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  1. We completed this test at school in year 10 and my result was INFJ. Albeit barely... I was on the borderline on F & T as well as N & S. In this test however it shows I am ENTJ. I guess it just shows that personality isn't necessarily fixed - it moulds and changes as we grow.
  2. You can also try comparing your exam to your friends exam. Ask them to explain the concepts that you didn't understand - this will help you and will also help them cement their knowledge. Write down really clearly the steps you need to take to get the right answer. Use these steps and do a whole heap of practice questions. Before next term, ideally you want to be confident in all your subjects, so also approach your teacher and ask them to provide you with extra practice questions to help you become more confident in answering particular types of questions.
  3. If anyone is looking for good piano study music, Ludovico Einaudi is fantastic. (My favourite: In un'altra vita)
  4. Well I was planning on supporting Australia (where I live) and Italy (my heritage) - but that failed.. So now I'm just hoping for brilliant matches and perhaps a Brazil v Argentina final!
  5. I can't comment on your first question because I don't do HL Bio. Personally, I think that the most time consuming subject is the one an individual is the least confident in. You want to work on that subject really hard so it doesn't let you down when it comes for the final exams. So on those lines, my most time consuming subject was physics SL because I spent so much extra time trying to figure out concepts, completing past paper questions and perfecting my IAs. In terms of homework, they were all pretty equal. But when it came to the break before exams - I forced myself to do a lot of essays and unseen commentaries for practice and that was fairly time consuming.
  6. Congratulations to all the amazing scores above!! English HL - 6 Business & Management HL - 7 Psychology HL - 6 (really wanted a 7 :/) Italian ab initio - 7 Physics SL - 6 (best shock of my life) Maths Studies - 7 EE - B (Really wanted an A :/) TOK - C (Extremely surprised considering I was predicted an A) Total: 39 + 1 bonus point = 40 Overall mega happy with my results and makes my uni decision a lot easier!
  7. Brilliant - then put equations on GDC and ta-da! Thank you very much
  8. Hey there, I need help with part d (i) and (ii) for this question. I've come across it before and get really stuck as I don't know how to sketch the graph. I have included the first part of the question & the answer for convenience. Thanks! Mal is shopping for a school trip. He buys 50 tins of beans and 20 packets of cereal. The total cost is 260 Australian dollars (AUD). (a) Write down an equation showing this information, taking b to be the cost of one tin of beans and c to be the cost of one packet of cereal in AUD. [1 mark] ANS: 50b + 20c = $260 Stephen thinks that Mal has not bought enough so he buys 12 more tins of beans and 6 more packets of cereal. He pays 66 AUD. (b) Write down another equation to represent this information. [1 mark] ANS: 12b + 6c = $66 © Find the cost of one tin of beans. [2 marks] ANS: $4 (d) (i) Sketch the graphs of these two equations. (ii) Write down the coordinates of the point of intersection of the two graphs. [4 marks] The graph (if the attachment doesn't work) has pockets of cereal on the y-axis and tins of beans on the x-axis.The y-intercept of the first line cuts at 13 and the x-axis at around 5.2; the second line cuts the y-axis at 11 and the x-axis at 5.5 I don't know how these values were found? (the intersection is 4,3)
  9. I think that might just be for you. I haven't heard about any changes in the timetable for physics at my school
  10. Yes! Gotta love last minute cramming! I've gone through my previous commentaries and reviewed the suggestions for improvement. I've also attempted to analyse briefly a few unseen commentaries that I haven't tried out yet Love all the Australian spirit in this thread, good luck to all and may the odds be ever in your favour
  11. Hardest to easiest 1 - Physics SL 2 - English HL 3 - Business HL 4 - Psych HL 5 - Italian (time consuming because it was in may) 6 - Maths Studies
  12. Wow that was really clear and helpful! thank you very much
  13. Question: I don't understand why D is the answer - anyone help please A cell of emf ε and internal resistance r delivers current to a small electric motor. motor. 450 C of charge flows through the motor and 9000 J of energy are converted in the motor. 1800 J are dissipated in the cell. The emf of the cell is A. 4.0V. B. 16V. C. 20V. D. 24V.
  14. As a few people mentioned above, poetry written by Seamus Heaney is awesome. I particularly like Personal Helicon, Digging, Blackberry Picking.. quite a few others that we analysed too I'm also starting to really like Coleridge especially Kubla Khan. The visual imagery is pretty epic.
  15. At the current moment I just have Bastille and Imagine Dragons albums on repeat ^ That Norwegian pirate song mentioned above though was just pure epicness (Edit: OH also Lindsey Stirling - violinist on youtube, just watch her she is actually so awesome)