3!sha

    What Drugs to Buy-~ (Experienced Users Come-In)

    You dont need drugs to do IB. Yes, its stressful. Yes, its a lot of work. But you can handle it (barely ) by just praticing good time management skills I know i probably sound like your IB coordinator/teachers and i know u might just roll ur eyes but it IS true. I won't tell u don't procasternate because we all did at one time or another. Just make sure you have everything planned out. Our school mass-produces homework diaries which are REALLY helpful. If your school doesnt provide one, u should buy one urself. Dont stress urself and caffiene is gd for u once in a while but no need to get addicted to it Happy studying
  11. 3!sha

    What time do you go to bed on average day?

    I sleep at around 10 - 10:30 every night.. but im still in the beginning of IB Although i do forsee a change in that next year if the state of the 12th graders in our school is any indication
  12. 3!sha

    Waste of time?

    Im LOVIN TOK!!!!!!!! In our school it has such a laid back sort of atmosphere
  13. 3!sha

    Name Your IB School

    Shaikh Hessa Girls' School, Bahrain May '10 seems like a lifetime away... *le sigh*
  14. 3!sha

    What song are you listening to?

    The Day That Never Comes - Metallica
  15. 3!sha

    How many people in your classes?

    There are only 2 students doing the full IB in my grade (my best friend and me so its fun.. well as fun as IB gets ) Econ HL - 2 Chem SL - 2 Bio HL - 2 Arabic A2 HL - 6 English A1 SL - 5 Business and Management HL - 7 Math SL - 5

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